How to open ForexChief’s FX trading account?

  1. Go to ForexChief’s Official Website;
  2. Click on “Open a Live Account” button;
  3. Complete the account opening form;
  4. Receive account information from ForexChief;
  5. Log in to ForexChief’s client portal from the Official Website.

The account opening procedure with ForexChief may only take a few minutes to complete and it is completely free of charge.

Once you open an account with ForexChief, you will have access to ForexChief’s client portal and all the tools available in the Official Website.

Go to ForexChief’s Official Website

ForexChief Account Types Comparison

When opening an account with ForexChief, you also need to choose an account type that suits your trading strategies the most.

See the table below for the comparison of ForexChief’s trading account types.

Account Type MT4 DirectFX MT4 Classic+ pamm-MT4 DirectFX pamm-MT4 Classic+ cent-MT4 DirectFX cent-MT4 Classic+
Trading Platforms MT4 and MT5 MT4 and MT5 MT4 and MT5 MT4 and MT5 MT4 and MT5 MT4 and MT5
Required Minimum Deposit $50 $50 $100 $100 $50 $50
Maximum Leverage 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000
Execution Model Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution
Minimum Spread 0.0 pips 0.3 pips 0.0 pips 0.3 pips 0.0 pips 0.3 pips
Trading Commission $1.5 per lot None $1.5 per lot None $1.5 per lot None
Re-quotes None None None None None None
Contract Size 100,000 units 100,000 units 100,000 units 100,000 units 100,000 units 100,000 units
Stop Out Level 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30%
Tradable Markets 60+ Forex, Metals, Energy, Indexes, Crypto 60+ Forex, Metals, Energy, Indexes, Crypto 60+ Forex, Metals, Energy, Indexes, Crypto 60+ Forex, Metals, Energy, Indexes, Crypto 42 Forex, Metals 42 Forex, Metals
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum Trading Volume 100 lots 100 lots 100 lots 100 lots 100 lots 100 lots
Maximum Number Of Simultaneous Orders 500 500 500 500 200 200
Maximum Simultaneous Trading Volume In Total Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1000 lots 1000 lots
Use of EAs Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed
Scalping Strategy Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed
Trading Credits Available Available Unavailable Unavailable Available Available
Bonus Program Available Available Unavailable Unavailable Available Available
Welcome Bonus $500 Available Available Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
Islamic Swap Free Account Available Available Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
Signup Pages OpenMT4 DirectFX OpenMT4 Classic+ Openpamm-MT4 DirectFX Openpamm-MT4 Classic+ Opencent-MT4 DirectFX Opencent-MT4 Classic+

With ForexChief, you can also open multiple trading accounts of different types.

By managing multiple accounts at the same time, you can manage the risks by diversifying your portfolios.

Open ForexChief’s Account for free

What does ForexChief offer?

Choosing a provider on the market, any potential client evaluates a set of additional services provided by this or that broker.

For a trader, it is important not only to have the very possibility of carrying out transactions with financial instruments but also to have a developed infrastructure of related services that would reduce the costs of performing operations, as well as improve the investment result as a whole.

Services for ForexChief clients include:

Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds
It is no secret that the current level of competition in the brokerage market forces investment companies to invest significant human and financial resources in the development of technologies that allow them to provide traders with better dealing. But high-tech infrastructure alone for making transactions in financial markets is not enough for confident competition. For a modern trader, not only the size of spreads or the speed of execution of trade orders is important, but also how a trader can replenish an account, at the same time how much commission they will take from him, or how he ultimately withdraw his profit, avoiding large transaction costs … To address these issues, ForexChief offers traders several ways to deposit and withdraw funds.
Welcome Bonus $500
Each ForexChief client has the opportunity to receive MT4 DirectFX, MT4 Classic +, MT5 DirectFX or MT5.Classic + welcome bonus to their trading account. The bonus is credited at the time of the account replenishment and is 100% of the deposit, but not more than $ 500 (or the equivalent in the account currency). Verification of documents is not required – you calmly test the company’s services, market assets and your strategy, while earning real money and withdrawing it without restrictions. The amount of the bonus itself can be withdrawn after the conditions for the trading turnover are met.
Trade credits
In the context of the constant growth of the level of competition among brokers, companies are increasingly coming up with various motivational programs, the purpose of which is not only to attract new traders but also to increase the trade turnover of existing clients. Among such programs, the most popular is the “Bonus Program”, according to which a trader has the opportunity to receive additional funds for trading when replenishing an account. Considering the high demand for such services among traders, ForexChief offers its clients the Trade Loans program, the conditions of which allow them to receive income from funds credited in the form of an interest-free and perpetual loan.
Turnover bonuses
The growth of trade turnover remains the main task of every broker, whose goal is to occupy a leading position in the market. For a modern trader, who can have many accounts with different providers, it is not difficult to transfer funds from one broker to another. In this regard, each company pays special attention not only to customer retention but also to various incentive programs that motivate traders to trade more actively. In pursuit of this trend, ForexChief offers its clients the “Bonuses for turnover” program, the conditions of which allow them to receive additional income every week for completed transactions.
Copying trades
Trading signals service for traders working on the MetaTrader4 / 5 platform. Developers from MetaQuotes paid special attention to the key elements of social trading – risk management and control over trading signal providers. Thus, this service made it possible to bring trading to a fundamentally new level – earning income by distributing investment capital between various trading signals. The trader no longer needs to make risky decisions and make trades on his own. It is enough to choose a provider, the results of which have shown objective results (statistics on operations), and start copying transactions.
The basic element of any dealing, without which it is impossible to imagine high-quality execution of trade orders from clients. The liquidity of a financial instrument determines not only the size of spreads during the trading session, but also affects the level of “slippage” and the percentage of “rejections” that a trader working with OTC instruments inevitably encounters. Over the past few years, the market for institutional services in the field of online trading has experienced exponential growth, primarily due to the emergence of a large number of new players. Every liquidity provider offering services to legal entities seeks to outperform competitors through low spreads and moderate commissions. However, only a limited number of companies are able to provide quality service for a reasonable fee.

For more information about ForexChief and its services, go to ForexChief’s Official Website.

Visit ForexChief’s Official Website

Trading Platforms of ForexChief

ForexChief offers its traders 2 of the most popular trading platforms in the world, MT4 and MT5.

Both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms are available to download for free and can be used in various forms.

The download links of ForexChief’s MT4 and MT5 platforms can be found in the Official Website.

1. ForexChief MetaTrader 4 terminal

MetaTrader 4 is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world.

It has earned its reputation thanks to its convenience and functionality, which allows a trader not only to make deals, but also to analyze market dynamics, as well as to program trading robots using the MQL4 language.

The functionality of the MetaTrader 4 terminal allows a trader to implement any trading strategy using different types of orders: market, stop orders, limit orders.

In the terminal, you can send orders not only through the order window, but also directly from the chart, which greatly simplifies the execution of transactions.

Also, the platform developer has added the One-Click Trading function, with which a trader can send orders with one click of the mouse.

It is especially worth noting the analytical capabilities of MetaTrader 4.

For technical analysis, the client terminal contains more than 40 indicators, using which you can predict the market and more accurately determine its future trends.

But the developers did not stop there and created the MQL4 language, which allows traders to program their own indicators, focusing on an individual view of the market.

But the most important feature of this platform, which allowed it to conquer the world, has always been its simplicity, coupled with broad functionality.

A well-thought-out and intuitive interface, detailed help, ease of installation and configuration, broad analytical capabilities, a news feed, a built-in service of trading signals, and much more have brought MetaTrader 4 to a leading position in the trading terminal market.

