How to open Axi’s live/demo trading account?

With Axi, you can open a live or demo trading account for free from the Official Website.

By opening one trading account with Axi, you can start investing in Forex, Commodities, Stock Indices, Precious Metals, Bitcoin and various other markets all together.

For live trading accounts, you need to make a deposit via bank transfer, online wallet, or credit/debit card to start trading.

For demo trading accounts, you can start trading immediately to practice on Axi’s platforms and tools without any real risk.

Go to the registration page below to register with Axi for free.

Open Axi’s Live or Demo Account for Free

Axi MT4 for PC, Mac and mobile devices

Trade on almost any device with Axi.

The official MT4 mobile app has been optimized to offer a complete trading experience on your favorite device and seamlessly connects to the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal to give you maximum freedom and flexibility on how and where to trade.

The MT4 app is simple to use and packed with features such as charts, alerts, and analysis tools.

This makes MT4 the ideal solution to keep up with the market, in real-time, wherever you are.

MT4 for PC
With high performance and a full suite of features, experience online trading the way it should be with MT4 for your desktop.
MT4 for Mac
Benefit from the best features of the MT4 desktop version, customized for use with your Mac operating system.
MT4 for Android
Use the world’s most popular trading platform on the world’s most popular smartphone operating system by downloading the MT4 app for Android. Access all major features with flexibility and portability.
MT4 for iPhone
Optimized for the iOS operating system, the MT4 app for iPhone offers maximum flexibility and style for traders who want to combine the functionality of MT4 with the convenience of mobile trading from the iPhone.
MT4 for iPad
With the elegant design of the iOS operating system, the MT4 for iPad boasts all the functionality and convenience of the traditional MetaTrader 4 platform, but the application has been optimized for the tablet screen.
MT4 WebTrader
WebTrader gives you access to your MetaTrader 4 account from your web browser.

Feature-rich but optimized for lightweight web-based performance, MT4 WebTrader offers full functionality with greater flexibility to trade from any internet browser, on any device.

Download Axi’s MT4 Platform

Why you should use Axi’s MT4 to trade FX?

axi mt4 metatrader4 trading platforms

Absolute flexibility
Log into your MT4 account once and trade wherever you are.
Total market coverage
Access over 150 trading products: FX, Commodities, CFDs, Indices, Cryptocurrencies and more.
Prices in real-time
Keep an eye on the market action with prices in real-time.
Monitor and edit
Do you need to change a position? It’s as easy as swiping your screen!
Real-time charts
Choose how to view market data with real-time chart options.
Latest updates
Follow the latest trading trends with automatically updated news.

Having trouble trading? Discover the Autochartist!

Autochartist continuously scans the markets for real-time prices, automatically recognizes trading setups, and impartially presents market analysis and trading opportunities.

The Autochartist is free for all Axi customers.

See Axi’s Free Trading Tools and Platforms

Axi’s Best Prices and Order Execution

Lower latency, faster execution, and better prices.

Trade to your advantage on Axi.

Modern traders expect technology with great performance and exceptional service and this is exactly what you will get with Axi.

From solid platforms to ultra-fast trade execution and still source spreads and flexible leverage across Axi’s suite of products, you can rest assured that Axi is at your service whenever you’re ready to seize a trading opportunity.

It’s just what you don’t see that gives Axi a competitive edge.

Serious traders know that when it’s time to trade, you can’t wait.

That’s why Axi invests heavily in behind-the-scenes networking technology to significantly reduce latency.

This allows for higher prices, delivered faster and updated faster, as well as deeper liquidity and fewer blackouts.

Go to Axi’s Official Website

Because lower latency matters:

Lower costs
By providing lower latency it is possible to significantly reduce the chance of slippage, thus minimizing trading costs compared to a standard connection.
Faster update
Lower latency improves system update speed and offers you greater security over the price you earn, especially during important events (e.g. elections), characterized by greater volatility and/or low liquidity.
Fewer blackouts
Since Axi’s pricing engine links directly to over 20 liquidity sources, Axi is not dependent on ECN-type technologies. This gives you access to more reliable pricing, delivered faster, with a higher refresh rate, and greater depth.
Excellence in execution
Some networks slow you down. Axi’s network allows you to go even faster. By investing heavily in state-of-the-art technology globally, Axi can actively manage the routing of your operations on the Internet, ensuring that your operation always takes the least congested and therefore fastest route. This, combined with the ability to speed up the client-side of the MT4 platform, offers you complete peace of mind compared to faster execution of operations on Axi compared to normal ECN technologies.
Faster than the ECN
Axi believes traditional ECN connections are too slow for today’s traders – multiple layers of networks, cables, firewalls, and third-party platforms only add latency, which translates into additional costs for traders. What does Axi do then? Axi goes directly to the top 20 and more liquidity providers using strategically placed servers globally, to create a connection with less distance and therefore faster. This simple approach results in ultra-fast transaction execution, more accurate pricing, and more reliable service.
Top-tier liquidity.
For more than a decade Axi has built strong relationships with leading liquidity providers around the world. Thanks to these reliable partnerships, Axi is able to offer you a more reliable trading service with better prices and better execution speeds.
A superior setup.
Regardless of which front-end device or connection used, Axi’s specialized low-latency network enables optimal back-end execution. This means that you will have access to higher speeds and better reliability than an equal configuration under the same conditions on a different network.
Flexible leverage. More opportunities.
Axi’s ultra-fast network gives you access to a world of FX pairs, commodities, stocks, and indices, while Axi’s flexible leverage of up to 30: 1 gives you the ability to change your risk profile and take full advantage of your capital.

