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XBPrime Broker Service Review, an ECN MT5 broker with over 12,000 financial instruments for online trading,

XBPrime is an online Forex and CFD broker, offering over 12,000 markets through MT5 trading platforms with ECN (Electronic Communication Network).


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XBPrime Official Website

Who is XBPrime?

XBPrime is an online Forex and CFD broker.

XBPrime is a brand founded in 2019 by KEY WAY FINANCIAL (PTY) LTD.

KEY WAY FINANCIAL (PTY) LTD is an multi-international financial founded in 2012, providing financial services to investors all over the world in the most efficient, secure and fair way.

With XBPrime, you can access and trade over 12,000 financial markets through one MT5 (MetaTrader5) trading account.

By opening one trading account with XBPrime, you will have direct access to Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks and Cryptocurrency markets through any devices such as Desktop, Mobiles and web browsers.

XBPrime focuses in the fairness by using the ECN (Electronic Communication Network) technology.

Signup today and experience the ultra fast order execution on XBPrime MT5.

The account opening is free and may only take a few minutes to complete online.

Open XBPrime Real or Demo Trading Account

Have you already been trading with XBPrime? Leave your review and opinions below to let other traders know your experience.

XBPrime Company Information

XBPrime is an online FX and CFD broker founded in 2019.

XBPrime brand was founded by an international conglomerate, KEY WAY FINANCIAL (PTY) LTD which has been providing innovative market trading technology since 2012.

XBPrime is based in South Africa, the fast-growing financial world, and licensed by South African financial authority, FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority).

XBPrime’s ultimate mission is to help traders succeed in the online financial markets.

XBPrime makes sure that there is no interference to orders or manipulation to market prices (NDD – Non Dealing Desk) by providing using ECN technology.

With XBPrime, traders can reach their full potential with their MT5 and wide range of financial products.

For any inquiries, contact XBPrime via live chat, email or phone call. Their multilingual support team is ready for you 24/5.

Visit XBPrime Official Website

What you can trade with XBPrime?

XBPrime is a multi-asset broker with over 12,000 financial markets.

With XBPrime, you can trade Forex currency pairs, Commodities, Oils, Precious Metals, Stock Indices and Shares through one MT5 trading account.

With XBPrime, you do not need to open multiple trading accounts to trade multiple financial assets. Through one trading account, you can manage all orders and diversify your portfolio at the same time.

To trade with XBPrime, you need to open a MT5 account.

There is only one trading account type offered by XBPrime, and it has low spread from 0.0 pips and flexible leverage up to 1:300.

To start trading with XBPrime, the required minimum deposit amount is 100 USD.

If you like to practice trading, you can also open a demo trading account with virtual money which involves no risks to your own funds.

To open an account with XBPrime, please signup from the page below.

Open XBPrime Real or Demo Account

For more details of the financial markets available with XBPrime, pleas refer to the following sections.

1. Forex Currency Pairs

Forex is the largest financial market in the world with over $4 trillion a day of trading volume.

With XBPrime, you will have direct access to the market on its MT5 for 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

XBPRime’s Forex pairs are the most popular products by traders.

On XBPrime’s MT5 accounts, you can trade over 80 Forex currency pairs including major currency pairs, minor currency pairs and exotic currency pairs.

The trading cost of Forex pairs is the only spread (the difference of bid and ask prices) from 0.1 pips floating spread.

Trading with 0.1 pips means you only pay about $1 of total trading cost per $100,000 worth of transaction.

The leverage is up to 1:300 for Forex currency pairs on XBPrime MT5.

The available leverage is flexible from 1:1 to 1:300 on XBPrime MT5.

See the list of Forex pairs available on XBPrime MT5

2. Commodities (Oils and Agricultural Commodities)

On XBPrime MT5, you can trade over 25 global commodities with low cost and high leverage.

The available commodities for trading include agricultural commodities (Cocoa, Coffee, Copper, Corn, Cotton, Rice, Soybeans, Sugar and Wheat) and energies (WTI Crude Oil, Brent Crude and Natural Gas).

All of the above commodities are offered in a form of CFD (Contract for Difference).

By offering Commodity CFDs, you can benefit from low spread by eliminating unnecessarily costs and high leverage which requires low margin to give you better trading opportunity at anytime.

The available maximum leverage is 1:100 for commodity CFDs.

