March 7, 2019

XM, How many traders make profit and loss with your Forex broker?

How to check how many investors make profit and loss by trading with your broker?

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Which broker has more investors who make profits? Find out today!

Find out how many traders make profit with your broker

While choosing your online FX and CFD broker, you may want to know how many traders are actually making profits by investing with them, besides the trading conditions and the promotions they show on their websites.

Although the data cannot be compared to your future trading results or does not even specify how traders are making profits (loss), you may be able to simply take that into your consideration when selecting your brokers to invest with.

There is actually one way to find out how many traders are making profit and loss with online FX and CFD brokers.

Brokers must show the ‘Loss  Percentage’ under ESMA’s regulation

Starting February 1st 2019, as per a new regulation by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), all online Forex and CFD brokers which follow their directives update the percentage of retail clients losing on CFD trading every 3 months.

The percentage normally shown at the bottom of their websites included in the “Risk Warning’ statement.

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. —% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

List of online FX and CFD brokers

In case of XM’s website which is operated by Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Limited, the statement can be found at the bottom of the website as below.


The data in regards to retail investor accounts losing money when trading CFDs with the broker will be changed 3 every month.

Risk Warning is for all CFD products

CFD stands for “Contract for Difference”, in many cases, the category includes all financial instruments such as Forex pairs, Commodities, Metals, Energies, Stocks, Indices, Bonds and etc…

As the online investment in such relatively high volatile market involves high risks, the risk disclaimer is often mandatory under many regulations.

Which broker has more traders making profit?

On March 2019, we have gone through a number of websites of online FX and CFD brokers to check the data as below.

The each percentage indicates the % of retail investor accounts losing money within the 3 months period including March 7th.

ForexMart 48.65%
FXPrimus 59.38%
ValuTrades 63%
Trade360 64.4%
Formax Prime 67.5%
UFX 68.4%
XM 69.75%
TeleTrade 70%
FBS 71%
HotForex 72.21%
IronFX 72.55%
FXPro 79%
easyMarkets 81%
HYCM 82%
TrioMarkets 82.16%
Fortrade 84%
FXTM 90%
The data changes every 3 months. The above numbers are referred from each broker’s official website in March 2019.

List of online FX and CFD brokers

Regulations and License

Please don’t mistake the information as the possible profitability of your trades with these brokers, but the data only indicates the % of traders losing money who invest with the broker within the period.

The data does not show how much they have earned or lost, neither which products they have invested in.

Some brokers are regulated and licensed by multiple regulatory authorities, and the data only includes a part of their activity in Europe.

Such as XM under different regulations (which provide services to traders outside of Europe) may have different service conditions and results than the above.

Ranking of Forex brokers

How much profit can you earn?

On Forex timely exit is no less important than the entrance to the market.

And maybe it’s even more important: when trader wants to open the order, he risks not yet earned money, and when the trader wants to close the order he risks to lose money that he has already earned when opened the order.

That is why successful traders never forget that even minimal profit is better than the loss.

When you open the order, the most important point is the correct definition of trend, when you close the order – the most important point is to get maximum profit and avoid loss.

So this article will try to identify the methods when you can get the most profit from transaction, as well as the signals to close the order.

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How to maximize the profit amount?

  1. Trader’s wish to earn more often becomes the main cause of loss. Before opening the order it’s necessary to determine – how many points you want to get with this deal. If the needed number of points is reached, you can close the order. Greed is the cause of collapse for many experienced successful traders.
  2. Opening order on Forex, it’s necessary to set stop-loss and take profit. Don’t forget you should consider the trend and volume of bounces. In other case the bounce can touch the stop loss or take profit accidentally.
  3. When you set take profit, it’s better to monitor the movement of price and in the case of changes to close the order with even less expected profit.
  4. If the trend is determined correctly and price is moving in right direction, you can move stop-loss and take profit levels. You can also use the trailing stop, it can help to trade without losses and get a guaranteed profit if the take profit is set too far.
  5. If there is no clearly determined trend and fluctuations are minimal, but the deal is open. In this situation it’s better to open orders with small volume and close it when the expected result is gotten.

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The signals to close order on Forex market

  1. Price reaches resistance/support line.
  2. The indicators show that the market goes to overbought/oversold zone.
  3. The volume of transactions for the buy/sell falling, and there is an increase of transactions for sell/buy.
  4. Trend begins to move slowly.

The presence one of these signals indicates that it is time to close the order.

And it’s senseless wait to earn extra points. Expecting to earn 10 pips you can lose many times more.

List of online FX and CFD brokers

Forex Market is full of opportunity

Millions of Internet users have heard about Forex market and would like to know how to make money on Forex.

Thanks to Forex a lot of people became really wealthy, including George Soros, Warren Buffett.

And it’s possible for anyone who really wants it.

Earlier only brokers, banks and people from the world of finance could earn money on Forex.

Now everybody may trade on Forex, even sitting at home. Yes You’ve heard it – from the place you’re sitting now!.

It’s enough to have laptop and internet connection.

Today Forex trading has become easier than it has ever been – today to trade and earn money on Forex you can sit on your couch drinking your favorite coffee and trade.

Simply said, Forex(ForeignExchange) is the exchange of one currency to another. Forex allows you to buy and sell currencies around the world, regardless of frontiers. It is the largest market in the world and its daily turnover is more than trillion dollars.

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Example of making profit in Forex market

On Forex most currencies are traded against the U.S. dollar, that is, the cost of one currency expressed in another currency, often in dollars, for example EUR/USD, AUD/USD and NZD/USD.

Now let’s consider the example how you can make money on Forex using the currency exchange rate with currency pair EUR/USD (euro / dollar).

Let’s assume that the current price is 1.2945, that means, 1 EUR costs 1,2945 USD.

On the basis of technical and/or fundamental analysis we think that the euro will fall in price relative to the U.S. dollar.

This means that we should sell. During few hours fluctuations the rate of pair EUR/USD changed over 97 points.

We closed the order at 1.2848 and our profit is $97.

In another example, we assume that from the current price 1.2890 euro will go up against the dollar.

This means that we should buy.

During few hours later currency rate changed over 113 points and we closed the order at 1.3003. Our profit is $ 113.

List of Online Forex brokers

5 things you must know about Forex trading

On Forex we can make such deals everyday, 24 hours per day, except weekends and holidays.

However, Forex trading is not fun. It’s the work and it’s needed to follow the rules to earn money on Forex:

  1. Forex isn’t constant, it changes all the time. Just the good risk management will lead you to success.
  2. Trade less, get more. Many traders believe that if they don’t trade, they can miss out something very important, and never get a chance to earn again. To make money on Forex and control the trading, it isn’t necessarily sit in front of the monitor all day long. It’s enough to make correct prediction, based on technical and fundamental analysis.
  3. Learn to manage risks, be cold-blooded when dealing with money. This will prevent you from rash stops. Many traders lose, not because the market is moving in the wrong direction, they lose because they have stopped too soon, fearing the return of the market.
  4. Keep the level of stop-loss at the position, which you put from the beginning, move it only when you are 100% sure that the market moves in your favor.
  5. Total growth is more important than you think. To earn on Forex you need to understand the power of total growth. For example, your deposit is $ 1,000 and you increase it 20% per month or $ 200. Don’t forget that with each successive increase of deposits by 20%, the amount of profit will grow proportionally.

Don’t make the mistakes of others, learn from others’ experience and you will see that make money on Forex is simply.

You can open demo account and try your hand or open live account and start making money on the Forex right now.

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