December 24, 2019

IC Markets, Can electric clean energy overtake oil as the energy of the future?

Know the current market trends and problems of electric clean energy markets.

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An Energetic Discussion

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked about the effects of fossil fuels, he unabashedly stated that “the scientific fact of the matter is we are unavoidably headed towards some level of harm”.

Ironically, the energy used to power the cars he manufactures is itself a fossil fuel; coal.

Ethics aside though, the question many commodity traders are asking is whether or not renewable energies will ultimately replace fossil fuels like oil.

Many green tech CEOs and activists would like to think so, and there are certainly signs suggesting it could happened, but for now at least, fossil fuels remain cheaper, more plentiful and more reliable.

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What renewal energies are there in the world?

Renewable energies such as solar and wind have become increasingly fashionable and have been aggressively promoted by celebrities, mainstream media and global warming alarmists as a viable solution to a world heavily dependent on oil.

That’s because renewable energy is sourced from natural resources, such as sunlight and wind.

Renewable energy is also replenished at a quicker rate than its consumption (which is why it is called ‘renewable’).

Some examples of renewable energy include solar and wind energy.

Other less common renewable energies include geothermal, hydro and biomass.

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Solar energy is on the rise

The biggest advantage of solar energy is that no pollutants are produced by it as it is one of the cleanest sources of energy.

Additionally, renewable energy requires relatively low maintenance and is also relatively easy to install.

Furthermore – it’s becoming cheaper and fast.

According to Bloomberg, since According to Bloomberg, since 2009 the price of solar energy decreased by more than 60% and the US Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Lab predicted an additional 20% price decline by 2020.

Many sunny countries including the United Arab Emirates, Chile, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Jordan are promoting massive solar projects that could lower the cost further.

The main disadvantage of solar energy is that it can only be produced when the sun is shining and sunlight exposure depends on location, time of day, time of year, and weather conditions.

However, improved solar storage methods are being developed and could potentially solve this problem.

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Natural limitation is the problem

Although renewable energies like solar and wind have made impressive progress, their viability on an international scale is not yet enough to overtake fossil fuels.

A wind farm for example, could operate close to maximum capacity at brief, unpredictable moments but produce little to nothing the rest of the time.

Solar energy only operates at capacity on sunny days.

This means that if it’s cloudy out, or night time, it simply cannot produce the cheap, abundant, reliable energy that fossil fuels like oil and natural gas can provide.

Aside from its natural limitations, the maintenance of solar energy remains expensive in comparison to oil, although, as we pointed out, improved technology can change this and fast.

In third world countries, most communities will be unable to afford the maintenance attached to solar panel ownership.

The solution could be solar ‘farms’ created by the governments of these countries.

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Are we soon out of fossil fuels?

The other problem is with the term ‘renewable’.

Although the sun and wind are in fact renewable sources of energy, the term ‘renewable’ was invented to imply that fossil fuels like oil are not renewable.

The notion that the world was running out of oil gave heed to the popularity of the term ‘renewable energy’ when referring to more natural sources of energy like solar energy.

The only problem is that advanced technology such as shale energy (fracking) has by in large put that myth to bed.

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For now, oil remains cheaper, more abundant and more reliable than solar energy, but there are many companies and countries working to change this.

Will they succeed or is so called ‘green’ energy remain a hopeful dream?

It is always risky to make definite prediction – especially when any technological breakthrough can change the rules of the game – but it is clear that solar price will decrease in the next few years and all that’s left is to see if it’ll be enough to offer a proper competition to crude oil and natural gas.

Of course, if you think you do know what will happen with alternative energy resources, you can turn your predictions into investment.

At IC Markets, you can invest in commodities such as WTI oil and natural gas in the form of CFDs, as well as in the share CFDs of large energy companies: Both of the traditional and the renewable kind.

Stay informed, follow changes in the energy industry and stay ahead of the market.

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China to ban fossil-fuel-powered cars

Who killed the fossil fuel?

China Did.

In a move to accelerate the market entrance of electric car makers, China will set a deadline for all fossil-fuel-powered cars.

The decision will have a huge affect on the China’s auto industry and the environment.

The world’s second-biggest economy, with sales of over 28 million cars in 2016, will ban gasoline and diesel-powered cars in its market, with an immense effect on the global economy.

The ban will drive global auto-makers to add more electric cars and clear the air in cities around the world.

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The world’s largest vehicle market is going electric

Caring for the environment could prove to be very lucrative, as China is a huge vehicle market with generous government subsidies for local manufactures.

Tesla is said to be working with the Chinese government to pursue local manufacturing, though change will take time, as China has the world’s largest scale of non-electric factories.

While this trend is catching, some countries who are dependent on Oil production and shipping, will be late to introduce national fossil-fuel bans.

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Toyota: No More Gas Powered Cars by 2040s

Is the Japanese Car Manufacturer Finally Going Green?

Toyota envisions emissions free vehicles by 2040 according to a statement made by Chief Safety Technology Officer Kiyotaka Ise.

The announcement was made in a press conference at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show today on Thursday.

The Japanese car maker envisions zero diesel or gas engines in its vehicle lineup by as early as the 2040’s.

This decision is part of a wider effort to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by an ambitious 90% by the year 2050, their timeframe for ending the production of all fuel powered vehicles.

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Rising trend of clean energy market

The target time-frame is on par with similar milestones set by other car manufacturers and coincides with restrictions that will be enforced by countries like the UK and France.

Even China has jumped on the bandwagon committing to significantly reducing carbon emissions at a similar deadline.

This announcement does not necessarily mean that Toyota will manufacture electric-powered vehicles exclusively.

After all, Toyota is among the least ambitious car makers in the electric vehicle space.

Rather, Toyota has indicated that they will be considering several powertrain options that could include fuel cell or hybrid powered engines to customize the needs of different consumers throughout the globe.

Ise added that even in the 2040s and onward, internal combustion technology will still be implemented on engines for hybrid vehicles.

However, he also added that utilizing internal combustion engines exclusively is unrealistic given the company’s ambitious improvements in their technology in hybrid powertrain options.

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