Even if your account’s leverage setting is higher than 1:100, the applied leverage for trading commodity CFDs is always up to 1:100.

Commodities are ideal to gain exposure and diversify a portfolio.

With XBPrime, you do not need to open additional account trade commodities, but all financial instruments are available for trading in one trading account.

See the Trading Conditions of Commodity CFDs

3. Precious Metals

The precious metals such as Gold and Silver are also very popular financial instruments.

With XBPrime, you can trade precious metals such as Gold, Silver and Platinum.

Precious Metals are popular for trading due to its features such as low market liquidity and high leverage.

Gold and Silver are often used as the safe haven.

Precious Metal CFDs on XBPrime MT5 are offered with high leverage up to 1:100.

The minimum trading spread is about 0.2 pips for Gold (XAGUSD) and 0.4 pips for Silver (XAUUSD).

With no dealing desk involved (NDD), you can benefit from the prime trade execution on XBPrime MT5 with ECN technology.

See the Trading Conditions of Precious Metals

4. Stock Indices

Stock Indices take the average of the top performing stocks in each exchange.

Stock Index CFDs is the most popular and well-known format of CFDs.

While you can invest in wide range of stock index CFDs on XBPrime MT5 to diversify your portfolio, you can also use them as measurements of world’s financial markets.

Over 30 Stock Index CFDs in one XBPrime MT5 account.

The available stock index CFDs include 100UK, AUS200, DE30, DollarIndex, EU50, FRA40, HK33, JPN225, N25, SPA35, SWI20, US100, US30 and US500.

The available maximum leverage for stock index CFDs is 1:20.

The trading cost of stock index CFDs is one of the lowest in the industry.

See the Trading Conditions of Stock Index CFDs

5. Equity Shares

On XBPrime MT5, you can also trade over 3000 international stocks.

Stocks are offered in a form of CFDs, thus you can make profit from both rising and falling prices.

With XBPrime, you can trade Stock CFDs but not actual Stocks.

Stock CFDs quote the same market prices of the major players worldwide, while giving traders the following advantages.

  • Going long and short at anytime.
  • Trade without owning the actual underlying products.
  • Trade with low commission by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries and processes.
  • No need for complicated documentations for each transaction, but everything completed online.

The available stocks for trading on XBPrime include all the major players such as Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, Aramco, Boeing, Google, Disney, Facebook, Heineken, McDonalds, Samsung, Tesla and VISA.

See the list of Stocks on XBPrime MT5

XBPrime MT5 (MetaTrader5) trading platform

XBPrime provides the online trading service on MT5 (MetaTrader5) trading platforms.

XBPrime’s MT5 is the next generation terminal, developed by MetaQuotes, the same company which developed the world’s most popular trading platform, MT4 (MetaTrader4).

Note that XBPrime does not provide MT4 for trading. You can als not run EAs (Expert Advisers) or custom indicators of MT4 on MT5 platforms.

Comparing to the MT4, MT5 has many more advanced features in terms of charting, order types, tools and analysis.

How XBPrime’s MT5 is superior than the traditional MT4, you can find the details in the article below.

Differences of MT4 and MT5 platforms

You can experience XBPrime MT5’s unique and progressive multi-asset technology on various devices including Windows, MAC, Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

The download links for XBPrime MT5’s apps can be found in XBPrime Official Website.

Visit XBPrime Official Website

1. XBPrime MT5 for Windows Desktop

XBPrime’s MT5 for Windows Desktop is the most basic and has the full options (capabilities) for users.

MetaTraders (both MT4 and MT5) are developed as Windows based programs, but you can also use them on many types of devices.

XBPrime’s MT4 terminal for Windows is also recommended for traders with EAs (Expert Advisers) and automated trading robots.

You can run any kinds of trading robots on XBPrime MT5 as the broker has no restrictions in terms of trading strategies.

You can also benefit from XBPrime’s real-time copying trading signals by using XBprime’s “XBSocial”.

The download links of XBPrime MT5 for Windows PC can be found in XBPrime Official Website.

Find out more about XBPrime MT5 Windows

XBPrime’s MT5 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.

2. XBPrime MT5 for MAC OS

Not only Windows, but XBPrime MT5 is also compatible with MAC OS.

XBPrime MT5 for MAC OS, requires no additional software but you can download directly to your MAC computer and run.

Then use the same login credentials to access your account and start trading.

