April 15, 2022

Check out the Top 5 Metaverse Tokens available on Binance

As mainstream adoption of the metaverse grows, so do the use cases and profitability. Sign up for Binance for more.

Check-out-the-Top-5-Metaverse-Tokens-available-on-Binance Check-out-the-Top-5-Metaverse-Tokens-available-on-Binance

Metaverse Investing: Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Games and Land

As mainstream adoption of the metaverse increases, so do the use cases and benefits.

Binance makes buying and selling Metaverse tokens and digital assets simple and straightforward.

This article will cover the reasons for investing in the metaverse and how to get started in two easy steps.

Over the past 18 months, Metaverse has accelerated growth, opening new doors for investment in new areas.

The metaverse is gradually evolving from a sci-fi dream to a reality full of infinite possibilities. With major tech giants and established brands announcing plans to move into virtual reality, it’s no accident that the Metaverse has gone mainstream. Disney recently announced a patent for a metaverse technology invented for theme parks that can track visitors while projecting personalized 3D pictures for them. The rapid growth in adoption has made the Metaverse profitable, bringing new revenue opportunities to investors, players and digital creators, collectors and developers alike. Let’s take a closer look and explore why, and why you should get involved!

Can’t wait to get started? Binance is the largest global cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and user base, providing users with a wide selection of metaverse tokens that can help users continue to expand their investment portfolios. Sign up for a Binance account today to start your Metaverse investment journey.

Invest in Metaverse tokens on Binance

What are the investment opportunities in Metaverse?

Whether you are a cryptocurrency investor, player, NFT creator or collector, there are a few ways to invest directly in the metaverse. We’ve listed four methods below.

1. Former Space Token

Metaverse tokens are virtual currencies that can be used to conduct digital transactions in the Metaverse. They are built into the blockchain, so transactions on the underlying network are not only secure but also near-instant.

Metaverse tokens have various use cases. You can hold Metaverse Tokens or trade them for other tokens or fiat currencies. Not only that, but the Metaverse Token can greatly stimulate the Metaverse economy and unlock multiple services and applications. Here are the various ways to use Metaverse Tokens:

  • Driving Transactions: Often you need native Metaverse Tokens to start buying, selling or creating in the Metaverse environment.
  • Gaming: Buy in-game assets or use them as start-up capital to play and earn NFTs while you play.
  • Virtual Land and Digital Assets: Buy virtual land that can be rented or sold, buy clothing for avatars or unlock access to exclusive communities.
  • Voting rights: Some Metaverse token holders can vote on important project decisions, such as where funds should go or which new features should go live first.

As the value of a digital asset or metaverse project increases, so does the value of the token associated with it. For risk-averse cryptocurrency investors, investing in native metaverse tokens may be a more appropriate option. With so many existing use cases and growing numbers, there are a number of ways for interested investors to start investing with Metaverse Tokens.

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2. Metaverse Stocks

If you are a retail investor, you can look at public companies whose business models or earnings are closely related to the Metaverse. Notable examples include Meta, Microsoft, Roblox, Unity, Nvidia, and Cloudflare.

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3. In-game NFT

When it comes to games in the metaverse, there are two ways to invest.

1. Use in-game assets to earn while playing

More and more NFT games use the earn-as-you-play model, where players compete to win in-game rewards or cryptocurrencies. For example, in the hit game Axie Infinity, players can earn a Silky Love Potion by entering Adventure Mode or fighting in the Arena. ( SLP ), an in-game reward that players can use to breed new Axies or trade cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance.

However, it is important to note that not all NFT-based games use the earn-as-you-play system, and many games are for entertainment purposes only and are not monetized.

2. Buying and selling in-game assets

Most NFT-based games allow users to buy, sell, and trade NFT collectibles on marketplaces such as the Game Market or NFT Marketplace. In-game NFTs include crafted weapons, skin items, and potions that increase power.

To get started right away, you can purchase exclusive in-game items through Binance NFT’s weekly IGO.

3. Virtual Land

The Sandbox and Decentraland, the largest players in the virtual land scene, have started selling NFT digital real estate in their respective metaverse ecosystems.

Similar to real-world real estate, once virtual real estate is purchased, Metaverse Land NFT owners can rent, sell, or build on digital real estate. Virtual Land is a new thing in the metaverse ecosystem, and as bright as it is, the stakes are so high. So don’t forget “DYOR”.

Invest in Metaverse tokens on Binance

Binance Top 5 Metaverse Tokens

Metaverse tokens have become more popular in recent months, and the growth rate shows no signs of slowing down. Below we have listed the most popular metaverse coins listed on Binance:

  • Decentraland ( MANA ) at $2.79 with a market cap of $5,111.6 million
  • The Sandbox ( SAND ) at $3.33 with a market cap of $3,757.31 million
  • Axie Infinity ( AXS ) at $55.87 with a market cap of $3,402.9 million
  • Illuvium (ILV ) at $598.26 with a market cap of $384.61 million
  • Vulcan Forged PYR ( PYR ) at $11.8 with a market cap of $281.99 million
*The above are the opening prices of Binance on March 2, 2022.

*This list is ranked by market cap and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by Binance to buy or sell any currency.

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How to get started?

Whichever investment method you choose, you first need to buy cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency you choose to buy can be the project’s native token or a cryptocurrency that can be traded on various Metaverse platforms. For example, if you want to buy land in Decentraland, you must use the MANA cryptocurrency to buy it. Likewise, if you want to buy axie at Axie Infinity, you need to buy AXS tokens.

If you want to buy in-game items on Binance NFT, you first need to buy BNB, BUSD or ETH to trade on the NFT platform. Looking to buy Metaverse Tokens for long-term holding or trading? Welcome to the Binance exchange, which has over 100 cryptocurrencies.

Invest in Metaverse tokens on Binance

Two steps to buy cryptocurrency

Step 1: Complete fiat currency recharge via digital wallet transfer or bank transfer on Binance. Be sure to check fiat channels that support the currency you want. See the detailed guide on how to top up USD via SWIFT

Alternative: Convert fiat currency to BUSD or USDT to trade more token types.

Step 2: Buy NFT tokens through user wallet or directly with credit/debit card.

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Of course, as more brands and major tech giants begin to realize the potential of the metaverse, the growth of the existing ecosystem will get bigger. Use cases for digital assets such as NFTs will increase. Also, investing in the metaverse is not limited to trading or holding tokens. Users can also find a variety of ways to interact with the metaverse, such as purchasing NFT avatars and playing games.

As the Metaverse is still thriving, it is very important that users always do their own research (DYOR) before buying or investing in digital assets of interest.

Invest in Metaverse tokens on Binance

Ready to start your crypto journey with Binance?

Sign up for an account on or download the Binance cryptocurrency trading app today . Next verify your account . After verifying the account, there are three main ways to buy cryptocurrency with cash on Binance: bank transfer, card channel or digital wallet option.

Buy BUSD, BNB and cryptocurrencies with debit, credit or bank transfer.

Linking a debit, credit or bank account (available in many regions) is one of the easiest ways to buy Bitcoin and 100+ cryptocurrencies.

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