FBS, an online Forex & CFD brokerage firm, offers two most(or two of the most) popular trading platforms in the world.

They are MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5.

Not just the trading platforms are the best, but the trading conditions offered on these platforms by FBS are also very competitive.

By just signing up with FBS, you can tryout both MT4 and MT5 to see which one is more suited for yourself.

In this article, let’s get into more details of the trading conditions offered by FBS on MT4 and MT5.

MetaTrader4 with the Highest Leverage in the World

MT4 and MT5 are very similar, but still MetaTrader4 is more popular and used by over hundreds of Forex brokers.

FBS used to mainly offer only MT4, and there are 6 different account types available.

The big difference from FBS’s MT5 account type is the “Maximum Leverage”. With MT4 account, you can have leverage up to 1:3000, which is actually the highest leverage in the world.

The leverage 1:3000 is available for Micro, Standard and Zero Spread account types with less than 200 USD as equity. The leverage seems very high and risky though, FBS supports “NBP” (Negative Balance Protection) and this will protect you from exceeded losses on your tradings.

With FBS, your Profit can be increased 3,000 times more, and loss to be limited up to the amount you have deposited.

The spread cost starts from only 0.2 pips.

We have captured the lowest spread of FBS in the below GIF, please refer to it for your consideration.

Forex Spread of FBS’s Unlimited Account

The spread above is captured in “Unlimited Account Type” of FBS. There is no extra trading commissions for the account, so the above spread is the total cost for your day trading. (swap charges may incur)

The spread cost itself is quite lower than other standard Forex brokers.

For your information, the above spread is the same as the MT5 account’s of FBS.

MetaTrader5 with more than 10 different Bonus Promotions

MT4 has been very popular over years and years. If you want to tryout something new, then you may want to see FBS’s MT5 first.

MetaTrader5 has been gaining popularity very rapidly since 2016, and the number of brokerage firms which offer MT5 has increased to over 100 on December, 2016.

MT5 has got even more trading tools and options such as “Depth of Market” and more specific platform/trade settings. You can more customize your platform and trades for your preference with MT5.


FBS’s MetaTrader5 trading account, is offered with up to 1:500 leverage. Please note that the maximum leverage 1:3000 isn’t available for MT5 account.

The spread is the same as “Unlimited Account” of MT4, and you can see them in the above GIF.

You can trade the same symbols as MT4’s of FBS, with the same trading conditions of the “Unlimited Account” type. The only difference is the usability of trading platforms.

FBS’s MT5 is available for variety of devices including Windows PC, MAC PC, Android devices, iOS devices and also on the web.

With FBS, you can access to MT5 with the same or even better conditions than the MetaTrader4.

For more information of FBS, please visit the page below.




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