Axi Solutions for Money Managers

Cutting-edge prices to increase your profitability.

To develop an extensive customer base, money managers need an environment with higher quality prices and deep liquidity to manage all flows.

With Axi, you can benefit from strong global relationships, regardless of your size.

Axi understands that pricing is critical for businesses and Axi’s systems are designed to offer great prices.

Management of multiple accounts (MAM)
With a single click on the trading terminal, money managers can trade quickly and easily from different accounts.
Pricing and quality workmanship
Tight spreads and low latency will get you far. Our reliable execution and high click-through rates take you to the next level.
Stable technology
To maximize server uptime, ensure a stable environment, and offer superior pricing, we invest in quality specification infrastructure that can handle high demand and keep our systems under pressure.
Axi protects and guarantees your funds using a segregated trust account, with AAA-rated banks.
Reduced latency
Receive an order execution within a few milliseconds, thanks to our servers located in the same place.
Wide range of products
Choose from CFDs on over 60 major and minor currency pairs, their crosses, exotic pairs, precious metals, commodities and indices.

Start using Axi’s MAM system

Multi-Account Manager (MAM) – Multiple accounts and Better management

Control an unlimited number of accounts managed from a single trading terminal.

Axi’s Multi-Account Manager (MAM) is integrated software that allows a single trader to execute blocks of operations on all the accounts he manages under a master account. The software, in fact, allows you to enter large orders in blocks, quickly, to an unlimited number of accounts.

Axi has invested heavily in our MT4 servers to ensure that our MAM solution offers a fast and reliable account management service and everything managers need to be able to serve their clients, including all the functions of a standard account, such as the use of EAs.

Axi’s Multi Account Manager solution offers convenience, increased automation, and expanded functionality. This solution is only available to approve and regulated operators of discretionary accounts or managed investment schemes.

  • Place bulk orders from a single master account via the MT4 terminal.
  • 6 allocation methods: Allocation lot, Percentage of allocation, Proportional to the balance, Proportional to the capital, Allocation by percentage of capital.
  • Allocation for equal amount of risk.
  • Size of operations starting from 0.01.
  • All standard order types accepted: market, stop and limit.
  • All types of unique orders accepted: Trailing Stop, Close, Total Close (Close All).
  • Fast and reliable MT4 servers.


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