Features of the MetaTrader 4 terminal includes:

  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals. Intuitive interface;
  • Social trading using the Trading Signals service;
  • Variety of tools for technical analysis;
  • Possibility of automatic trading using programmable advisors;
  • Library of free indicators, advisors, scripts;
  • Built-in MQL4 programming language for creating indicators and trading robots;
  • Economy and finance news inside the terminal;
  • Mobile version of the terminal for operating systems: Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile;
  • Secure data encryption.

In order to take full advantage of the MetaTrader 4 platform, you need to download the program distribution kit and perform the necessary steps to install the terminal on your personal computer.

Trade on ForexChief’s MT4

2. ForexChief MT4 mobile app for iPhone and iPad

The popularity of MetaTrader 4 among traders, as well as the widespread distribution of electronic gadgets that make it possible to use all the advantages of mobile trading, led to the development and implementation by MetaQuotes Software Corp programmers of a special modification of MetaTrader 4 for Apple devices running on the iOS operating system.

The functionality of the MetaTrader 4 app for iOS allows a trader to receive real-time information from financial markets, use charts technical analysis tools, view the history of completed transactions, predict future market trends using indicators, oscillators, Fibonacci levels and other technical analysis tools, and also perform trading operations using all types of orders available in the desktop version of MetaTrader 4.

For those who are away from their desktop computer or do not want to install special software on it, the MetaTrader 4 version for iOS is the ideal solution for making transactions remotely using a mobile device.

Together with the ability to modify and delete pending orders (Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit) and stop orders (Stop Loss, Take Profit), the iOS mobile terminal allows you to control changes in the balance and the amount of funds on the account, as well as activation of placed pending orders and open trading positions.

The MetaTrader 4 application interface for Apple gadgets is supported in twelve world languages, in particular – English, Chinese, Turkish, Czech, Russian and other languages.

Updates are periodically released for this application.

MetaTrader 4 for iOS functions includes:

  • Monitoring of current quotes in real-time;
  • Using all types of orders available in MetaTrader 4, including pending and stop orders;
  • Execution of transactions directly from the chart of a trading instrument;
  • Servers of all brokers licensed from MetaQuotes are available from one application;
  • Market Execution and Instant Execution order execution types are supported;
  • Access to the history of completed transactions;
  • Dynamically updated quotes charts with scaling and scrolling capabilities in real-time;
  • The ability to use thirty of the most famous and popular technical analysis indicators among traders;
  • Graphical market analysis can be performed using seven timeframes (time intervals): one minute, five minutes, fifteen minutes, half-hour, hourly, four hour, daily;
  • Flexible settings for the graphical display of technical indicators (line thickness, line type, line color);
  • There are three ways to graphically interpret market data: lines, bars or Japanese candlesticks;
  • Loyal program interface;
  • Ability to work with quotes and charts off-line;
  • Support for push notifications from the and desktop platform services, including the ability to re-examine already received notifications. Received notifications are classified into five categories (community, chat, terminal, broker, others);
  • The ability to chat with users registered in MQL5

In order to use the MetaTrader 4 trading platform for the iOS operating system, you need to download this application from the App Store online service and perform the necessary steps to install and configure the terminal on your mobile device.

Download ForexChief MT4 App on iOS

3. ForexChief MT4 on Android

To carry out transactions on the market, traders use a special trading terminal, which is installed as an application on a computer connected to the Internet.

However, the rapid development of wireless electronic communications actualizes more and more new and progressive trends in the field of Internet trading.

Now it is possible to work not only with the help of traditional personal computers but also through various mobile devices characterized by noticeable compactness and adapted to wireless Internet technologies.

Many traders who prefer to work in the foreign exchange market through gadgets choose mobile devices “sharpened” for the Android operating system.

A special version of MetaTrader 4 for mobile devices based on the Android operating system is a convenient solution for traders who want to always have a trading terminal with a full range of functionality at hand.

