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Trade360 - What's now?

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How to trade Stocks with Trade360?

Get started with actions in 4 easy steps.

  1. Open an account with Trade360
    If you already have one, make sure to close ALL open positions.
  2. Download Trade360’s platform
    Download the MT5 platform and fill in the necessary data, not forgetting the KYC documents.
  3. Fund your account
    Make a deposit through one of the available methods.
  4. Start trading
    Select the shares you want to invest in, the size of your investment, and buy your own shares!

With Trade360, you can now invest in stocks in some of the world’s largest companies, from Apple and Amazon to Tesla and Oracle to many others.

If the operating practices are aggressive, the zero-commission service will not be applied.

Take a look at some of the most popular stocks on the Trade360 platform and choose the one that suits you best below.

Start trading Stocks with Trade360

Invest with Trade360’s Smart Stock Collections

Trade360’s smart sets are meant to give you a well-rounded view and at the same time slightly different from stock packages: instead of sectors, they focus on people, ideas, and news that make sense when trading as a group.

Investing in stocks is based on planning with the future in mind and making smart investments at the right time. Trade360’s share sets make this easy by grouping stocks from similar sectors, giving you the opportunity to follow them on a single page and make a quick investment when you see fit.

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1. COVID-19 Stock Collections

Profitable opportunities may appear at any time, as has happened with pharmaceuticals. These are the companies that have been at the forefront of the race to get a vaccine against COVID-19 and other issues related to the pandemic. The truth is that life has given them lemons and they have made lemonade.

The current COVID-19 Stock Collection of Trade360 includes Phizer, Moderna, Zoom, Amazon, Netflix, Paypal, AlphaProTech, Shopify, and eBay.

Invest in COVID-19 Stock Collection

2. The most recent acquisition of Warren Buffet

Few people in the world of finance have a career as established as the famous investor Warren Buffet. The “Oracle of Omaha” has built a reputation and a significant fortune from its investments, so tracking its movements may be the closest thing to creating a foolproof plan for profit.

The current “The most recent acquisition of Warren Buffet” stocks include Barrick Gold, Teva, Biogen, Oracle, American Airlines Group, and Delta Air Lines.

Invest in the most recent acquisition of Warren Buffet

3. Who runs the world? Girls!

The personality of a company is usually defined from the top down. If that’s really the case, companies that have put women in top positions can almost certainly take a different path. But its success cannot be doubted.

The current collection of “Who runs the world? Girls!” stocks of Trade360 include General Motors, Best Buy, Oracle, IBM Pepsi, General Dynamics, and Ross Stores.

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4. Return to the future Stocks

Many bigwigs in the markets focus on the here and now to make a profit, but some companies think differently. They are the ones that develop the technologies of tomorrow. Investing in these companies may mean playing long-term, but if they succeed, you will too.

The current “Return to the future” stock list of Trade360 includes Tesla Motors, Shopify, General Electric, Google, Nike, and Netflix.

Invest in Return to the future Stocks

5. Stocks of Tech Giants

These huge companies are behind almost every aspect of our digital life. From computers, phones or tablets to their internal components, from the software of billions of devices to the very personal emails. They also happen to be the main players in the market, as the rise or fall in value can greatly affect any portfolio.

Invest in Stocks of Tech Giants

6. Up in the air Stocks

From engine manufacturers to airlines themselves, the aviation industry moves money. As the world increasingly relies on long-distance travel and shipping, the trend may not change and it may positively affect the strategies of any investor.

Invest in Up in the air Stocks

7. Brick Motors Stocks

They are considered “old-fashioned” by many, but brick-and-mortar megastores and traditional retailers are proving that a brand doesn’t need to be completely digital to be successful in the 21st century.

Invest in Brick Motors Stocks

8. Fashion Beauty Stocks

It may sound vain, but this industry has a trillion dollars in annual revenue. Consequently, companies in this sector are the main trendsetters both on the catwalks and in the retail markets.

Invest in Fashion Beauty Stocks

9. Food and Drink Stocks

Gold bows or a red and white label on a bottle of cola … There is no doubt that these companies own some of the most recognized brands on the planet, which also makes them assets of great interest to any investor.

Invest in Food and Drink Stocks

10. Automotives Stocks

For more than a century, cars have been the preferred means of transport in most parts of the world. Manufacturers may be forced to adapt to changes, but as their bottom line indicates, they do so quite successfully.

Invest in Automotives Stocks

11. Finance Stocks

These respectable institutions will continue to be a major part of the financial fabric of the near future and the banks that Trade360 makes available to them, in particular, can influence markets by their movements.

Invest in Finance Stocks

12. Social Media Stocks

If you have a computer or mobile phone, you most likely have at least one account on one social network. There are billions of people like you in the world … The following companies help people connect with others in this digital age, for better or for worse, and their value often reflects that.

Invest in Social Media Stocks

13. Entertainment Stocks

Giving people things to see or do in their spare time is a lucrative business. And these companies know it and provide it. The entertainment they offer through movie or television screens, in theme parks, in electronic games, with toys, and much more is valued in billions of dollars and generates incredible results both in terms of expenses and in terms of profits.

Invest in Entertainment Stocks



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