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1Market - What's now?

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Become 1Market’s Affiliate today

Choose your revenue model: RevShare, CPA, or Hybrid.

Enroll in the 1Market affiliate program and join the most innovative, successful and future-oriented affiliate network in the entire financial operations industry.

  • Exclusive affiliate manager
  • Next-generation partner platform
  • Powerful conversion marketing resources
  • Very agile and flexible payment system

Become an affiliate of 1Market

Technology and tools provided by 1Market

Capture the attention of other operators and direct them where you want, when you want.

Big ideas
1Market has a world-class marketing studio, considered one of the best in the industry. 1Market’s teams are made up of experts and are ready for success. 1Market technicians, programmers, developers and marketers are ready to do great things. 1Market plans everything perfectly for you. 1Market’s services are available in multiple languages ​​for PC, Mac and mobile devices.
Ingenious widgets
With 1Market widgets, adding 1Market’s dynamics to your website is easier than ever. 1Market’s widgets are designed to grab attention by displaying market trends, interest rates, and other financial news. Thanks to smart links, you will never lose a customer because they use too small a screen size.
Easy payments
1Market offers powerful tracking parameters that allow you to easily track your traffic and obtain valuable information in real time. Easily adjust your marketing tactics and maximize the performance of your operations thanks to 1Market’s fully customizable dashboard.

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How to become an affiliate of 1Market?

1Market welcomes you with the following 3 steps.

  1. Register
    Fill the form. Select the payment plan you prefer. Explore the dashboard.
  2. Spread the message
    Prepare your website for performance optimization and access 1Market’s marketing creatives. A professional customer service team will guide you through everything.
  3. Recover your investment (generate ROI)
    Choose your banking option and start collecting statistics so that you can receive your payments the first time, every time and without delays.

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