The mobile version of MetaTrader 4 for Android from MetaQuotes Software Corp. is an indispensable tool for a trader, which allows him to perform trading operations, receive up-to-date information about events in financial markets, use charts technical analysis tools, follow economic news, view the history of completed transactions, predict trends on the market using technical indicators, as well as placing and modifying pending orders (Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit) and stop orders (Take Profit, Stop Loss).

Features of MetaTrader 4 for Android include:

  • All types of orders that are present in the desktop version of the terminal are available;
  • Interactive quotes charts that allow technical analysis using 7 time periods (timeframes), while the presentation of the charts themselves can be configured in the form of lines, bars, Japanese candles;
  • Customizable “Market Watch” allows you to track changes in quotes for currency pairs and metals in real-time;
  • Market Execution and Instant Execution modes are supported;
  • A trade history log is available, which allows a trader to track completed transactions for a selected period of time;
  • 30 technical indicators, including the most popular ones such as Average True Range, Bollinger Bands, Commodity Channel Index, Envelopes, Force Index, MACD, Momentum, Money Flow Index, Moving Average, Moving Average of Oscillator, Relative Strength Index, Standard Deviation, Stochastic Oscillator, and Williams Percent Range;
  • The function of sending orders directly from the chart of a trading instrument is supported;
  • User-friendly interface and minimal traffic consumption.

In order to use the MetaTrader 4 trading platform based on the Android operating system, you need to download this application from the Google Play service, and then install and configure the terminal on your mobile device.

Download ForexChief MT4 App for Android

4. ForexChief MetaTrader 5 trading terminal

ForexChief offers you the professional trading platform MetaTrader 5, which develops and supplements the functionality of the previous version with a large volume of financial and news information, modern analytical and technical tools, additional services and customization options.

So, MetaTrader 5 offers:

  • A multi-market terminal that provides access not only to the market but also to stock exchanges. The full range of trading assets – currencies, spot metals, CFDs on stocks and commodities – is available in a one-stop-shop.
  • Management of trade orders using the “One-Click Trading” technology – performed from the market overview window: for each instrument, full-price information is visible (spread, swop, bid / ask, high/low).
  • 4 modes of execution (Instant Execution (immediate), Market Execution (on the market), Request Execution (on request) and Exchange (exchange) and 2 new types of pending orders. In addition to the usual positions in the MT5 terminal, you can open BuyStopLimit and SellStopLimit with direct interactive control from the price chart, which allows you to create more flexible trading systems For all types of pending orders with execution on time, it is now possible to auto-delete expired (overdue) orders.
  • Additional time periods: 21 timeframes are available – from a minute to a month, including non-standard ones. This granularity is beneficial for working with individual strategies and effectively analyzing the results.
  • Built-in economic calendar: at the bottom of the MT5 price chart above the corresponding date, the time of each news release is displayed; the severity of the event is highlighted with a marker color.
  • The ability to copy transactions of successful traders through the “Social Trading” system directly in the MT5 platform. Choose the most suitable provider from a variety of free and commercial trading signals – and the terminal will automatically earn for you. The training video (MT5 can be downloaded here) will show you how to select and check the trading characteristics of signals, how to subscribe and evaluate the effectiveness of the trades.
  • Indicators, scripts, robots, utilities: the standard MT 5 package offers 38 technical indicators and 44 analytical tools, but additional “opportunities for profit” can always be bought in a special online store. In just a few clicks, you can download the MT5 platform, select an application, test it in operation and buy it absolutely safely – right in the terminal. You can view training materials, go to the thematic forum, and also implement your successful developments through the Market.
  • Built-in virtual hosting: a copy of the terminal in virtual space will ensure the smooth operation of your trading robots and signals, and the MT5 platform will provide you with an optimal VPS platform with minimal delays to the broker’s server. The first 24 hours of hosting in MT5 are completely free!

The effective difference between MT5 and its previous version is especially appreciated by automated trading enthusiasts – the new terminal has its own MQL5 IDE and a unique freelance service integrated.

