December 19, 2017

What are AAAFX and ZuluTrade? How to open social and copy trading account?

Open AAAFX and ZuluTrade social and copy trading account to invest in Forex and CFDs smartly.

aaafx-zulutrade-social-copy-trading-platform aaafx-zulutrade-social-copy-trading-platform

Online Social & Copy Trading Platform for FX traders.


This Post has ended its release period. Please check AAAFx's latest information and campaign on AAAFx's company introduction page.

AAAFx - What's now?

We are no longer promoting AAAFx. The information regarding to AAAFx on the website 'Hercules.Finance' maybe outdated. ref. AAAFx

AAAFx welcomes all clients with the following exceptions due to regulatory reasons: Residents of the United States of America (USA) and Puerto Rico, Residents of the Quebec province, Residents of China, and Residents or citizens of OFAC sanctioned countries (Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria).

What is AAAFX?

AAAFX is an online Forex and CFD broker which has trading platforms directly connected to ZuluTrade.

ZuluTrade is a social and copy trading platform provider which connects professional traders and novice traders through the system.

By opening an account AAAFX, you can directly benefit from ZuluTrade’s copy trading service without any other applications or costs.

You can find out more about AAAFX’s service in AAAFx Official Website.

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Beginner’s Guide – AAAFX Broker Service Review

8 Reasons Why AAAFX and ZuluTrade’s Social and Copy Trading Platform is so popular

There is only a handful of “Social and Copy Trading Platforms” in the world for online investors, at least we have known of.

The “Social and Copy Trading” market has been very competitive, and ZuluTrade has succeeded to remain at the top of it through 2017.

Bu Why investors choose AAAFX with ZuluTrade?

We are here to give you 8 reasons why AAAFX is very popular among online FX traders.

  1. Potentially less risk
    Copy the experience of others, plus use ZuluGuard for advanced risk management features.
  2. Transparency
    ZuluRank offers full transparency of top performing traders, using cutting-edge algorithms to evaluate them.
  3. Save time by copying others
    The Automator can execute trades on your behalf, notifying you of relevant news and actions.
  4. Enjoy the community
    Learn from other users as well as keeping up to date with the latest trends and investment themes.
  5. Feel secure
    Enjoy a fast, stable platform used by millions worldwide.
  6. Get experience first
    Sign up for a free Demo version. This powerful instrument lets you calculate your account’s potential performance.
  7. Trade on the go
    Pioneering mobile apps help traders like you to monitor and keep control of accounts wherever and when ever.
  8. The choices you need
    An account management suite that can be tailored by you, allowing you to set stops and limits, close positions, configure lot sizes and more.

Find out more about ZuluTrade in the Service Review.

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Why you should use AAAFX’s Copy Trading System?

The most important advantage of the system trading is that it gives the trader the ability to trade effectively for a long time, constantly increasing his capital.

AAAFX’s Copy trading service, in addition to the above features, has a number of advantages over other trading approaches:

  1. First of all, it gives the trader clear milestones for execution (or non- execution) of transactions. Trading system, which is a set of rules for the opening and closing of positions, tracks emerging trade moments on the market and at a time specific moment allows the trader to either be in the market (in the short or long position) or be out of it. Thus, any position and any signal of the trading system are clearly justified and eliminate the possibility of double interpretation;
  2. Secondly, system trading allows in the long term to filter signals and to distinguish successful from unsuccessful ones. The trading system is not complete without accurate recording of results. Record keeping allows the system trader to analyse the results of his trading system and find out exactly which of its components give the best and the worst results, which subsequently give the ability to optimize and improve the trading system;
  3. Thirdly, the trading system leaves no room for emotions. Doubts like “buy or not buy” or “do it now or wait until tomorrow,” give way to clear signals of the trading system, which also worked well in the past, or at least when tested on historical data;
  4. And finally, system trading builds confidence.

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Choose the best signals from AAAFX and ZuluTrade

When it comes to choosing a trading strategy with AAAFX and ZuluTrade, as an important next step after selecting a timeframe, the most important thing here is individuality of the trader.

His appetite for risk, self-management and skills and actions in extreme situations.

The following classification of trading strategies is generally accepted:

1. Trend trading strategy

The tactics is represented by a group of systems that are tuned according to the rules for identification and following the developed strong trend.

The tactics is based on trend indicators of computer analysis and models (patterns) of graphical analysis.

It is generally accepted that the trend strategy is the least risky and optimal for use especially for rookies.

2. Countertrend trading strategy

The tactics is represented by group of systems tuned according to the rules for identification of reversal of the current trend.

