Comparison of FXTM’s all Account Types

See the comparison of FXTM’s all trading account types below.

FXTM Account Types Standard Account Cent Account Shares Account ECN Account ECN Zero Account FXTM Pro Account
Trading Platforms MT4 and MT5 Only MT4 Only MT4 MT4 and MT5 MT4 and MT5 MT4 and MT5
FXTM Invest Copy Trading Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Available Available Unavailable
Account Base Currencies USD, EUR, GBP, NGN US Cent, EU Cent, GBP Pence, NGN kobo USD, EUR, GBP, NGN USD, EUR, GBP, NGN USD, EUR, GBP, NGN USD, EUR, GBP, NGN
Maximum Leverage 1:2000 1:1000 1:10 1:2000 1:2000 1:200
Required Minimum Deposit $100 $10 $100 $500 $200 $25000
Maximum Account Balance Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Minimum Spread 1.3 pips 1.5 pis 0.1 pips 0.1 pips 1.5 pips 0.0 pips
Spread Type Floating Floating Floating Floating Floating Floating
Trading Commission None None None $2 per lot None None
Execution Model Instant Execution Instant Execution Instant Execution Market Execution Market Execution Market Execution
Re-quote Possible Possible Possible None None None
Slippage None None None Possible Possible Possible
Margin Call % 40% 60% 40% 80% 80% 80%
Stop Out % 20% 40% 20% 50% 50% 50%
Islamic Swap Free Available (Not for MT5) Available Available Available (Not for MT5) Available (Not for MT5) Available (Not for MT5)
Limit and Stop Levels 1 pip 1 pip 1 pip None None None
Pricing 5 decimals 5 decimals 2 decimals 5 decimals 5 decimals 5 decimals
Trading Volume per Trade From 0.01 to 30 lots From 0.01 to 1 lot From 0.01 to 10 lots From 0.01 to 100 lots From 0.01 to 100 lots From 0.01 to 250 lots
Maximum Number of Orders 100 300 100 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Number of Pending Orders 100 100 100 300 300 300

The above 6 account types make the difference of trading conditions.

With FXTM, you can firstly choose the following 3 types of accounts, as each account types is dedicated for different purposes.

Live Trading Account
Enter the market and start trading in minutes. Open an account that’s tailored to your needs.
Demo Account
Apply your trading knowledge and practice trading under real market environment – without risking your own money.
FXTM Investment Account
With an Investment Account you don’t need to trade yourself. Choose a Strategy Manager that suits your goals, follow their account and monitor their results.

Note that the trading conditions maybe different for traders in some regions due to regulatory reasons.

For the comparison of FXTM MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, visit the page here.

For more information, please visit FXTM’s official website.

Visit FXTM Official Website

How to open a FX trading account with FXTM?

How to open an additional account with FXTM?

It will only take a few minutes to complete your profile and start accessing all areas of MyFXTM.

To open additional accounts with FXTM, login to “MyFXTM” then go to “My Accounts”→”Open New Account” as below.

Then, in order to continue with this step, please complete your profile by filling in the specified fields.

Go to FXTM Official Website

Questions and Answers about Account Opening and Trading

You may have questions about the account opening procedure and trading conditions of FXTM.

We have listed up some of the most popular questions about FXTM’s below.

1. How many trading accounts can I open?

With FXTM, you can open accounts as many as you want.

Once you signup for FXTM, you can login to myFXTM from FXTM Official Website and you can open additional accounts of any account types as you want.

2. Which account base currency can I choose for FXTM MT4 and MT5?

With FXTM, you can open you account with the following base currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, NGN.

In case the currency of the fund you transferred to FXTM, and the currency of your account are different, the amount will be converted according to the exchange rate of FXTM or intermediary banks.

With FXTM, you can open multiple trading accounts with different base currencies too.

3. How much do I need to start trading with FXTM?

The required free margin (account balance) to place trades on FXTM’s trading platforms are different depending on the financial instrument, volume and the leverage you choose.

For each account type of FXTM, certain amount is required as the minimum deposit amount.

$50 is required for Cent account.

$100 is required for Standard, Shares, and FXTM Investment account.

$200 is required for ECN Zero account.

$500 is required for ECN and FXTM ECN MT5 account.

$25,000 is required for FXTM Pro account.

The amount of the minimum deposit requirement maybe different depending on the jurisdiction you are in.

For more information, please visit FXTM Official Website.

For the list and condition of FXTM’s all fund deposit and withdrawal methods, visit the page here.

4. Does FXTM allow Scalping trading strategy?

Yes, you can perform scalping strategy on FXTM’s ECN account types.

There is no limitation to the speed of orders and execution on FXTM’s trading platforms.

FXTM does not restrict Scalping traders on ECN accounts for all traders.

5. Does FXTM allow hedging of positions?

Yes, you can hedge positions on FXTM’s trading platforms.

On any account types, FXTM does not restrict hedging strategy for all traders.