You can download MT5 for free, but to implement your own trading ideas – an indicator, a strategy, an advisor – you need minimal programming skills, and those who still doubt their abilities can order the development from professionals.

To do this, it is enough to go directly from the MT 5 platform to the “Freelance” section, familiarize yourself with the rules of the service, publish an application on the exchange with the terms of reference, deadlines and price – and choose the most suitable one among the responding developers.

A minimum of time passes from placing an order to receiving a ready-made professional solution (if anyone doubts, you can download and check MetaTrader 5).

The strategy tester in MT5 will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness and select the optimal parameters for the indicator, script, advisor.

5 test modes (including genetic algorithms), visualization tools and many optimization methods are available.

For example, you can test multicurrency Expert Advisors with an assessment of the cross-correlation of assets.

The MT5 platform supports distributed testing: you can connect additional capacities of the local network, as well as the MQL5 Cloud Network. Now the most difficult optimization is done in a matter of hours.

Technical specialists highly value economical data export (for example, the price history of M1 of any currency pair for 10 years will not exceed 10 Mb), as well as support for PushAll notifications, external and internal alerts.

Versions of the Metatrader 5 platform (download) for iOS and Android allow you to constantly be on the same wavelength with the market using any mobile device.

Metatrader 5 is a software and analytical complex that is constantly being supplemented and improved.

It is modern, reliable and professional. This is the future that is available today.

You just have to download mt5 for free and get a complete set of tools for your profit!

Download ForexChief’s MT5 platform

5. ForexChief MetaTrader 5 mobile app for iPhone and iPad

Mobile technologies have long become the standard of the modern world. In order not to lose a constant connection with the market, take the Metatrader 5 version for iPhone and iPad with you – and you will not miss a single trading opportunity.

The iOS-based MT5 application allows you to analyze the market and perform trading operations directly from your mobile devices. Minimum system requirements: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPod touch, iPad, iOS 4.0 or higher, 3G / WiFi. The quality of work directly depends on the speed and stability of the Internet connection!

Choosing MT5 for iPhone and iPad, you get a full-fledged trading platform:

  • Up-to-date quotes of trading assets (currencies, spot metals, CFDs on shares and commodities – in the “one window” MT5);
  • All types of trade orders available in the desktop version of MT 5;
  • The ability to trade in one click – directly from the price chart;
  • Execution of orders in the Instant Execution and Market Execution modes;
  • Interactive charts in real time with scaling (timeframes from M1 to MN1);
  • Necessary tools for technical analysis: depth of market, volumes, indicators, graphic elements;
  • Monitoring of open positions, account balance and trading history, including offline;
  • Additional services and services MT5.

MetaTrader 5 provides round-the-clock access to external financial information, news, analytics, trading signals, as well as support for push messages from the standard version of the terminal and services, classifying messages by categories, and the ability to communicate in a thematic chat and on MT5 forums.

The mobile version of the MT5 terminal has a friendly multitasking interface, is constantly updated and supported in 12 major languages ​​of the world.

The functionality of this application will meet all expectations. Metatrader 5 software requires a minimum of resources, can be freely installed on modern mobile devices, but at the same time ensures the optimal consumption of network traffic.

To download the MT5 application for free on your iPad or iPhone from the App Store, use the search for the keyword “MetaTrader 5” and follow the necessary steps to set it up on your mobile device.

Result? You will always be aware of the market situation and do not miss your profit, because the most optimal technical solution for mobile trading, the MT5 platform, is in your pocket!

Download ForexChief MT5 app for iPhone and iPad

6. ForexChief MetaTrader 5 mobile app for Android

The active development of wireless communications allows any business to be mobile, and financial trading is no exception.

For those who have chosen various mobile devices with the Android operating system for work, we offer a special version of Metatrader 5, adapted for wireless technologies.

At any time, you can download the MT5 platform and get a compact professional terminal with a full range of trading and analytical functions.

MetaTrader 5 for Android requires a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with an Android 4.0 or higher operating system and stable access to the global network.