Open Axi’s Trading Account for Free

Axi’s Advanced Trading Tools

The best trading technology to help you have an edge in trading.

If you want to get more out of your trading, Axi is the broker that gives you a competitive edge.

Axi provides the world’s most popular trading platform, MT4, with all of Axi’s accounts, as well as a range of innovative trading tools designed to help you trade smarter.

From the analytical power managed by the artificial intelligence of PsyQuation and the sentiment trading of MT4 NexGen, in addition to the increased reliability offered by VPS solutions and Axi’s “Select” program, which offers direct financing to talented traders, Axi has everything you have.

Start with the world’s most popular online trading platform.

MetaTrader 4 is a smart choice for online traders around the world.

Simple for beginners and full of advanced features for professionals, the MT4 platform helps you unlock an unlimited number of trading possibilities.

Visit Axi’s Official Website for more

Use Axi’s powerful trading tools

Improve the performance of your MT4 platform with innovative trading tools designed to give you a competitive advantage.

MT4 WebTrader
Feature-rich and optimized for a web experience, the WebTrader offers you seamless functionality with the flexibility to trade with any browser on any device.
MT4 VPS Hosting
Increase reliability and ensure your trades are never disrupted by subscribing to an MT4 Forex VPS hosting service for 24/7 connectivity.
Trade smarter with PsyQuation
Harness the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence and personalized notifications to guide you towards smarter trading decisions for greater profitability. Get free access to PsyQuation Premium, only with Axi.
Find opportunities with Autochartist
Add Autochartist to your MT4 platform to continuously scan the markets, automatically find targeted trading opportunities and save valuable time.

MT4 NexGen for trading at the next level.

Take advantage of advanced trade management, advanced ordering, and sentiment trading by using NexGen to enrich your MT4 platform.

Register wit Axi for Free

Why traders choose Axi as the main broker?

If you are looking for brokers to rely on, Axi gives you an edge.

Axi’s award-winning trading service has earned the trust of over 42,000 clients in 100 countries who have traded $24 trillion in the past year alone.

A reliable trading partner
Axi was founded in 2007 with a simple idea: to be the broker Axi would like to trade with. Axi has since grown from a two-person startup to a global top 10 broker, which is the first choice for a community of tens of thousands of traders in over 100 countries. By choosing Axi, you can rest assured that Axi is by your side every step of the way.
Authorized and regulated
Axi’s global strength is built on local service. For this reason, Axi holds the main financial trading licenses in different parts of the world, including those of the FCA. Plus, you can rely on award-winning multilingual customer support that speaks your language.
Award winning service
Axi is proud to have earned multiple awards on a regular basis around the world for outstanding trading service offered, with industry awards for its reliability, customer service, and customer satisfaction.
Personalized service
Since trading is a personal journey and every trader is different, Axi offers you a personalized service. From the moment you register on Axi, the broker will put you in touch with a dedicated relationship manager, who will allow you to have all the tools and resources you need to discover your competitive advantage in trading.
The right account for you
Whatever your level of experience or your trading goals, Axi has a trading account for you. Whether you prefer a classic commission-free account or are a high-volume trader looking for preferential pricing, you can choose the right account for you.
Multilingual support 24 hours a day
If you need help, Axi speaks your language. Axi’s award-winning multilingual team is available to help you when the markets are open. From personal account managers and online chat to social channels and community forums, Axi’s friendly team is easy to reach.
A truly global broker
Axi has offices in 8 regions, where Axi leverages local experience to help you gain an advantage in trading. In established financial markets and emerging markets, Axi’s service is strategically positioned to help you succeed and develop your trading, wherever you are in the world.
Low trading costs
Since Axi wants you to have even more to trade with, Axi keeps the trading costs low. This translates into no setup fees, no transactional fees, and commission-free accounts. When you are ready to take advantage of low prices on the entire range of trading products, compare ours.


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