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Changes to the CFD list on shares with TeleTrade

TeleTrade, an award-winning and regulated broker, relentlessly committed to updating and evolving the services offered in order to satisfy every need of its countless trusted clients, has recently announced a change to the list of CFDs on shares with the eliminating some tools and adding others.

Since these significant changes have been made to the list of CFDs on shares with TeleTrade, starting from Friday 13 August 2021 all open positions must be closed and any pending orders must be eliminated and if this does not happen before the set time, these orders will inevitably be closed and canceled.

Stock CFD symbols subject to elimination are as follows.

  • CLDR
  • ITUB
  • LAUR
  • IP
  • IQ
  • PLAY
  • SMG
  • TLRY
  • RDSb
  • PPC

To compensate for the cancellation of the instruments listed above, starting Monday, August 16, 2021, TeleTrade will make available to its traders a new line of CFDs on shares which will lead to new investment opportunities.

The new list of share CFDs announced by TeleTrade is as follows.

  • MPC
  • FROM
  • KMB
  • HAL
  • CCL
  • ATVI
  • BK
  • UPS
  • ACN
  • COST

For any information regarding the variations on CFDs on shares just mentioned, visit the official TeleTrade website where you can consult the highly specialized support team who will always be at your disposal or alternatively access the Legal Documentation and the documents related to key information on share CFDs with TeleTrade.

Invest with TeleTrade

TeleTrade is an online Forex and CFD broker extremely popular among traders from all over the globe that offers its clients high-quality tools and services using highly qualified personnel capable of providing individual support to each trader to maximize every trading experience.

Teletrade has over 200 trading tools including forex, CFDs on crypto, CFDs on metals, CFDs on indices, CFDs on shares, CFDs on agricultural commodities with which you can invest with the platform that you think is most suitable for your trading by choosing between WebTrader, MT4, MT5 and mobile app for ios and Android smartphones.

In addition to a wide range of extremely useful services for trading, TeleTrade offers its clients TeleTrade Invest, which allows any trader (investor) to copy the transactions made on the markets by previously selected master traders, all completely automatically without the investor having to carry out any operation alone while remaining the only one who has full control of his trading account.

To receive more detailed information regarding TeleTrade Invest visit the official TeleTrade website and contact the support team.



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