If you are not familiar with the usability of credit/debit card or other payment method like bank wire transfer, no worries because you can still transfer your funds to Traders Trust.

“Bank Wire Transfer” is a steady popular method, but demerits would be it takes days and also commissions from the banks.

Three Bank accounts

Traders Trust has setup three bank accounts where you can make a deposit into for your trading accounts.

The broker is regulated by all European regulatory authorities, so you certainly do not worry about your funds which you deposit to Traders Trust.

  • Deutsche Handelsbank in Germany

Only EUR is accepted.

  • Hellenic Bank in Cyprus

Only USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, CNY, PLN are accepted.

  • Bank BGZ BNP Paribas S.A. in Poland

Only PLN, USD, EUR are accepted.

If you have a bank account in the same country, you may want to use that account for deposit, so you can avoid extra international transfer fees.

You can find bank account details by logging into the Traders Trust’s client portal.

Traders Trust Official Website

Not instant deposit

In case of a bank wire transfer, your deposit cannot be processed instantly but may take days or a week sometimes.

So in case you are in a hurry to make a deposit to your MT4 trading account, bank wire transfer is not recommended.

Normally international bank wire transfer takes up to 5 days to be arrived to the bank account.

Also, if you have filled in wrong sender’s information when you make a transfer, the transfer could take more than a week, or sometimes sent back to your original bank account.

Commissions from banks

There is no commissions charged from Traders Trust in case of bank wire transfer, but the banks you are going to use for transfers will charge you directly.

So for both deposit/withdrawal, you will not receive the full amount you have sent via bank wire, but you will only receive the amount which is already deducted the commissions from the banks.

Normally international bank wire transfer costs more than 20 USD.

Also there will be another fees charged if you make a transfer in a different currency than the account currency of the bank account.

Exchange rate and commissions are decided by the banks which receives the fund.

Traders Trust Official Website

How to make deposit by Bank Wire Transfer?

In order to make a deposit through bank wire transfer, you will need to login to the client portal of Traders Trust.

You can login to your client portal from the official website.

traders trust login client portal deposit withdrawal

Then choose the “International Bank Wire” and click on “Fund Now”.

traders trust bank wire transfer deposit

You can find three different banks to choose in the next screen. And you can find the bank accounts details by proceeding to it.

traders trust bank account to deposit

After sending funds to Traders Trust via bank wire transfer, please make sure that you send a copy of the transfer statement to Traders Trust support desk.

So the broker can make sure your deposit and even expedite the process.



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