IronFX offers completed “Portfolio Management” to its traders. All you need is to have 1,000 USD to invest into.

If you are looking for some EAs or Money Managers, then why not invest funds to this program instead? IronFX is fully licensed to manage funds and the program has already proved to be profitable with the past few years of performances.

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What is “Portfolio Management”?

“Portfolio Management” is simply

An Investment methods to invest into diversified financial markets to earn profits efficiently with lower risks managed by professionals

You can think of all EAs and some Copy Trading systems as “Portfolio Managements” as they should also have certain rules and methods to invest funds.

But why IronFX’s “Portfolio Management” is better? That is because IronFX is fully licensed to manage funds and they have proved the profitability with the past performances.

Past Performance

There are mainly two different strategies offered currently. You can choose one or both of them as you wish.

Hybrid Strategy

ironfx portfolio management hybrid strategy performance

The Hybrid Strategy is an advanced trading strategy with medium-term time frames based on fundamental and technical analysis.

IronFX combines their knowledge and expertise of the markets to take decisions depending on the prevailing global economic conditions and important technical levels.

They seek to identify price movements through the use of a proprietary blend using, but not limited to the following: Economic news, options expiration, technical support and resistance levels, moving averages (50, 100, 200), Relative Strength Index and MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) among others.

ironfx portfolio management hybrid strategy performance benchmark

Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Overall Return Average Return
Hybrid(%) 0.72 1.04 -1.44 4.26 0.66 2.29 -0.77 4.39 -3.40 5.82 0.23 19.02 1.46
Benchmark(%) -2.50 -1.69 2.22 0.22 -0.84 -2.99 -0.36 2.49 1.08 0.65 n/a -3.36 -0.28
Performance over benchmark(%) 3.22 2.73 -3.66 4.04 1.50 5.28 -0.44 1.90 -4.48 4.73 n/a 22.38 1.74

Dynamic Strategy

ironfx portfolio management dynamic strategy performance

The Dynamic Strategy is an algorithmic and high-frequency trading strategy based primarily on technical indicators.

IronFX uses an advanced, computerized trading infrastructure to execute a high volume of trades within short to medium-term time frames.

The key technical indicators they use are, modified “Ichimoku Kinko Hyo” and correlation matrix, among others.

ironfx portfolio management dynamic strategy performance benchmark

Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Overall Return Average Return
Dynamic(%) 3.63 35.81 7.66 43.87 57.36 7.40 -4.08 0.04 -5.10 1.58 -11.13 159.18 11.37
Benchmark(%) -2.50 -1.69 2.22 0.22 -0.84 -2.99 -0.36 2.49 1.08 0.65 n/a -2.30 -0.18
Performance over benchmark(%) 6.13 37.50 5.44 43.65 58.20 10.39 -3.72 -2.45 -6.18 0.93 n/a 161.48 11.55

Is it Trustworthy and Safe?

Not so many brokers are licensed like IronFX to manage clients’ funds. Investment always comes with certain risks though, this “Portfolio Management” by a large and licensed broker, shouldn’t be a worse choice than many other management programs.

As one of the majors in Forex industry, IronFX has proved the profitability with the actual numbers(Past Performance). If you are worried about losing your funds intentionally by IronFX, you can see that it is not the case from the past performances.

More than 80% of the investors are losing all of their invested funds, and according to the accreditation and the continuous profitable results, we believe we can say this IronFX’s “Portfolio Management” is a trustworthy enough program for investors.

Lastly but not least, here is their Investment Philosophy.

Our goal is to manage clients’ assets efficiently and professionally in order to create value and maximize client profits

We aim to research, develop and produce investment products with significant upside and minimal downside risk

The constant and ongoing assessment of changing market opportunities allows us to adapt our investment strategies and quickly capitalize on the best ideas that meet our investment criteria

We have a strong focus towards quantitative models to ensure appropriate risk exposure during our market operations

*Please remember that no one in the world can assure the return of the originally invested funds through any kinds of investment. Please do not invest funds more than you can afford to lose.

How to join the “Program” and start earning

ironfx portfolio management fx official english

In order to invest your funds to this “Portfolio Management” Program, you will first need to register with IronFX.

Please follow the following instructions.

1. Register with IronFX and open an Account

You can go to the Account Opening Page from here. Please follow the normal registration steps as instructions.

2. Open the “Portfolio Management” Account through the “Client Portal”

After your registration is done, log in to “Client Portal” of IronFX and go to “Register Additional Account” and select “Portfolio Management”.ironfx portfolio management account opening fx

3. Contact directly to [email protected]

Inquire for the “Portfolio Management” and they will provide you with necessarily documents.

4. Sign the Document to sign up electronically

Sign their electronic document on the web.

5. Make a deposit of more than 1,000 USD

Normally IronFX “Portfolio Management” requires 3,000 USD for the first-time-deposit though, investors who has registered through “Hercules” needs to deposit only 1,000 USD.

Of course, you can deposit more funds as you wish.

6. “Portfolio Management” will be started automatically

Please understand the risks of investments. Although the past performances show continous profits through years, IronFX could have a bad day sometimes.

Please do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Service Details

IronFX Portfolio Management
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