September 29, 2020

Download the upgraded SuperForex Mobile App on Google Play

SuperForex Mobile App is available for Android smartphones. Download the app on Google Play today.

Download-the-upgraded-SuperForex-Mobile-App-on-Google-Play Download-the-upgraded-SuperForex-Mobile-App-on-Google-Play

Get the upgraded SuperForex App on Google Play

We are happy to announce an upgrade to SuperForex mobile app.

SuperForex has prepared several improvements to ensure overall better performance.

You can also make local money transfers and access your commission history via the app.

Traders of SuperForex now can benefit from easier ways to make deposits to their trading accounts and order bonuses directly from the app.

Here are some other changes to SuperForex’s Android app:

  1. Some older bugs that caused the app to crash have been resolved;
  2. The speed and efficiency of the app have been improved;
  3. The design of the app has been updated for a more modern look.

SuperForex sincerely hopes that the improvements will make the app easier to use and turn it into a reliable tool for you to enjoy on the go.

To download SuperForex’s mobile app, please go to SuperForex Official Website.

Go to SuperForex Official Website

SuperForex Mobile App on-the-go

Get the upgraded SuperForex App on Google Play

In SuperForex, even MT4 (Meta Trader) has an application for dedicated smartphones.

It can be used on both iPhone and Android.

It is a very convenient tool because you can easily log in to your account and perform various operations even if you do not have a personal computer for going out.

However, it is also true that not all can be done the same as when logging in from a personal computer.

There are some operations that can be performed from a PC browser that cannot be performed from a smartphone application, even on SuperForex’s mobile app.

Therefore, just because you have a smartphone does not mean that you don’t need a computer at all.

Visit SuperForex Official Website

What you can do with SuperForex Mobile App on-the-go

  1. Real-time quotes and chart display;
  2. Display of about 30 types of indicators;
  3. Check profit/loss status and account balance;
  4. Place orders such as market, limit and stop.

There are 4 main things you can do with SuperForex’s smartphone app.

First, it is possible to check the market price (quote) in real-time for each currency pair and display a chart.

This is true for all Forex apps of brokers, but SuperForex’s MT4 app can also show without problems.

It can be considered that the time lag is almost zero.

There are about 30 types of indicators by default on SuperForex’s trading platforms, and these can also be displayed on SuperForex’s smartphone app.

You can see more than just candlesticks, bar charts, and line charts.

The technical indicator can also be projected firmly on the screen of the SuperForex’s smartphone app.

You can also check the current profit and loss status and account balance.

How good your investment performance is a factor that you are worried about even when you are out of the house.

If you download the SuperForex’s smartphone app in advance, those issues can be resolved immediately.

The only time when it’s impossible is when you can’t access the internet outside the service area.

Of course, even with a smartphone, it is possible to place an order by market, limit price, or stop price.

When you have a chance to make a new entry, you can do it right away.

Regarding the settlement, it is also useful when you have to act immediately due to sudden changes in the market price with SuperForex’s smartphone app.

Download SuperForex Mobile App

What you cannot do with SuperForex Mobile App

  1. EA start and stop;
  2. EA programming;
  3. Use of original indicators.

On the other hand, unlike PCs, there are some things that SuperForex’s smartphone app cannot do.

The unique feature of MT4 is that you can buy and sell automatically and you can display your own original indicator, which gives you a lot of freedom in trading.

One of the great advantages of MT4 is that it can be bought and sold automatically.

The program for system trading is called EA (Expert Advisor), but the smartphone app cannot start this EA newly, or stop or delete the EA that is already running, but this can only be done from a PC.

Of course, EA programming is also impossible from SuperForex’s smartphone app.

The MT4 EA allows you to completely modify the contents of the program by yourself. However, this work must be done from a personal computer.

In most cases, conventional Forex accounts handle only certain types of charts.

It is no exaggeration to say that MT4 is a place where you can display slightly unusual indicators and charts.

