How to open ForexMart MT4 FX account?

To open ForexMart MT4 account and start trading FX and CFDs, please follow the steps below.

  1. Register and open ForexMart MT4
  2. Receive login details of ForexMart MT4 and client portal
  3. Login to ForexMart’s client portal for fund deposit
  4. Download ForexMart MT4 platform from ForexMart Official Website
  5. Start trading FX and CFDs

Do you have any questions about ForexMart’s service? Then contact their multilingual support team from ForexMart Official Website.

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How to make a deposit?

To make a deposit, log in to ForexMart using your live account username and password. Go to ‘Finance’ tab and click ‘Deposit.’ Next, choose the preferred online payment system.

Then, ForexMart’s Accounting Division facilitates all deposit requests.

To withdraw funds from MT4 accounts, log in to ForexMart using your live account username and password.

Go to ‘Finance’ tab and click ‘Withdraw.’ Next, choose the preferred online payment system.

Then provide the necessary details.

ForexMart Client Portal Login

Required documents for Credit and Debit card deposit

In case you want to make a deposit with a card, you are required to provide a copy of their credit/debit card and/or your bank issued statement.

Please black out all but the last 4 digits of your account number (i.e. XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-0000).

Statements or copies of credit/debit cards received without the account number blacked out will be destroyed immediately.

Please note credit/debit card deposits may be subject to delays in processing to the customer’s account until all documents have been received when requested.

Funds redeemed by credit/debit card may not exceed the total deposit amount for that account.

If a client’s withdrawal request amount is greater than the total credit/debit card deposits, please provide full banking information and ForexMart will wire transfer the excess funds.

Funds redeemed by credit card will be returned to the card used for the initial deposits.

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What is ForexMart?

ForexMart is a licensed and registered execution only forex brokerage firm in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and provides advanced trading services to retail forex traders and institutional trading clients globally.

ForexMart’s mission is to provide the best trading execution tools, resources and advanced trading technologies, supported by reliable and stable systems infrastructure and world class client services.

Many brokers quote low spreads in the market and simply let clients down with poor trade execution services, and in many cases, questionable trade execution practices, resulting in delayed order fills and excessive slippage, substantially impacting on a client’s true cost of trading and, more importantly, the ability to profit.

ForexMart understands trading from a trader’s perspective and the calculation of the true cost of trading comes down to not only low spreads quoted, but most importantly, the quality and speed of actual trade order execution provided in all market conditions.

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ForexMart MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platform

The ForexMart MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform integrates seamless market liquidity providing real-time hedging and execution of all trade orders.

ForexMart’s valued clients benefit from the most advanced trading execution technology systems, superior liquidity and low latency superior execution that ForexMart provides.

The ForexMart MetaTrader 4 forex trading terminal offers many advanced trading functions, and whether you are a novice or advanced forex trader, it takes just a few minutes to get acquainted with the trading systems.

The advanced trading terminal is supplied with a built-in “Help” facility to answer all of your questions.

ForexMart has made the MetaTrader 4 forex trading terminal user friendly and convenient to use, so that you can invest your time into your most important work, trading.

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What is MT4 (MetaTrader4)?

MetaQuotes Software Corp. has earned the reputation as a supplier of the most reliable software solutions and advanced forex trading systems in the market.

Today its most successful product, MetaTrader 4, is the most popular Forex trading system platform in the world.

The ForexMart MetaTrader 4 terminal is a perfectly equipped forex traders workplace.

It provides the necessary systems, advanced trading tools and forex trading resources to analyze price dynamics of currencies, make the trade transactions, create and use automated trading programs referred to as Expert Advisors.

It represents the all-in-one concept and is the most popular trading terminal in the world.

ForexMart MetaTrader 4 is a full-cycle trading platform that includes both money management components and dynamic live trading terminal.

Open ForexMart MT4 Account

Are my funds safe with ForexMart?

ForexMart ensures the safety and security of all valued client funds in accordance with the Corporations Law regulations regarding client moneys.

The Corporations Act requires any individual or Company who carry on a business of providing financial services to hold a financial license or be authorised to provide those financial services as an Authorised Representative of an Saint Vincent and the Grenadines license.

As a regulated Company, ForexMart must adhere to strict rules and regulations ensuring the segregation of all client funds.

Dealing with an Authorised Company gives you protection under the law and the peace of mind of knowing that ForexMart takes its responsibility to you seriously.

All client equity is held in segregated accounts separated from Company operating funds ensuring safety and security.

All ForexMart’s valued clients benefit from knowing that funds on deposit with ForexMart can only be used for the purpose of clients trades and the security of clients funds is of paramount importance to the Company.

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ForexMart’s DMA Superior Execution

Until recently, true Direct Market Access trading has only been available to larger institutions and hedge funds.

With advanced technologies, ForexMart’s clients benefit from superior order execution and deep pools of liquidity from top tier financial institutions around the globe.

Many traders have experienced the pitfalls and cost of inconsistent trade execution provided by many brokers that operate in various capacities globally.

ForexMart empowers retail traders to transact their trade orders directly with sources of liquidity, made up primarily of large institutional participants.

All client forex trading orders are processed in real time, 100% automated straight through processing, with no dealing desk or human intervention and no re-quote advanced trading execution technologies.

ForexMart always delivers 100% automated and 100% live, streaming executable pricing, resulting in superior trade execution for ForexMart’s clients.

