Traders Trust offers the highest leverage which is 1:500 for tradings of Forex Currency Pairs though, the maximum leverage may not be available for some other financial instruments due to the reason of risk management.

Maximum Leverage for Forex

You can use the maximum leverage of 1:500 for all Forex currency pairs in Traders Trust MT4.

There is no restrictions in terms of the leverage on Forex with Traders Trust.

Only condition would be the account balance in your MT4.

As Traders Trust will need to manage the least risks for its traders, the broker will restrict the leverage if the account balance is too high to have the leverage.

Please refer to the below table.

 The Account Balance Available Leverage
$100 – 5000 Up to 1:500
$5001 – 50,000 Up to 1:200
More than $50000 Up to 1:100

Maximum Leverage for CFDs

Besides the Forex currency pairs, the broker offers Precious Metals, Index CFDs and Commodities through its MT4.

Each of symbol has got different leverage condition.

So you may want to be careful before placing orders for CFDs as the broker might require more margins than usual.

Please refer to the below table.

Precious Metals up to 1:500 leverage
Index CFDs up to 1:50 leverage (nly 1:20 for EU Stocks 50 Index)
Commodities(Oils) up to 1:20 leverage
*The above leverages are the maximum leverage available for these symbols. In case you have set even lower leverage for your trading account, that leverage will be applied to the tradings.

High Leverage = High Risks

Leverage 1:500 is at around the leverage among other online brokers.

But it is still a high leverage which you are not able to experience with other financial markets.

Please remember that Forex & CFD tradings involve high risks and you could even lose all your investment funds by trading.

Higher the leverage setting is, higher the the risk is.

If you have set the account leverage to 1:500, then your profits and losses will be leveraged to 500 times more.

If you are not familiar with the leverage tradings, you are recommended to open up a MT4 Demo account see how the trading works.

Negative Balance Protection

Fortunately, Traders Trust offers NBP(Negative Balance Protection) to all its clients. This NBP triggers, when your account balance goes negative(below zero).

The broker has set the Stop out % to 50%, where all your open positions will be automatically closed in order to avoid further losses.

This action is also called “Liquidation” and it occurs when the margin level is at 50%.

When this Stop out triggers, sometimes the system cannot keep the losses within the available account balance, then there will be negative balance in the trading account as the exceeded losses.

Traders Trust will cover this exceeded losses and fix the account balance to Zero in this case.

So trading with Traders Trust means, you can leverage your profit to 500 times more and limit the losses to the deposited amount in your account.



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