Neteller is one of the most popular payment method among the FINTECH(finance technology) area.

By using a Neteller account, you can transfer funds internationally and also instantly with low costs. You do not need to have a bank account or card anymore if you have one Neteller account.

In order to use Neteller for a transfer, you need to open a Neteller account first.

You can find more details of the service and open an account from the below link.

Traders Trust Official Website

Neteller Commissions

By making a deposit via Neteller to Traders Trust, the broker will be charging you up to 4.20%.

This is the commission solely from the broker, and there may be also the commissions charged from Neteller directly.

The commissions for one transfer from Neteller is normally 1%(up to 10USD) depending on the account status(like VIP).

So with Traders Trust, Neteller may not be the most reasonable payment method.

Instant Transfer

There is no concept of country boarders for Neteller service.

So by holding one Neteller account, you can:

  • transfer funds
  • receive funds
  • withdraw funds from ATM or some convenience store
  • use for shopping

from any where in the world.

So you can also make a deposit instantly to Traders Trust though, the broker may take up to 24 hours to reflect the deposited amount to your trading account.

Traders Trust Official Website

No Tax payment

Neteller values the agreement with its clients and the confidentiality in terms of clients’ information and amount of funds it holds.

Instead Neteller has set the maximum amount you can hold in each Neteller account, which is 50,000 USD.

If you have more than 50,000 USD in your account, Neteller may freeze the account and advise you to transfer or withdraw some of the funds immediately, so the company can keep the confidentiality as always from any financial regulatory authorities.

That being said, you are not obliged to take care of your tax payment regarding to the funds you hold within your Neteller account.

Well, technically you must pay for your tax by following the rules of your country, but you are able to delay the tax payment for the amount you hold in the account.

How to make a Neteller transfer?

In order to make Neteller deposit to Traders Trust, you first need to login to your client portal from the official website as below.

traders trust login client portal deposit withdrawal

After you logged in, please click on  “Fund Now” button, next to the Neteller option.

Neteller deposit payment traders trust

Then you will need to fill in the details of your Neteller account in order to confirm the deposit.

After sending your your funds, you may send the transfer statement to Traders Trust support team and the broker can surely confirm the deposit and expedite the process of payment.



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