To copy successful traders, the Client needs to have an account with a minimum balance.

To see the available traders, go to the “Investments” section in your Client Area.

Using filtering and sorting, define for yourself the trader/group of traders that meet your requirements.

The client can evaluate a trader by profitability, term of work (experience), amount of funds in management, as well as by the number of investors.

The company cannot give recommendations regarding the trader, the decision is made solely by the Client.

A detailed analysis of each trader is presented in the form of transparent monitoring.

how to start copying traders on investizo

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Having defined the trader to copy, click on his nickname.

In the new window, you can analyze more detailed statistics for each trading indicator, familiarize yourself with the manager’s commission parameters, study the description of the trading strategy from the trader.

how to start copying traders on investizo 2

To connect copying, click on the “Invest in Trader” button.

In the window that appears, click on the “Copy trading” button.

Next, in the new window, select the original target account with a positive balance.

In the “Investment Amount” field, indicate the amount allocated by you for copying.

In the Copy Type field, select one of two options:

Proportional copying – the volume of a copied transaction on the investor’s account is determined by the ratio of the funds to be copied to the funds in the manager’s account.

Fixed copy volume – type of copying, which implies that the volume of a copied transaction on the investor’s account is equal to a fixed value expressed in lots when setting up copying in the “Copy Size” column.

For example, if an investor, when setting up copying in the “Copy Size” column, sets a volume of 1 lot, and a trader opens a deal with a volume of 4 lots, then a deal with a predetermined volume of 1 lot will be copied to the investor’s account.

investizo copy trading

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Further, in the “Copy current positions” column, you must select “Yes” if you want to copy all open positions of the trader on the investor account at the current price, or “No” if you want only the new trader’s positions to be copied to the account.

After that, click on the “Start copying” button.

Details on the investor account will be displayed in the “Investments” section in the tab “my investments”.



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