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FBS offers up to 1:3000 leverage for its traders.

So you will be required only about 0.03% of margin for trading Forex Currency Pairs.

1:3000 is only for Forex

Although the maximum leverage is 1:3000, that condition only applies to the tradings of Forex Currency Pairs.

For CFDs, you can use only limited leverage for tradings.

  • Up to 1:100 for Stock Index CFDs
  • 1:400 for Gold
  • 1:100 for other Precious Metals
  • 1:33 for all Energy CFDs

For trading CFDs, you may be required more margins than you expected.

Anyway, you are always recommended to have enough margins to support your positions.

*The above leverage will be applied if the leverage setting in your trading account is more than these leverages.

*The leverage conditions maybe changed at anytime by FBS.

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Margin call and Stop out percentage

FBS has set the margin call % to 50%.

So the margin level in your account reaches 50%, you will get notified from FBS that your margin is quite low.

The margin call notification only comes through the trading platform, so you do not receive any emails or calls from FBS.

The Margin call itself does not affect your tradings or existing positions.

The important thing is that the broker has set the Stop out level to 20%.

This is the level where all your existing positions will be closed by the trading server automatically in order to avoid the further losses in your account.

This action is also called a liquidation.

There is nothing you can do regarding this, but you just need to keep your margin level higher than the level, so you can avoid losing your investment opportunities.

Limited losses by NBP (Negative Balance Protection)

Even if you trade with high leverage of 1:3000 with FBS, the broker assures that you will not lose more than you deposit.

The broker has set NBP(Negative Balance Protection) to all its trading accounts, and this triggers when the account balance goes negative(below zero).

After the stop out level, if you see negative balance in your MT4 trading account, FBS will automatically fix the balance to zero.

So you can even trade in an environment with more opportunities to make profits, because the profits is leveraged to 1:3000 and loss is limited to the deposit amount.

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No exceeded investment

Your loss is limited by FBS, but still you must not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Leveraged Forex & CFD tradings come with high risks and the investment market’s volatility is higher than other products’.

You can even lose all your funds in a moment when you trade Forex.

Fortunately, you can control your investment risks by controlling the deposit amount with FBS.

You can also practice your tradings in the MT4 Demo accounts. They are risk free, commissions free with the same trading conditions as the real ones.



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