We are no longer promoting IronFX UK. The information regarding to IronFX UK on the website 'Hercules.Finance' maybe outdated.

“IronFX UK” is an Online Forex & CFD broker based in UK, and licensed by FCA.

Point – UK FCA is very stringent authority in the world, with less troubles under their regulation.

The broker is operated by “8Safe UK Limited”, and the company is a different entity from “IronFX in Cyprus”. (What is Different? “IronFX UK and Cyprus”)

*You are recommended to open an account with “IronFX UK” but not with “IronFX Cyprus”.

IronFX UK has been offering very competitive Trading Conditions, and has achieved to acquire over 1 million clients within only 7 years.

Although the trouble with Chinese Arbitrage traders(which has been settled with some fee), IronFX continues to Grow and Provide excellent Customer Services and Trading Environment.

Trading Info

With IronFX UK, you can trade over 200 Financial Instruments including Forex pairs, Commodity, Equity Index, Metals, Oils and Futures through MetaTrader4.

IronFX UK offers 9 different account types with all customized conditions.

The minimum spread is 0.5 pips with No Commissions. Both Fixed and Variable spreads are available.

The maximum Leverage is 1:500, and NBP is supported.

Point – With IronFX, your maximum loss is limited to your total deposit amount.

IronFX’s Instant Execution with No Slippage, makes possible 99.62% of trades executed in milliseconds.

“1 Million Clients” proved the Excellent Trading Condition of IronFX UK. Once a Great Broker, hasn’t changed its Service level.

☆Point – Despite some negative reviews of IronFX’s withdrawal process delays, IronFX UK’s withdrawal processes are automated and there are no delays.

Pros & Cons of IronFX

Service Details

(8Safe UK Limited)
Rating Traders Rating
3.4 rating based on 26 ratings
3.4/5 26
Regulations Regulations & Licenses
Founded Founded in 2010 (13 years)
USA clientsNot Accepted
JPN clientsAccepted
Country BaseEngland & Wales
Headquaters 55 Old Broad Street, London, UK