Just like the XBPrime MT5 for Windows, you can benefit from the advanced transparency with level 2 pricing on XBPrime MT5 for MAC OS.

All MT5’s new features such as 6 types of order execution, 38 technical indicators, 44 graphical objects and 21 times frames are built-in on XBPrime MT5 for MAC OS.

As the system requirement, the MetaTrader5 Client Terminal requires Windows 7 or higher, at least 512 MB of RAM and a decent modern processor.

Find out more about XBPrime MT5 for MAC OS

3. XBPrime MT5 for Android Phone and Tablet

If you have android devices such as Samsung, Huawei and other mobile phones and tablets, then you are recommended to install XBPrime MT5 mobile app from XBPrime Official Website.

XBPrime MT5 mobile app for Android, gives you the advantages to trade anywhere and anytime, by connecting world’s financial markets through your account.

Your Android smart phones and tablets can keep you updated of the market movements, orders and you can perform trading operations.

It is a mobile app on a smaller screen, but XBPrime MT5 for Android still has all the advanced tools for comprehensive analysis, financial news, alerts and push notifications.

Login to your XBPrime MT5 account on your Android devices to access your account anywhere, anytime.

As the system requirement, XBPrime MT5 app requires the devices to be powered by Android OS 2.1 or higher. For better price quotes and order execution, the terminal requires a cellular network or WiFi connection.

Find out more about XBPrime Android App

4. XBPrime MT5 for iPhone and iPad

XBPrime MT5’s iOS app for iPhone and iPad is a secure and convenient way to trade over 12,000 financial markets with XBPrime.

XBPrime MT5’s iOS app is free to download from “Apple Store”, and you can access to your account by using the same login credentials.

You can also login to your account from multiple devices simultaneously, so you can access your account anytime and anywhere, while managing your accounts more efficiently.

XBPrime MT5’s iOS app supports all order types and you perform any kinds of trading management.

With built-in technical analysis tools and push notification, you can also stay up-to-date and follow the market trends through XBPrime MT5’s iOS app.

AS the system requirement, XBPrime MT5’s iOS app requires iOS 4.0 and higher versions.

Find out more about XBPrime iOS App

5. XBPrime MT5 Web Trader

XBPrime’s MT5 Web Trader is the web based MT5 trading platform, which requires no downloads / installations of any software.

XBPrime’s MT5 Web Trader can be accessed from any popular web browsers, using the same login credential of your MT5 account.

You can use XBPrime’s MT5 Web Trader when you are using public computers or to avoid RAM consuming software staying in your desktop.

XBPrime’s MT5 Web Trader is a flexible way to access to over 12,000 financial markets and trade with the licensed leading FX broker, XBPrime.

MT5 Web Trader can be accessed directly from XBPrime Official Website.

XBPrime Official Website

XBSocial – MAM and PAMM Copy Trading Platform

XBSocial is XBPrime’s MAM and PAMM Copy Trading Platform.

XBSocial is developed by XBPrime for money managers to manage multiple trading accounts (investors’ accounts) simultaneously.

XBSocial is a social platform for both professional traders and novice traders.

With many allocation methods (such as ELS, BLS, ECS, Percentage and Fixed allocation), money managers can allocate the trades and adjust the risk of each sub-account.

The trade execution and allocation is instant to sub-accounts using MT5 based XBSocial.

XBSocial is developed based on MT5, so you can benefit from all the advanced tools available on the terminal.

Real-time performance statistics, in-depth trade analysis and automatic email notifications. Everything money managers need to manage multiple accounts is provided by XBPrime.

To get access to XBPrime’s XBSocial, please contact XBPrime’s multilingual support team.

Contact XBPrime’s Support Team

Why invest with XBPrime?

XBPrime is founded by a team of financial experts, with the aim to support traders to make profits on their innovative MT5 terminal and access to over 12,000 financial markets.

XBPrime provides its traders with the superior dealing performance on the latest MT5 and exceptional multilingual customer service available for 24/5 non-stop.

As a regulated and licensed broker, XBPrime has a very high standard in terms of trading conditions, fund security and transparency.

Here are 10 merits of trading with XBPrime.

Or visit XBPrime Official Website to find out more their service conditions by yourself.

Visit XBPrime Official Website

1. Multi-Asset Broker

XBPrime doesn’t just offer Forex pairs and a few CFD products.

