Credit/debit card deposit is one of the most popular deposit method among online brokers.

By using your on card(any card connected to your bank account), you can make a deposit instantly and without commissions.

Traders Trust accepts three types of card brand which are:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Diners Club International

If you only have any other card brand, you may not be able to use the cards to make deposits Traders Trust.

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Commissions for deposit/withdrawal

There is normally no commissions charged from the card companies(payment providers) unless your card company sets some fees which rarely happens.

So you can deposit and withdraw via your card without extra charges to Traders Trust from any where in the world.

But please note that Traders Trust charges 3.35% for card deposits, so it would be the only one commission you will need to pay.

Instant Card Deposit

Credit/Debit card deposit is instant from any where in the world.

As long as your card company allows you to make a payment to overseas, the process is always instant.

You are going to make a deposit to your MT4 trading account as paying the money for that, just like you pay for your shopping with your card.

Card Withdrawal’s demerit

In case of withdrawal, there might be three demerits of using cards, which are:

  • Withdrawals may take days up to a month

You can contact your card company to expedite the process though, you may want to know that a card withdrawal takes days or more.

  • Available for withdrawal only the deposited amount

You can process card withdrawals by cancelling the payment you have made before to Traders Trust. That means that you can not cancel payments more than you have paid.

You card withdrawal is limited to the deposited amount, and the exceeded amount(in this case your profits) can be withdrawn with other payment methods.

  • Card company to blacklist both the trader and the broker

Some card companies hate payment cancellations.

If you have already cancelled your payment(withdrawn via card) from Traders Trust, you may not be able to make a deposit via the same card to Traders Trust.

Because you have already cancelled your payments before.

Still credit/debit card deposit is one of the most popular payment method because it is handy and available for anyone with cards.

Traders Trust Official Website

How to make a deposit via credit/debit card?

In order to make a card deposit to your MT4 Trading accounts of Traders Trust, you will first need to login to your “wallet”, the client portal.

You can login to the client portal from the official website.

traders trust login client portal deposit withdrawal

Then please choose the Credit/Debit Card and lick on “Fund Now”.

traders trust wallet visa mastercard deposit

In the next screen, please choose your “wallet”, the trading account number and other deposit information.

traders trust wallet deposit amount card

Then you will be redirected to the secure payment page where you need to fill in more details of your card.

Traders Trust will confirm the payment reflect the deposited amount to your trading account within 24 hours.



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