Traders Trust offers standard and customized (spot and futures) currencies products and services so that individuals, multinationals corporations, and institutions can all transact their foreign exchange requirements in the most liquid of environments, with ease.

Retail clients can trade all of the top currency cross-rate online, plus mini FOREX contracts and more.

With Traders Trust, 24-hour access to FOREX markets, news, an extensive charting package, instant access to spot FOREX markets, and up-to-the-minute account analysis are part of the value proposition.

A leading primary market-maker offering institutional and private clients instant click-and-deal rates, Traders Trust is well positioned to help clients take advantage of the opportunities offered by the expanding global currency market.

Combining the speed of Traders Trust’s state-of-the-art trading platform with one of the tightest spreads and industry leading analytical and back office services has created one of the most comprehensive FOREX divisions in the industry.

Traders Trust clients select from a number of trading system solutions which it has been uniquely able to integrate based on customer demand for choices that work.

And, Traders Trust will do all the back office work for institutional as well as retail traders.

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1. Instant execution from live two-way quotes

Traders Trust offers instant execution from live, two-way quotes — even for small deal sizes.

Publishing streaming Forex prices ensures that you always receive a firm, fair price on all transactions, and also facilitates instantaneous deal execution.

Be aware that other brokers with similar claims of instant execution from live quotes may in fact limit that capability to only large deal sizes, typically U.S. $1 million and over.

Other clients must request a price before dealing, affording the broker the opportunity to check a trader’s existing position and ‘shade” the price (in their favor) a few pips depending on the trader’s position.

Many firms even require the trader to disclose whether they are a buyer or seller before they will make a quote, likewise affording them the ability to raise or lower their price accordingly.

With Traders Trust, you will never wait for a broker to respond to your request for a dealing price.

Because you can deal on the streaming Forex prices, you can be sure that the price Traders Trust makes for you is the exact same price Traders Trust offers everyone else in the world.

They will not adjust the price against your position.

2. Consistent Inter-bank dealing spreads

Traders Trust’s streaming FOREX dealing spreads are always at Inter-bank prices, regardless of deal size.

As a result, you can execute transactions of between $100,000 and $10,000,000 at the same prices the Inter-bank market typically offers only their large institutional clients.

For transactions over $5,000,000, the spread will sometimes be tighter than Inter-bank dealing spreads, depending on market conditions.

Many online brokers claim to offer similar tight spreads, with some even promising 3 pips on the most widely traded currency pairs such as EUR/USD or GBP/USD.

However, these claims usually come with a caveat, usually in the form of a commission or transaction fee, or are only available during slow market periods.

3. Consistent liquidity under all market conditions

Overall, the liquidity of the FOREX market is far superior to that of other financial markets.

However, in times of high market volatility, liquidity is a serious concern for FOREX traders.

FOREX matching systems cannot provide the liquidity offered by Traders Trust because you may rely on other investors to accept your offer to buy or sell.

Likewise, if you must request a price from your broker before dealing, the time it takes to execute a trade can take up a few more seconds of waiting time.

Under quiet market conditions neither will have any significant impact on your profit potential.

However, in times of market volatility there is a real possibility that you will not be able to open or close a position before the market moves against you.

A trader using an FOREX matching system not only has to worry about getting a bad fill in times of market volatility, but also about there being sufficient resting orders to easily get out of a position.

Even during normal markets many traders complain that these services don’t have the liquidity to let them trade more than a few hundred thousand dollars in any one trade.

In contrast, Traders Trust traders are always ready to make an Inter-bank dealing spread, two-sided market for any deal — from $100,000 to $10,000,000 or more.

You can always deal directly from the published bid/ask quotes, and normal execution time is just a few seconds.

With Traders Trust, you are always allowed, and even encouraged, to leave limit and stop-loss orders as a risk minimization strategy.

Because Traders Trust is always making tight quotes from which clients can deal directly, during volatile markets the clients are more likely to get filled at their price than those utilizing an order matching service.

4. No re-quotes on MT4

The software was designed for instantaneous dealing.

Once you have submitted a deal ticket via the dealing software, your trade will be executed according to your order type and a deal confirmation returned immediately.

So you will almost never receive a re-quote from Traders Trust traders.

Re-quotes are often used by other FOREX brokers as a means for them to add a few pips to your price, although the market has not even moved.

When was the last time you got a re-quote which was better than the original dealing price?

But don’t just take our word for it.

Before you invest your risk capital with Traders Trust or any FOREX trading firm, we urge you to perform due diligence by researching the background of the company and management team, and ensure that your money is appropriately protected.

Finally, always open a demo account to experience the software and services firsthand before trading with actual funds.



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