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Seven Years of Magic

Olymp Trade has been in operation since 2014. Since then, it has earned global recognition and the trust of millions of traders around the world.

Providing services in most regions of the globe including Asia, South America, and Africa, Olymp Trade is a Category A member of the International Financial Commission.

Its transparency, consistency, and reliability transcend the boundaries of online trading. Olymp Trade has been taking part in many charitable events and social initiatives in the past year such as delivering aid to South Kalimantan in Indonesia and Vietnam hit by natural disasters, helping households in Egypt survive Covid-19, and many more are yet to come.

Currently, Olymp Trade enjoys the trust of 25 million traders worldwide, with 30 million monthly transactions on the platform, $8 million of monthly payouts, and a monthly turnover of $150 million. Additionally, it is present in 134 countries and won The Best Investment Broker Award 2021 this year.

Olymp Trade is proud to share these facts as all of this is thanks to the infinite support received from customers in reciprocity to its continuous strides towards excellence. For Olymp Trade, traders are true superheroes. That’s why the 7th anniversary celebration revolves around the theme of superpowers and magical artifacts, and every participant can share this spirit and receive a reward.

Super Quest for Superheroes

The Super 7 Quest is an online trading tournament. It starts on September 22 and ends on September 28. Out of the total period of seven days, each is dedicated to one of the key features of the Olymp Trade platform, signified as one of seven magical Artifacts.

Traders will be offered various trading challenges through which they’ll reveal their superpowers. As they complete the tasks, they will earn Stones with a twin effect. First, the Stones serve as a reward as each will later be converted into bonus codes, XP points, and risk-free trades. Additionally, each Stone is a token that allows traders to participate in the cash prize drawing. Therefore, the more the number of Stones a trader accumulates, the greater the chance of winning a cash prize.

The cash prize drawing will take place on September 30. Through a randomizer, winners will be awarded cash prizes from $250 up to $32,000 with a total prize fund of $300,000. The announcement will be streamed online on the same day as the closure of the Quest.

Reveal Your Superpowers

Joining the Super 7 Quest is easy. Just follow the link, register for the Olymp Trade’s 7th anniversary online challenge, and join the circle of magic!



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