Trading Gold and Silver on Axi

Bring shine to your trading.

Gold and silver are two of the oldest and most trusted forms of money.

With Axi, you can trade these precious metals in the form of CFDs on the MT4 platform in the same way as with normal currency trading.

Useful tips for new gold and silver traders

  • Gold and silver are measured in ounces.
  • The price of metals is expressed in USD.
  • The MT4 symbol of gold is XAUUSD.
  • The MT4 symbol of silver is XAGUSD.

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How to make a profit by trading Gold and Silver?

Example 1: Earning from a price increase

Let’s say we open a CFD contract on gold at the current market price of $ 1291 per ounce, assuming that the value of the commodity will grow within a certain period of time.

If the price of gold is increased when the contract expires, you will generate a profit based on the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

However, if the price has dropped below the purchase price when the contract expires, you will lose.

Example 2: Earning from a price drop

Let’s say again that we want to open a CFD contract on gold at $ 1291 per ounce, this time in the belief that the price will drop.

If the price has actually dropped by the time the contract expires, you will generate a profit, conversely, if it has increased you will suffer a loss.

Profiting from bearish price movements is one of the unique aspects of trading with CFDs; if you were buying physical gold bars, you can generate a profit only by selling at a price higher than the one paid.

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Use High Leverage for trading on Axi

By trading metals with CFDs with Axi you can take advantage of leverage.

This allows you to use a relatively small amount of capital to get a higher exposure on the position.

It is important to keep in mind that while leverage offers the potential for greater profits, it can also result in increased risk and larger losses, sometimes greater than the margin available on the account.

Why trade gold and silver CFDs on Axi?

  • Possibility of earning in both price directions
  • No brokerage fees and no commissions on standard accounts.
  • Low margins – starting from 1%.
  • Super competitive spreads with ultra-fast execution speed
  • Simple trading from the MT4 platform.
  • Flexible lever to control risk level

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Use PsyQuation and Autochartist for free on Axi

1. PsyQuation on Axi

PsyQuation axi

Built to take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning, PsyQuation is an advanced trading analysis platform that aims to reduce trading errors by providing personalized trading tips.

Use PsyQuation for free on Axi

2. Autochartist on Axi

axi autochartist market analysis

The Autochartist constantly scans the market in search of personalized trading opportunities, based on real-time prices and specific configurations of the trader, and then informs him of possible transactions.

Use Autochartist for free on Axi



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