This ensures No Dealer or Human Intervention ever, and streamlines trade execution processes especially during peak trading times when many brokers simply fail to perform.

Open ForexMart Real or Demo Account

ForexMart Social and Copy Trading

ForexMart offers the most sophisticated Social and Copy trading services and functionality available.

ForexMart’s software is capable of supporting any Money Management business model.

ForexMart’s Social and Copy Trading application allows money managers to simultaneously manage multiple accounts.

It was designed to rapidly execute block orders with one click under a master account arrangement and automate trade allocations to clients accounts.

The Social and Copy Trading is the perfect tool for traders that manage multiple accounts utilizing Expert Advisors.

This tool broadens the platform functionality enabling money managers to trade more efficiently; focusing on money management itself rather than operational issues.

The ForexMart’s MT4 monitors the slave account and when a deposit or withdrawal is effectuated, it reflects the result in the master account automatically.

Once a trade is successfully opened, the application splits it to the slave account based on the chosen repartition method.

Clients can see important details of the trade at all times but they can not intervene with existing orders.

Managers can trade in all accounts using Expert Advisors.

One of the fastest growing segments of the global financial industry as a whole and the Forex market in particular is automated and algorithmic trading.

ForexMart’s MetaTrader4 platform offers true high performance Direct Market Access trade execution and is uniquely suited for proprietary trading by money managers and investment firms utilising sophisticated automated trading systems.

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Swap charges (Overnight Financing) on ForexMart MT4

ForexMart ensures all swap rates are available for viewing in real time via the ForexMart MetaTrader4 trading platform.

Please note that swap rates are applied to all open forex trading positions at 5pm daily New York time.

All open forex trade positions at this time are subject to a rollover credit or debit.

A forex trade position opened at anytime before 5pm is subject to rollover, or swap credit or debit and any forex trade position opened after 5pm is not subject to rollover/swap credit or debit until the next day if held overnight.

The majority of banking institutions close on weekends but still apply interest.

In order to account for this the global forex market generally calculates 3 days of rollover/swap rates every Wednesday.

Rollover/swap rates are not applied on Market Holidays and are calculated 2 business days prior.

Example of swap charges – A holiday rollover/swap rate s applied on a country’s currency traded. As an example US banking institutions are closed for business on July 4, Independence Day. an additional day of rollover/swap rates is applied on July 1 for all US Dollar currency pairs in open trades.

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Are you a Corporate / Institutional client?

With ForexMart, you can also open a corporate account.

If you are a financial services organisation, seeking a progressive brokerage partner for your online currency trading activities, ForexMart can tailor a customised solution to meet your requirements.

ForexMart’s proprietary trading platforms deliver real time pricing and super fast trade execution, integrated charts, news, position management tools, and more.

The rich, easy-to-use interface is currently available in several languages, and can easily be adapted to additional local markets.

ForexMart will work with you in partnership to develop a business relationship based on your requirements.

Open ForexMart Corporate Account

ForexMart VPS (Virtual Private Server) for MT4 EAs

Many expert advisors require that you leave your computer running 24/7 for optimal results.

Expert Advisors use specific strategies and since it is automated system it can trade at any time or specific times of the day, if your computer is turned off this will not allow the EA to run.

A favorite with MetaTrader these virtual desktop plans bundle the speed of hosted servers with a Windows application suite designed for traders.

Virtual Desktops perform and execute exactly like stand-alone servers, they can be rebooted independently and have users, IP addresses, processes, system libraries and configuration files.

They even support remote sound and printing with our free Virtual Desktop Feature and Security Pack.

ForexMart’s Virtual Desktops are Microsoft Windows virtual machines, hosted in a datacenter and always on to faithfully run your software.

ForexMart’s Virtual Desktops keep running, even if you lose your Internet connection or run out of battery.

The Internet speed to your virtual desktop is always fast, regardless of your own connection speed.

Online traders benefit from the same technology used to host redundant online applications found only in major datacenters.

Traders use the Remote Desktop client to easily access the virtual windows environment.

Programs run on the hosted server – inside the virtual environment.

This allows the trader to close the remote desktop client and even shut down their computer, while leaving applications running normally inside the virtual environment.

ForexMart VPS’s also benefit from bandwidth – the kind of bandwidth only available in a real datacenter, while requiring minimal Internet bandwidth to support the remote desktop connection.

Trading applications benefit from the extremely high speed Internet and low latency connectivity of a hosted server.

Contact ForexMart Support for VPS

How to become a partner (IB) of ForexMart?

ForexMart offers a flexible and tailored Introducer Program to individuals and corporations seeking to offer their valued clients the opportunity to participate in the world’s largest financial market.

ForexMart offers qualifying Introducers the opportunity to create new business revenues, offering the highest levels of service and support and offering institutional level currency trading as an alternative investment tool to your valued clients.

The ForexMart’s Introducer Program offers all the essential tools and resources required to launch, grow and manage a successful business partnership, including the followings.

  • Industry leading, flexible business revenue programs
  • Assistance with marketing and operational guidelines
  • 24-hour customer, technical, and emergency dealing support
  • Free tools and links available for easy client on-boarding
  • Real time back-office reporting systems
  • Institutional level trading terms and conditions
  • Trading education and news resources including market analysis
  • Secure online trading account application, funding and withdrawal processes

Signup to become a Partner or IB



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