There is only a few complete STP brokers in the world.

GBE Brokers is one of them, and they even offer tighter spread than other STP Brokers.

ECN/STP vs OTC/Market Maker

Have you known the difference between ECN/STP Brokers and OTC/Market Maker Broker?

There are many confusing information on the internet, and you may not be aware of the real benefit of ECN/STP environment.

ECN/STP Brokers are “The Brokers”

It is because they actually act as a middleman between traders and markets in order to give the traders the access to the market.

They do not interfere your orders, nor manipulate prices, because they don’t make money by doing that. They make money solely from the markup spread.

*ECN – Electronic Communication Network

*STP -Straight Through Processing

OTC/Market Makers are not “The Brokers”

A Broker who provides financial services as a Market Maker is not technically a broker but a “Market” for its traders.

It is because the company will hedge(cover) all orders from its clients, and it creates the market and take care of all transactions.

They are not actually sending any orders to the market.

*OTC – Over the Counter

Why you should trade with a STP Broker like GBE Brokers?

GBE Brokers is a complete STP Broker who guarantees that there is no Market Making against its clients.

There are mainly 3 advantages for you.

  • No restrictions on the trading platforms

Have you ever heard of “Profit Cancellations” by a Broker?

That is because there is “conflict of interest” between traders and the broker, and the broker restrict some certain profitable methods such as Scalping, News Times Trade and Arbitrage.

With GBE Brokers, you do not need to worry about it, because they adopt 100% complete STP model and there is no trading restrictions at all.

Besides “Latency Arbitrage”, you are allowed to do anything on their trading platform.

  • No interference nor manipulation

As GBE Brokers is a complete STP Broker, they guarantees that there is no “market making”.

This eliminates possible, price manipulation or any interference to your orders. Neither GBE Brokers does “stop hunting” or other actions in order to cause a loss to its traders.

GBE Brokers is happy to help you earn profits and continue your trading.

  • You have access to the real exchange market

With GBE Brokers, your trade will actually reach the exchange market and have real influence to the markets.

GBE Brokers is only a middleman between traders and the markets. and make sure that you have fair trading environment with DMA(Direct Market Access).

Who is GBE Brokers?

GBE Brokers is  relatively a new broker which has renamed its brand from “Sensus Capital” due to the management reason.

Since the previous financial activity, there is almost no complains against GBE Brokers(nor Sensus Capital).

The main trading conditions are as follows:

  • MetaTrader4
  • Spread from 0.9 pips including all extra commissions
  • High Leverage up to 1:500
  • Over 140 available financial instruments

GBE Brokers offers the tightest spread among all STP Brokers.

GBE Brokers Cash Back Account

GBE Brokers is all about its trading execution speed and quality as they have:

  • Set up the trading server in Equinix LD4 Server
  • Set no limitations on “Positive Slippage”
  • Given its traders “DMA(Direct Market Access)” through all trading accounts

And the broker does not offer any bonus Promotions though, we “Hercules.Finance” offers exclusive Cash Back Bonus to all our traders.

The Cash Back amount is 0.26 pips per. So you will receive 2.6 dollars on every 1 standard lot trade.

The Cash Back is available for all trading accounts opened through this website.

For more information, please refer to the below page.

GBE Brokers Cash Back Promotion



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