The result of signal processing directly depends on the quality of the Internet connection!

The mobile version of MT5 offers:

  • Interactive quotes charts;
  • All types of orders from the standard version of the MT5 terminal;
  • Market Execution and Instant Execution order execution modes;
  • Scaling of price charts – timeframes from M1 to MN1;
  • Special additional services and services.

For a full analysis in the MT 5 application, 30 basic technical indicators, basic graphical objects, as well as price history, a complete log of operations, detailed information on the state of open positions are available.

All types of mobile devices support a standard multitasking interface, automation tools and access to additional options.

In the MT5 terminal, you can read the financial news in any volume from a variety of sources, communicate on the forum and in chat, receive push notifications from the main platform and services of the

In any conditions, a fast and correct MT5 platform for Android is provided: the system quickly processes large data streams and reacts to the actions of a trader, uses traffic optimally, the software requires a small amount of resources and can be easily installed on any modern gadget.

The MT5 application based on the Android operating system must be downloaded from the Google Play service, after which you must install and configure the MT 5 terminal on your mobile device.

Thanks to MetaTrader 5 for Android, at any time, from anywhere in the world, even far from your own office and computer, you can connect to our servers, conduct analysis, receive trading signals and make trade transactions.

It is enough to download MT5 for free – and the entire financial market will be under your control around the clock!

Download ForexChief MT5 mobile app for Android

Condition of Fund Deposit to ForexChief’s account

To ForexChief’s live trading accounts, you can make a deposit via various methods as below.

Deposit Methods Currencies Processing Time Cost
Bank Transfer SEPA EUR 2 business days None
Bank Transfer IDR, NGN, CNY, MYR, THB, VND, ZAR 1 business day None
Credit and Debit Card USD, EUR Instant None
China Unionpay CNY Instant None
Advanced Cash USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, UAH, BRL Instant None
WebMoney USD, EUR Instant 0.8%, max. 50 USD/50 EUR
Perfect Money USD, EUR Instant 1.99%
Fasapay USD, EUR Instant None

The trading account is credited with exactly the amount that was transferred from the client to the company’s account.

Funds are credited instantly after their actual receipt on the company’s account.

The company is not responsible for the financial consequences on the trading account in the event of a delay in the transfer due to the fault of the payment system.

Find out more about deposit methods for ForexChief

Condition of Fund Withdrawal from ForexChief’s account

From ForexChief’s trading accounts, you can withdraw funds via various methods as below.

Deposit Methods Currencies Processing Time Cost
Bank Transfer SEPA EUR 2 business days None
Bank Transfer IDR, NGN, CNY, MYR, THB, VND, ZAR 2 business day None
Credit and Debit Card USD, EUR 7 business days 2%, min. 5 USD/5 EUR
QIWI Wallet USD, EUR, RUB 1 business day 1%
Advanced Cash USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, UAH, BRL 1 business day 1%, min. 1 USD
WebMoney USD, EUR 1 business day 0.8%, max. 50 USD/50 EUR
Perfect Money USD, EUR 1 business day 0.5%
Fasapay USD, EUR 1 business day 0.5%

The commission of the sending bank is indicated. The correspondent bank and the receiving bank may charge additional fees for the transfer.

Working hours of the Payment Department: Monday-Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00 (Moscow time).

Find out more about fund withdrawals

ForexChief’s Social and Copy Trading

Social trading and copying deals of successful traders, as well as selling your own trading signals, have become an integral part of the modern market.

Realizing the need of traders for such applications, MetaQuotes has developed a trading signal service for the MetaTrader 4/5 platform, which allows not only copying trades from successful providers but also becoming a provider of trading signals and receiving regular rewards from subscribers.

The service of trading signals from MetaQuotes allows any trader to receive a reward for each trade copied from him from an unlimited number of subscribers.

In turn, clients wishing to copy transactions of successful traders can subscribe to trading signals directly in the MetaTrader 4/5 terminal, after which the provider’s transactions will be automatically copied to the subscriber’s account.