However, unfortunately, the current situation is that smartphone apps can only perform uniform operations.

It is undeniable that it is a tool for everyone.

Therefore, it is best to think of smartphone terminals as a means to complement personal computers.

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Why trade Forex with SuperForex?

With SuperForex, it is possible to trade on MT4 (MetaTrader) from 1,000 currencies, which is a big advantage for those who want to work on Forex trading with a small amount of money, and it is one of the bases of a good reputation.

In addition, since more than 300 markets are prepared, it is also evaluated because there are abundant trading targets with SuperForex.

1. You can trade from 1,000 units

One of the unique features of SuperForex is that it is possible to perform Forex trading on MT4 with a small amount of 1,000 currencies.

There are some traders that can only trade from 10,000 currencies. For example, FX Trade Financial is an example. Under such circumstances, being able to invest a small amount of 1,000 currencies would be a great advantage, especially for beginners.

1,000 units equal to 0.01 lots in case of SuperForex.

There are more than 300 markets available for trading with SuperForex, and it an be said that SuperForex has more markets than other MT4 brokers.

It’s also one of the reasons we recommend it to anyone who wants to try MT4.

When working for the first time, it is preferable to trade with a small number of positions, considering the risk.

With 1,000 currencies, you can trade with a fairly small amount of money, and the total amount to buy and sell is also small.

In this way, even if you suffer a loss, the financial damage you receive is kept small.

Furthermore, diversified investment is also possible by setting the margin for each position to about 1,000 currencies and trading the surplus margin in another position for about 1,000 currencies as well.

In the case of automatic trading using EA, it is easy to have enough financial margin so that multiple EA can be used at the same time.

These are the merits of having a minimum trading volume of 1,000 currencies, which is one of the valuable reasons to choose SuperForex.

Go to SuperForex Official Website

2. You can trade more than 300 currency pairs

The next advantage of SuperForex is that there are more than 3000 markets to invest in.

This allows you to trade not only major currency pairs such as the US dollar, euro and Australian dollar, but also minor currencies in some countries, and CFDs.

The more options you have for a currency pair, the more opportunities you have for making money.

It is not uncommon for one combination to have a stable trend but another to have a smooth trend.

There is also the issue of compatibility between EAs (Exert Advisers) and currency pairs.

For example, it is possible that while the loss tends to increase in USD/JPY, the profit tends to increase in EUR/USD even though using the same EA for trading.

The more currency pairs you have, the more you will receive these benefits.

When choosing a Forex company for MT4 to open an account, it may be one way to consider the variety of currency pairs as a criterion.

SuperForex is running a number of bonus promotions and trading contests.

Visit the page here to see the List of SuperForex’s All Bonus Promotions and Contests.

Go to SuperForex Official Website

Download SuperForex’s Mobile App today

In order to match the fast pace of today’s financial markets, SuperForex knows you sometimes need to make decisions in a split second.

To ensure you have access to valuable financial information at all times for lighting-fast trading decisions SuperForex developed a series of mobile applications to keep you connected to your trading career.

The apps prepared by the SuperForex developers’ team are designed to provide a complete trading experience straight from your mobile device; whether it’s checking on your open deals or opening or closing new ones, SuperForex has it all.

SuperForex’s Android application offers a perfect solution for those of you who wish to monitor their accounts at any time, anywhere.

Recently redesigned, the app is user-friendly and enables you to perform all the functions you might need on the go.

In particular, you can use SuperForex’s mobile app for the following:

  • Open new accounts (both real and demo);
  • Merge existing trading accounts;
  • Make deposits and withdrawals using all available payment methods;
  • Access your trading history on all accounts under your name;
  • Apply for all bonuses;
  • Contact SuperForex’s support department.

To trade on the Forex market, you always need the latest information and the ability to make timely adjustments to match the fast pace at which the market conditions change.

For this reason, we recommend that all the traders of SuperForex take advantage of the SuperForex mobile app.

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