With XBPrime, you can invest in over 12,000 financial markets on the MT5.

XBPrime covers world’s popular financial markets including Forex (major, minor and exotic), precious metals, energies (oils and gas), agricultural commodities, stock indices and shares.

You can access to all of these financial markets in one trading account on MT5.

XBPrime is a multi-asset broker where you can invest in any financial markets worldwide, and diversify your investment portfolio through various devices.

See the list of available markets by XBPrime

2. ECN Prime Execution

XBPrime strives to be the true ECN broker.

XBPrime’s MT5 terminal utilizes ECN (Eletconic Communication Network) technology to integrate a number of price feeds provided by liquidity providers into one.

By following this process, XBPrime has achieved to offer its traders with the spread as low as 0.0 pips, ultra fast execution and deep liquidity with lower possibilities of slippage.

XBPrime’s ECN execution is provided to all traders and all accounts regardless of the size of investment.

Open XBPrime ECN Trading Account

3. NDD (No Dealing Desk) technology

XBPrime has no dealing desk intervention.

The Non Dealing Desk, or NDD makes sure that all traders’ orders processed without any interference but sent directly to the liquidity providers.

The liquidity providers are the large banks and financial institutions which provides Forex market the liquidity.

When trading on XBPrime MT5, you can access directly to the actual markets without XBPrime manipulating the prices or orders.

Due to this reason, XBPrime does not have restrictions in terms of trading strategies on XBPrime MT5.

XBPrime is happy to support its traders to make profit, and there is no maximum limitation on profit withdrawal by traders.

Find out more about NDD technology

4. Safety of Funds and Financial License

XBPrime is fully licensed by South African FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority).

XBPrime follows the laws by the financial authority and complies with the regulatory frame works.

To protect investors’ funds, XBPrime deposits all investors’ funds into segregated bank accounts with trustworthy international banking institutions.

The segregated bank accounts are fully separated from the company’s operation.

By making sure the separation of the investors’ funds and company’s funds, XBPrime can respond to investors’ fund withdrawals in a timely manner.

Open XBPrime Real or Demo Account

5. Low Spreads across all markets

XBPrime’s one of the greatest advantage is the spread.

On some major Forex currency pairs, you can benefit from the lowest spread 0.0 pips with ECN and NDD technology.

The average of these Forex currency pairs is 0.1 pips with no additional trading commissions.

This XBPrime’s low spread is possible with their ECN technology integrating multiple price feeds from liquidity providers.

XBPrime’s low spread isn’t only provided for Forex currency pairs, but it is the same for all financial assets available on XBPrime MT5.

Open XBPrime Account to see the spread

6. MT5 (MetaTrader5) – the advanced platform

Not the traditional MT4, but XBPrime has chosen MT5 (MetaTrader5) as its main trading platform.

When comparing with the MT4’s capabilities, MT5 has more order types, technical indicators, account types and advanced tools such as market depth, economic calendar and notification options.

MT5 and MT4 are very similar in terms of user interface and usability, but MT5 has more expanded and advanced options.

XBPrime MT5 is free to use.

Download the MT5 to your Desktop, mobile phones or tablet to get started today.

See more about XBPrime’s MT5

7. Flexible Leverage up to 1:300

XBPrime MT5 offers up to 1:300 high leverage for traders.

You are provided with the flexible leverage option from 1:1 to 1:300.

With XBPrime, you can customize your account as it matches your trading strategy.

XBPrime MT5 offers not only the high leverage, but also NBP (Negative Balance Protection).

NBP fixes your account balance to zero, in case the account balance goes negative due to high volatility in market prices.

XBPrime’s NBP makes sure that the maximum loss is always limited to your total account balance.

Go to XBPrime Official Website

8. Dedicated Multilingual Support for 24/5

XBPrime supports you to succeed in online Forex and CFD trading.

To support traders with the optimal environment, XBPrime’s multilingual support team is there to help you 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

You can contact them via live chat window from XBPrime Official Website, email, phone call or the contact form available in the official website.

XBPrime doesn’t just provide you with the superior trading environment, but also focuses on support regardless of the investment sizes.

Contact XBPrime Support Team

9. Extra Mobility with mobile apps and web-trader

To trade with XBPrime, you must download and login to their MT5 trading platform.

The XBPrime MT5 will be the base platform where you can manage positions, accounts and monitor the markets 24/7.

