PrimeBit is a Cryptocurrency Broker

PrimeBit is an online Cryptocurrency broker.

With PrimeBit, you can trade Cryptocurrency pairs with 1:200 high leverage on PrimeBit’s Web Trader and MT5 platforms.

On PrimeBit Web Trader and MT5, you can trade only Cryptocurrency pairs but not Forex, commodities, precious metals, indices, stocks and bonds.

PrimeBit is not a Cryptocurrency exchange where you can exchange Cryptocurrency assets to other currencies with certain fees.

PrimeBit has developed many advantages for investors through their in-house technology such as Fair Price Marking mechanism to enable smooth trading on volatile assets and Auto-Deleveraging (ADL) as risks management measure.

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Available Financial Instruments on PrimeBit MT5 and Web Trader

On PrimeBit Web Trader and MT5, you can speculate on future Cryptocurrency market price, and make profit (or loss) from the movements.

The available Cryptocurrency pairs available for trading are:

  1. BTCUSD (Bitcoin vs USD)
  2. BTCUSDT (Bitcoin vs Tether)
  3. ETHUSD (Ethereum vs USD)
  4. ETHUSDT (Ethereum vs Tether)
  5. LTCUSD (Litecoin vs USD)
  6. LTCUSDT (Litecoin vs Tether)

You can trade Tether (USDT) pairs in PrimeBit’s “Tether” account, and USD pairs in PrimeBit’s Bitcoin denominated account.

The market charts on PrimeBit Web Trader and MT5 are updated in real time.

One main advantage of PrimeBit’s service is the high leverage 1:200 for all Cryptocurrency pairs.

To start trading with PrimeBit, signup from the page below. All you need is your email address and Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT) to invest with.

Register email address with PrimeBit

Refer to this FAQ to find out how to start your registration with PrimeBit.

Login to PrimeBit MT5 and Web Trader

PrimeBit continues to update their systems for better.

Currently, you can use PrimeBit’s app (web trader) and MT5 (MetaTrader5) to trade online with PrimeBit.

Both trading platforms are advanced models and features full list of order books and market depth for complete transparency.

PrimeBit’s app can be used for both trading, account management and funding.

You can also find the address which you can send Bitcoin and Tether in order to start live (real) trading with PrimeBit in the app.

PrimeBit MT5 can be downloaded directly from PrimeBit’s app.

PrimeBit does not have any restrictions in terms of the trading strategies, and you can run MQL5 EAs (Expert Advisers) on PrimeBit MT5 with no limit.

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Transfer your Bitcoin or Tether to start investing

In order to start trading Cryptocurrency pairs with PrimeBit, there are mainly 2 things you need.

  1. Email Address
  2. Bitcoin or Tether

PrimeBit only requires your email address to signup, and does not require any personal information or documents.

PrimeBit accepts only Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) as deposit currencies.

In order to start your live trading with PrimeBit, you need to transfer Bitcoin or Tether to the specified address on PrimeBit’s app.

For more information about the fund safety with PrimeBit, visit the page here.



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