Log in to Multiple FX Brokers’ accounts

Yes, you can use one MT4 for any FX/CFD brokers(which use MT4 as a platform).

MT4 and MT5 are different trading platforms. You cannot log in to MT5 platform using MT4 account’s login credentials and vice versa. For more information about the difference between MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, visit the page here.

Follow the instruction below to log in to other brokers’ trading accounts on one MT4.

1. Install the original MT4 from the official Metaquotes website

download MT4 for PC and create a demo account

Go to MetaQuotes’s official website and install MT4 trading platform by clicking on the button.

Note that MetaQuotes may not allow you to install MT4 anymore but only MT5 trading platform.

If you cannot download and install MT4 from MetaQuotes’ official website, then you are recommended to download directly from one of your Forex brokers.

List of MT4 Forex Brokers

2. Go to “File” → “Open an account” → “add new broker like….”

file open an account

This process is required in order to find the trading server that you are looking for.

By typing within “add new broker like….” field, you can find a trading server name available for MT4 trading platform.

Go to Hercules.Finance Main Page

3. Type your broker’s server name and click “scan”

add new brokers like broker name or...

You can type in the whole name or a part of it in the field.

Then you will see a list of relevant trading server names to select from.

You don’t know the name of the trading server yet?

Contact your broker’s support team or type in your broker’s name in the field.

List of MT4 Forex Brokers

4. Check the name of the server you need has appeared in the list

There could be thousands of names on the list.

Find the trading server that you are looking for.

If you don’t see your broker’s server name in the list, your broker might have set a restriction so you must install the broker’s MT4 platform or you have typed in incorrectly.

Comparison of MT4 Forex Brokers

5. Go to “File” → “Login to Trade Account”

In the dropdown list of the “Server”, you should see all the server names you have searched before.

Login server list

Now you can use your account number, password, and trading server name to log in to your trading account.

If you cannot log in to your trading account, you may have inserted the wrong login credentials.

Go to Hercules.Finance Main Page

6. Log in to your MT4 accounts

Before you start trading, right-click on “Market Watch” and select “Show All”.

So you can see all the available currency pairs and CFDs with the account.

Note that by using other brokers’ or MetaQuotes’ MT4, there may be some financial markets that do not show in the “Market Watch” window.

If you are seeing some errors on the platform or cannot use certain functions unique to your broker’s MT4, you may download the MT4 provided by the broker directly from the broker’s website.

List of MT4 Forex Brokers

Download your broker’s MT4 and Apps

There are thousands of online Forex brokers in the world that use MT4 as their main platform.

If you are using accounts of multiple Forex brokers, you may feel bothered to install the MT4 trading platform for each broker.

It is your choice to use one MT4 trading platform for multiple brokers, but you are still recommended to use your broker’s MT4 trading platform for their MT4 accounts.

Nowadays there are many unique and exclusive trading tools provided by online Forex brokers, and there are cases that these tools are offered through MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

Also, some brokers have restrictions on their servers that you may not be able to log in to your account, trade certain financial instruments or receive live feeds when you use other brokers’ MT4 trading platform.

There are mobile apps provided by Forex brokers that you can use to trade Forex and CFDs through your mobile phones too.

List of MT4 Forex Brokers



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