The service developers paid special attention to the investment security of subscribers by introducing additional filters for signal providers.

For real accounts, it is not allowed to copy transactions from trading accounts, the leverage of which is more than 1: 500.

Also, in order to protect investors from unscrupulous signal providers, the administration of the service checks the identity documents of signal sellers.

After registration, the name and surname of the provider become publicly available in his profile, thereby increasing the security and transparency of the service as a whole.

Open ForexChief Forex Trading Account

How to subscribe to trading signals of ForexChief?

  1. Open a trading account MT4.DirectFX, MT4.Classic +, cent-MT4.DirectFX or cent-MT4.Classic +;
  2. Register an account on the MQL5 community website;
  3. In the MetaTrader 4/5 terminal, go to Service – Settings – Community tab, and enter your username and password for your account;
  4. In the “Terminal” block, select a signal provider and go to its page with a double click;
  5. Click the “Subscribe” button located at the top of the action bar, after which a confirmation window for subscription details will appear;
  6. Check the “Accept the terms of service” checkbox in the subscription details confirmation window and enter the password from MQL5 community, after which the terminal settings window with the “Signals” tab will appear;
  7. Go to Service – Settings – Signals tab and specify the options for copying deals you are interested in;
  8. From now on, all transactions of the provider you have chosen will be copied to your account. Please note that in order to copy trades, the MetaTrader 4/5 terminal must be running and connected to the broker’s trading server.

Find out more about ForexChief’s Copy Trading

ForexChief is your liquidity provider

The development of services for institutional clients is one of the main directions of the company’s development.

Using its rich experience of interaction with various liquidity providers, ForexChief has developed its own flow aggregation architecture, which allows to significantly reduce the size of spreads, slippage and the percentage of rejected orders.

Thus, the created technological solutions allow the company to provide services as a liquidity provider for each broker interested in a stable flow of quotes and high-quality order execution.

When analyzing the institutional segment of the market, it becomes obvious that the business model of the “classic” dealer (when the company acts as the “second party” in the transaction) does not stand up to competition due to the poor quality of execution of client orders.

Therefore, as an alternative, brokers are forced to look for effective solutions based on STP (Straight Through Processing) technology, the concept of which is built around the Non-Dealing Desk mode, which excludes the dealer (a company employee or a special program running on the broker’s server).

It is important to note that STP is only a general principle for building a business model, implying “immediate” overlap (ie, without preliminary processing of the order) of client orders, while the “final stop” of the order can be a single liquidity provider, aggregation server or ECN -playground.

Considering the cost of the project to create your own technical solution, the complexity and duration of development, it becomes clear that for companies just starting out, these investments are not advisable.

Based on this, ForexChief offers brokers a ready-made solution that allows not only to receive a high-quality stream of quotes but also to overlap (hedge) client positions in automatic mode.

Open ForexChief’s Account for free

See real-time currency quotes charts with ForexChief

This section of ForexChief’s website provides an opportunity to view exchange rates in the form of a “live” chart, which is updated in real-time with a period of at least 1 minute.

  1. Using the interactive form, Currency quotes charts allow you to select the most suitable trading instrument and set the required timeframe for a more detailed analysis.
  2. Up-to-date online currency quotes charts reflect the most accurate information for technical analysis – you can quickly and efficiently assess the current market situation, pay attention in time and not miss a profitable trading signal.
  3. Monitoring real quotes online will allow you to determine the period of greatest activity for each trading asset – this is when your transactions will be most successful.
  4. The real exchange rates and quotes of instruments with a strong cross-correlation give a chance to receive leading trading signals for entry and to carry out an effective control over already open positions.

Also, online currency quotes allow you to analyze each instrument in the following areas:

  • Asset price range: maximum, minimum and average value;
  • The periods of the highest trading activity (EET time);
  • Relevant strong correlations between different assets;
  • Promising trading strategies.

