4-reasons-why-you-can-save-your-money-by-trading-with-Vantage-Markets 4-reasons-why-you-can-save-your-money-by-trading-with-Vantage-Markets

Four Greatest Ways to Save Trading Costs

No matter how much brokers promote their zero cost service, there are always certain fees that you need to pay when you start using them.

It could be in a form of spread, trading commission or swap points.

Each cost may be small but can be a great amount after a long time so it is smart to find a way to avoid these costs as much as possible.

Vantage, previously known as VantageFX, strives to offer oen of the lowest cost possible in the market.

Are you tired of these costs that you are constantly paying to your broker? Then Vantage may be you choice.

Continue reading as we will show you 4 reasons why Vantage’s service can be your broker with the lowest trading cost.

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1. Zero Trading Cost

vantage markets zero trading cost

Start trading with the lowest spreads from 0.0 pips.

Vantage has introduced the next-generation trading environment with gives you the most cost-effective trading solution available.

This 0.0 pips spread is available on both “Raw ECN” and “Pro ECN” account types.

It it important to note that while “Raw ECN” and “Pro ECN” accounts offer 0.0 pips on many major Forex currency pairs, they charge you a small amount of commission.

“Raw ECN” account charges you $6 per round-turn lot and “Pro ECN” account charges you $3 per round-turn lot.

To open “Raw ECN” account, you only need to deposit $50 so this option can be the option for majrity of traders.

On the other hand, “Pro ECN” account requires at least $10,000 as the minimum deposit amount.

If it is your intention to trade Forex and CFDs with more than $10,000, then Vangage’s “Pro ECN” account is the account type definitely recommended.

Open “Raw ECN” or “Pro ECN” account

2. Zero Commissions

vantage zero trading commission

Vantage is proud to offer clients access to more than 50 of the largest listed companies in the US through the Share CFDs with zero commissions.

This means no additional dealing fee when trading.

You can now save more and earn more!

Trade CFDs on stocks listed on the highly liquid American Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), both of which are the largest stock exchanges in the world.

Vantage understands the value of keeping trading costs to a minimum, which is why they offer $0 commission fee trading on the US stock CFDs.

If you prefer to trade Forex and other CFD markets with zero commission (but only with spread cost), open Vantage’s Standard account.

Trade Stock CFDs with zero cost

3. Zero Swap Fees

vantage zero swap fees

The traders at Vantage can now trade Gold and Crypto CFDs without incurring any swaps or interest charges if the position is held overnight.

This means that you can open trading positions on Gold and Cryptocurrency markets and maintain these positions open for a long-term.

This condition gives a great advantage for Swing Traders and Day Traders.

Especially for Cryptocurrency markets, many traders seek to hedge their risks when they put a large amount of Cryptocurrency tokens to financing activities such as staking and saving.

It is worth noting that many CFD brokers and Cryptocurrency exchanges charge a large amount of swap points, that are very frustrating when hold positions overnight.

Take advantage of these swap-free CFD products and save your trading costs with Vantage.

Invest in Gold and Cryptos with Vantage

4. Zero Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

vantage zero deposit and withdrawal fees

With plenty of global payment methods provided by Vantage, you can securely fund the account with your preferred way, anytime, anywhere.

Vantage may as a gesture of goodwill or as part of a promotion, cover fees charged by the merchant services provider by reimbursing them to your trading account.

Contact your account manager for details.



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