The XBPrime MT5 can be downloaded into many types of devices including Windows PC, MAC OS, iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), Android smart phones and tablets.

You can also access to XBPrime MT5 on your web browser directly.

XBPrime MT5 Web Trader requires no installation or downloads.

With XBPrime, you can trade anytime, anywhere and through any devices.

Download XBPrime MT5 for Free

10. Automated Copy trading on MT5

XBPrime supports EA (Expert Adviser) users on MT5 trading platforms.

XBPrime has no restrictions in terms of trading strategies on its MT5, thus you can run any types of EAs as much as you want and as long as you want.

XBPrime has also built its own social and copy trading platform called “XBSocial”.

The XBSocial is a MAM / PAMM platform directly connected to the MT5.

XBSocial is allows money managers to easily and instantly allocate orders among its followers.

As XBSocial is based on the MT5 platform, the money managers of XBSocial can also benefit from the full potential of MT5 platforms.

Find out more about Copy Trading

Are traders’ funds safe with XBPrime?

As a FSCA regulated and licensed broker, XBPrime takes extra measures to protect its investors’ funds.

With XBPrime, your deposited funds are safe because of the following reasons.

1. Segregation of Client Funds

XBPrime has a segregated bank accounts only for its traders.

All funds of traders will be deposited into the segregated accounts, and will be used only for the trading purpose of the traders themselves.

The segregated bank accounts are completely separated from XBPrime company’s funds used for operation.

With XBPrime, your funds stay as your funds and you can withdraw them all at anytime you want.

Note that in order to make a fund withdrawal, you must close all open orders on XBPrime MT5.

Visit XBPrime Official Website

2. NBP (Negative Balance Protection)

XBPrime’s risks management team constantly monitors the market and makes announcements to all traders or change trading conditions if necessary.

As another risk management measure, XBPrime supports NBP (Negative Balance Protection) for all trading accounts.

The NBP is triggered when a trader’s account balance goes below zero, as in negative.

In this case, XBPrime’s NBP will fix the account balance to zero, so the trader can start from the zero but not with negative account balance.

XBPrime’s NBP will limit the maximum loss to the total deposit amount.

Open XBPrime Real or Demo Account

3. SSL Encrypted Platform

To protect investors’ personal, account and trading information, XBPrime has fully encrypted the trading systems with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

It is a fundamental standard security protocol that enables ultimate protection against any fraudulent activities.

When you open an account with XBPrime, you are required to provide a number of information and also submit the required documentations for account validation, and you do not need to worry about it because XBPrime is a fully regulated financial broker with SSL encrypted platform.

Visit XBPrime Official Website

XBPrime Live Webinar (Online Seminar) for successful trading

For traders who are learning how to trade, or want to improve their trading skills, XBPrime holds online seminars (webinars) which you can join for free.

Through the webinars, XBPrime will delve deeper into the largest financial market in the world with an average of $5 trillion USD traded per day and the various CFD markets.

XBPrime’s Webinar will also answer the questions such as:

  • What does fundamental analysis mean and how can it help you in trading?
  • What does technical analysis mean and how does it work?
  • What kind of information causes price fluctuations of the current main commodities (Gold, Silver, Oil), what’s their influence and where to look for such information?

The webinar is free to participate for all traders of XBPrime.

Visit XBPrime Official Website to find out the schedule and details of the upcoming webinars.

Signup for XBPrime online

How to become a partner of XBPrime?

Do you want to become a partner or introducing broker of XBPrime?

XBPrime has a various payment schemes and promotional materials prepared for you.

Would you prefer CPA affiliates, Revenue share or the hybrid program?

Signup for XBPrime first and contact their support team to discuss about the partner program.

Service Details

Rating Traders Rating
5.0 rating based on 16 ratings
5/5 16
Regulations Regulations & Licenses
Founded Founded in 2012 (8 years)
USA clientsNot Accepted
JPN clientsAccepted
Country BaseSouth Africa
Headquaters 125 Monte Christo, Beyers Park Boksburg, South Africa


Cryptos Available Crypto-Currencies N/A
Negative Balance Offer Negative Balance Protection
Client Funds Safety Segregated
Deposits Deposit Methods
Withdrawals Withdrawal Methods

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  1. tried my robot on mt5 and xb prime’s order speed is ultra fast and stable…does anyone know which lp they are using?

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