Based on the graphical information, you can always check or calculate any new values ​​using technical and fundamental analysis tools.

Use the most reliable and up-to-date information.

See real-time price charts on ForexChief Official Website

Interest Rate Income on ForexChief

The financial market has its own system of fundamental indicators of the state of the economy, the dynamics of which affect the market supply/demand and, as a result, the movement of currencies.

Today it is interest rates that are the most effective asset of any monetary policy.

Interest rate (or refinancing rate, official discount rate, English Interest rate, Key interest rate, Loan interests) – the rate of the Central Bank of the state for foreign exchange transactions with other financial agents.

It is measured in basis points (0.01% = 1 bp) and is the most important factor in monetary, foreign, and domestic economic policy and has a direct impact on interest rates on loans from commercial banks, inflation rate, gain/loss of external capital in the domestic market, rates on government debt securities, the level of profitability of basic financial assets, regulation of the internal/external exchange rate of the national currency.

Interest rates are set by special commissions of the Central Banks in accordance with strict regulations.

The mode of publication of statements on interest rates is indicated in official sources and is present in the economic calendars of leading information resources.

At the same time, a change in the level of interest rates has both positive and negative consequences for the economy.

Interest rates of forex leading countries-issuers of major currencies: the USA, Eurozone, Switzerland, Great Britain, China, Japan, Australia and Canada have a serious impact on the market.

Considering that almost 75% of transactions in the market are carried out with the participation of the US dollar, the dynamics of US interest rates and any information on the activity of the Fed, even if US interest rates remain unchanged, have the greatest influence on the market exchange rate.

When information about changes in rates is released, short-term investors with assets in a certain currency immediately react.

The first price spike is quickly blocked by the entry into trading of large financial institutions (banks, industrial groups, hedge funds).

Experienced traders do not take part in the first impulse, but enter into long-term trades with big capital about an hour after the news was published.

In general, the interest rates of banks as a trading asset actively influence the global pricing policy, allow investors to assess the prospects for investments in a particular country, in addition, the interest differential or the difference in interest rates on two (or more) trading assets is the basis of a long-term carry-trade strategy.

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Online calculator for a trader of ForexChief

The offered trader’s calculator allows you to calculate in real-time the trading parameters necessary to control the funds on the account, as well as to estimate the resources for the possible opening of positions.

Using the “calculator” service is very simple: to carry out calculations, you need to specify the account type, account currency, leverage and trading instrument, as well as the planned transaction volume (number of lots).

All the necessary algorithms are already built into the calculation mechanism, therefore, after entering the parameters, it is enough to press the “Calculate” button and the trader’s calculator will display the calculated values ​​for the selected trading position:

  • Contract size;
  • Point value (in the currency of the trading account);
  • Spread (difference between Ask and Bid prices). Determined in points and in the currency of the trading account (for more details on the value of a point for each trading instrument, see the section on contract specifications);
  • Swaps (fee for moving a position to the next trading day). It is determined separately for Short positions and Long positions (also in points and in the account currency);
  • Margin (Collateral) – the amount of funds required (in the currency of the trading account) to open a position, taking into account the specified transaction volume (in lots).

The calculations are tied to the current rate of the selected trading instrument, which is updated in real-time and displayed after the completion of the calculations.

When processing parameters for cross-pairs, the rate of currency pairs is also displayed, which are used to calculate the required values.

It should be remembered that when changing the specified input data, the forex calculator requires you to press the “Calculate” button to update the calculation results.

The online calculator is an excellent assistant for those who work with a large number of open positions, especially in cases where transactions are made not with one, but with several trading instruments, the specifications of which differ.

Despite the fact that the forex trader’s calculator data are indicative (reference) (that is, at the time of a real deal on a trading account, the calculated parameters may differ, since quotes are changing in real-time), the calculator is an effective tool to reduce the likelihood of errors when making transactions, as well as saving the trader’s time (due to the speed of calculations).



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