Following this tactics is an attempt to embody the dream of all stock traders – buy minimum and sell maximum.

Thus, the countertrend strategy is constantly trying to “predict” a reversal of the current trend and give its followers the opportunity to enter the market at the beginning of the trend at the most competitive prices.

In practice, it is necessary to take into account that following countertrend tactics of increases the risks of the trader and requires more stringent conditions for placing of protective orders and fixing of damages.

3. Combined trading strategy

A strategy that tries to summarize the features of both tactics described above.

The combination is performed by a variety of methods, from control of the size of the position in each phase of the market to the use of specific analysis tools.

In general, the combination is an attempt to most effectively combine the advantages and disadvantages of both trading tactics in order to maximize profits of the trader.

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Social and Copy trading – Types of Trading Systems

For a complete and correct construction of the system trading, it is necessary to understand the features of the main types of trading systems.

For example, in the construction of the trading system two options of opening and closing of positions can be envisaged:

  1. Signals for opening of the position will simultaneously serve as signals to close the previously opened opposite position. Thus, the trader will constantly jump from long to short position and vice versa, practically without exit “to cash”, i.e. not being in-the-money. This type of trading system is called reverse trading system or a system of “stop-turn”. It can only be used for trend trading tactics;
  2. Signals for opening of the position do not coincide with the signals for closing of the previously opened opposite positions. The trader closes the previously opened position on other signals of other indicators and for some time stays in-the-money, waiting for a new signal for opening. This type of trading system is called non-reversing trading system and can be used both for trend and for the countertrend trading tactics.

Depending on the type of trading strategy and the type of system you choose, you will either have one and the same rule for the opening and closing of a position, or different ones, so these issues need to be defined before selection of indicators or patterns and the wording of rules from the start.

There are 6 basic rules of building of trading systems:

1. The positive expectation

The trading system should initially be based on a positive expectation, i.e. probability of the market movement after receiving a signal in the direction of the open position should exceed the probability of the opposite event.

In the most general case positive expectation increases when positions are opened in the direction of the strong current trend and, conversely, are not opened against it.

Inclusion of rules in the trading system that lead to the settlement of transactions against a strong trend reduces the positive expectation and leads to the construction of inefficient, loss-making system.

2. A small number of rules

The trading system should not be overloaded with rules.

You can envisage several different rules for opening and closing of positions, depending on the level of risk, but the optimal number of indicators of an effective trading system must not exceed 5-6.

Otherwise, addition of each new indicator makes the rules of your system more and more confused and often results in delay of opening of position due to a multi-level verification of each signal.

3. The stability of the system

Parameters of indicators of your trading system should be tested at a sufficient interval of historical data.

Looking at the history of quotes in the moment, we can pick up non-standard parameters of indicators in such a way that they will show us the best time to make a deal.

But if it happens, you need at least to test these parameters in the other papers of the same market and at a different time interval for the same paper.

Basically, it so happens that that the best parameters today do not lead to the same results at a different period of time, and the trader’s main task is to find stable parameter values, which lead to equally good results for a long period of time.

4. Combination of lots

Your trading system should be capable of combining lots of the position size depending on the risk to which opening of this position exposes your trading account.

5. The uniqueness of interpretation

All signals from your trading system should clearly indicate a certain state of the instrument.

The presence in the trading system of signals, which in different cases behave differently in the same situation, is unacceptable.

The system must be applicable at different stages of the market.

Most indicators of technical analysis behave differently in trend and sideways movement of the market.

Your trading system or portfolio of your trading systems needs to be adapted to the conditions of any market state.

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AAAFX’s Copy trading service eliminates emotional disturbance

AAAFX’s Copy trading service is an approach developed over the years of best practices and philosophy of trade.

AAAFX traders presume that market is unpredictable and they are always ready for not very favourable changes in scenarios.

It is never possible to predict and anticipate all factors that have a daily impact on the market and cause changes in stock prices.

Many traders may call Forex trading a “game”, but never in life do they treat it as a game.

Trading for them is a daily and even boring job generating income on a regular basis.

AAAFX traders adequately perceive and understand all the possible risks and know how to manage them.

For AAAFX traders it does not matter in what direction the Forex prices move.

In AAAFX’s Copy trading service, a trader is ready that his trading system gives him the opportunity to earn on any movement of the market in any market situation.

Minimum of emotion here and the only thing the system trader care about is his own rules of trade which at any specific time enable him to perform one of the three actions:

  1. Buy (open long or close short position);
  2. Sell (open short or close long position);
  3. Stay out of the market (that is, stay where he is currently), because at this time the trading system does not see gaming moments in it.

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