6. Does re-quote occur on FXTM’s trading platforms?

Yes, re-quotes of orders can happen on FXTM’s standard and Cent account type which adopts “Instant Execution” model.

With re-quotes, you can avoid slippage as the orders which could find the enough liquidity in the market to match will receive the re-quote.

If you like to avoid re-quote, then you can use FXTM’s ECN account types which adopt “Market Execution” model.

7. Why is my leverage limited to 1:30? Doesn’t FXTM offer 1:2000 leverage?

FXTM offers 1:2000 high leverage for traders under Exinity Limited.

For traders in some regions, 1:2000 high leverage may not be available.

The reason of the leverage restriction could be the result of your appropriateness test.

For more information about FXTM’s appropriateness test, visit the page here.

8. Can I change the account leverage later on?

Yes, you can do that in myFXTM from FXTM Official Website.

To change the leverage setting for your live trading account, go to “Accounts Overview” in myFXTM and click on the green arrow next to your trading account number, then select the new leverage.

When lowering the leverage for your account, make sure that you have enough margin to support your open positions.

9. Does FXTM offer Mini and Micro lot trading?

Yes, FXTM’s account types can be categorized in 3 groups in terms of trading volume.

The available lot volume categories are Standard, Mini and Micro.

You can see the differences of lot size in the comparison table of FXTM’s account types above.

10. What’s the maximum trading volume of FXTM’s each account type?

See the below table for the Maximum Volume per Trade, Maximum Number of Orders and Maximum Volume of Orders for each account type.

Maximum Volume per Trade Maximum Number of Orders Maximum Volume of Orders
Standard 30 100 100
Cent 1 300 10
Shares 10 100 20
ECN 100 Unlimited Unlimited
ECN Zero 100 Unlimited Unlimited
FXTM Pro 250 Unlimited Unlimited
The condition of the maximum volume limitation maybe different depending on the jurisdiction you are in.
11. Can I open an Islamic swap free account with FXTM?

Yes, the Islamic swap free account is available for traders in certain regions.

To open an Islamic swap free account, you first need to open a live trading account with FXTM.

Then, go to the “Account Overview” in myFXTM, select the green arrow next to the trading account you wish to change make swap-free.

For Islamic swap free account, the swap free fee will be charged which is a fee charged for keeping positions open on each instrument over a certain period of time.

12. What are the margin call and stop out % on FXTM’s accounts?

The margin call percentage is 80% and the stop out % is 50% for all trading account types of FXTM.

Note that these percentages maybe different for traders in some jurisdictions.

For more information, please visit FXTM Official Website.

13. What’s the limit and stop levels on FXTM’s trading platforms?

The limit and stop levels on FXTM’s trading platforms is 1 pip.

The limit and stop levels are the same for all account types and platforms.

1 pip of limit and stop levels mean you cannot set the pending orders such as stop loss and take profit within 1 pip of the currency market price.

14. I get “No Connection” error message when I try to login on FXTM MT4 and MT5.

If you get the “No Connection” error message on FXTM MT4 and MT5 platforms when you try to login, you may be selecting a wrong trading server.

There is a number of selections of trading servers for both FXTM MT4 and MT5.

You can only select the ones you are provided for the specific trading account.

For the list of FXTM’s trading server addresses, visit the page here.

15. I get “Invalid Account” error message on FXTM MT4 and MT5.

If FXTM MT4 and MT5 shows the “Invalid Account” error message, which means that the ID or Password you have entered is wrong.

Make sure that you are inputting the correct login details on FXTM MT4 and MT5.

The account ID and password should have been sent to your email address when you have registered for your account.

If you have changed the password of your account and want to rest it, login to myFXTM to manage your account’s login credentials.

To change the password, go to the “Accounts Overview” section from within MyFXTM, then click on the arrow next to the “Deposit” button on the account you wish to change the password for and select “Change trading password”.

For the list of FXTM’s trading server addresses, visit the page here.

16. Where is FXTM’s trading server is located?

FXTM has setup the trading servers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt (Germany) and Hong Kong.

FXTM provides various trading server addresses.

For the list of trading server addresses for FXTM MT4 and MT5 accounts, visit the page here.

17. Can FXTM guarantee the execution of my pending orders?

All orders on FXTM’s MT4 and MT5 platforms are executed instantly.

Each order will find the best possible market price to fill in.

In case of high volatility or low liquidity in the market, it is possible that your orders are executed at the next best price in the market.

It is called “Slippage” and it could happen to any financial markets.

18. Does FXTM widens the spread during news time?

Spread could change during the period of high volatility in the market prices especially during news time.

The action of spread widening is made by liquidity providers of FXTM, but not FXTM.

You can trade on FXTM MT4 and MT5 trading platforms during news time, you must also know the increased risk of trading.

With FXTM, you can also manage your accounts, funds and trade online through FXTM Trader mobile app.

For more information about FXTM Trader mobile app, visit the page here.

FXTM runs various bonus promotions and contests to support traders’ investment activities.

For the list of FXTM’s all bonus promotions and contests, visit the page here.



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