March 15, 2017

How to get XM $30 bonus and trade Forex? What is the requirement?

FX Traders Review on XM's Service - Compare the Service with other Brokers.

Is XM a Good broker? Let’s see the points one by one.

How to get XM’s $30 No Deposit Bonus?

To get XM’s $30 No Deposit Bonus (Welcome Bonus), follow the steps below.

  1. Open a Real Account with XM
  2. Log in to the XM’s Members Area from XM Official Website
  3. Provide the required identification documents to validate your account
  4. Click the button to Claim your Bonus in XM’s members area
  5. Complete the voice verification process
Note that XM’s $30 No Deposit Bonus (Welcome Bonus) may not be available for traders in certain jurisdictions.

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Want to open a corporate (company) account with XM? There are certain documents that are required for account verification in case of a corporate account. Find out more in this article here.

XM Service Review

Is XM a Good broker? Let’s see the points one by one.

Let’s see how XM’s service is, comparing to other standard brokers.

1. Trading Platforms/Tools
  1. Trading Platforms
    Both MT4 and MT5 are available. With XM, you can use 2 of the most popular trading platforms, MetaTrader4 and 5.
  2. Seminars
    Holding Dozens of Local Seminars and Webinars, and reporting Daily Analytics and Reviews. You can stay updated for all the times with XM, for Latest Techniques and News and more.
  3. Video Education
    Easy Video Tutorials to know “How to Trade/Use MetaTrader4/5”. Watch Dozens of Free tutorial videos and you will understand how to use MetaTrader4/5 platforms.
  4. Compatibility of platforms
    Trading Platforms compatible with all kinds of devices. XM has prepared both MT4 and MT5 for all kinds of devices with download links. Thus no trouble with accessing to your account.
  5. MQL4 and MQL5 Community
    No PAMM/MAM service or Automated Copy/Social Trading Service. XM does not directly offer any Automated Trading Services. You may need to use MQL5 Community if you wish to.

Difference of MT4 and MT5 platforms

2. Trading Cost and Service Fees
  1. 0.0 pips Spread
    Actual 0 Spread with $10 commission. The Cost of trading may not be the lowest, but it is very competitive. 0.0 pip spread is the Average.
  2. No Fees on Deposit
    Deposit Fees fully covered by XM. With over 20 deposit methods, XM covers the fees for all methods except bank wire transfer.

Comparison of XM Account Types

3. Leverage
  1. High Leverage
    Maximum Leverage of 1:1000 is higher than the average. There are brokers with higher leverage though, still, 1:1000 is higher than the most of other brokers’ leverage.
  2. Protection
    NBP (Negative Balance Protection) fully supported. With XM, your maximum loss is limited to the total deposit amount.

What is Leverage?

4. Execution Quality
  1. Superior Execution
    150,000,000(99.35%) of trades are executed with zero re-quotes or rejections, and in less than one second. XM reports the high quality of execution on their MT4 and MT5 platforms.
  2. No manipulation
    With XM, you do not worry about market price manipulation or order interference.

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5. Bonus Promotions
  1. Promotions
    XM has All-Time running Bonus Promotions, including No Deposit Bonus, Deposit Bonus and Cash Back. You can receive all the bonuses by opening additional accounts.
  2. Bonus for trading
    Through many promotions, Bonuses are not available for withdrawal. Although XM’s got all kinds of promotions, these are mainly not available for withdrawal.

See XM’s All Promotions

6. Customer Support
  1. 24/5 Support
    XM has got Educated and Human support team in over 30 multi-language. 24/5 and multi-lingual support should be very helpful for investors.
  2. XM is licensed
    All Contact information is disclosed. As a officially licensed FX broker, XM doesn’t hide where they are and how to contact.
  3. Smooth transactions
    No withdrawal troubles for over the years. You can be assured that your profits are safe in your trading account.

Contact XM Support Team

Why you should use XM MT4 and MT5 platforms?

XM welcomes all automated and advanced EA forex trading systems and strategies with no restrictions.

The Advanced XM MT4 and MT5 forex trading platforms configuration with seamless Direct Market Access integration is tailored for advanced EA forex trading systems, offering no commission forex trading, no forex trading restrictions, no minimum limits on placement of all forex trading order types, full hedging capabilities, scalping and advanced news trading with minimal slippage in all market conditions.

Automated forex trading is relatively new and very advanced forex trading systems technology.

Its main function is in transmitting forex trading account management to an advanced, automated trading computer program.

By applying advanced, automated trading systems on XM MT4 and MT5 forex trading platforms, forex traders can remove themselves from the routine market watching and the process of manual forex trading execution.

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Run trading robots and expert advisers (EAs) on XM MT4 and MT5

The Advanced XM MT4 and MT5 forex trading client terminals are supplied with the MetaQuotes Language 4 and 5 Integrated Development Environment (MQL4 / 5 IDE).

This environment consists of the following parts:

  • XM MT4 and MT5 terminals where automated trading programs are managed and executed.
  • MetaQuotes Language 4 and 5 (MQL4 and MQL5), the programming language for implementing trading strategies.
  • MetaEditor, the editor and compiler of Expert Advisors.
  • Strategy Tester, the module to test and optimize Expert Advisors.

XM’s client terminal has all functions that allow you to develop, test and apply your advanced forex trading system.

The development environment named MQL4 and MQL5 are integrated into the terminal.

What is EAs (Expert Advisers)?

What you can do with MQL4 and MQL5?

MQL4 and MQL5 consist of MetaEditor, Strategy Tester and Compiler.

Using these tools, you can develop:

  • Expert Advisors
    Advanced forex trading programs that allow you to automate fully both analyzing and trading processes. Expert Advisors can relieve you from the routine of analyzing financial markets and performing trades;
  • Custom Indicators
    Applications similar to the embedded technical indicators that will help you to analyze markets;
  • Scripts
    Advanced forex trading programs that automate single frequently repeated operations. For example, using a script you can close all positions by a single keystroke.

In MetaEditor, you will find detailed help topics and description of the programming language.

Having developed your own trading system, you will be able to test it on historical data in the Strategy Tester.

This will allow you to evaluate your trading system’s profitability, risk factor, and stability in a quick and easy way.

Try the XM MT4 and MT5 platforms with an unlimited Demo account and experience the XM’s advantages.

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Why invest in Forex with XM?

Online forex or currency trading involves the simultaneous buying and selling of one country’s currency against another country’s currency.

With advanced trading systems of XM and technology now available, trading is executed by applying a margin or leverage to open a trade position in the forex market.

Generally leverage is offered up to 1:1000 with XM or 1% by licensed and regulated forex trading brokers around the world.

Please note that high leverage equals high risk and all forex traders must gain an understanding of the risk associated with the use of excessive leverage and trading risk management in the forex market.

The use of high leverage can dramatically accelerate both profits and losses.

How to open XM account and Get the Bonus?

1. Small Fund Big Investment

If you expect the value of the Australia will fall against the United States Dollar, you would enter into a trade to SELL the Australian Dollar and simultaneously BUY the United States Dollar.

A standard trade size in the forex market is 100000 units and if leverage of 1:100 or 1% is required to enter the trade, a margin of 1000 units is applied from your trading account to control a 100000 unit trade position.

Fractional movements in a currency’s price can result in substantial profits and losses.

Open XM Micro Account

2. Invest at anytime 24 hours a day

A major feature of online forex or currency trading that makes it so popular is the forex market is open 24 hours a day 5.5 days a week.

XM MT4 and MT5 provide you with Direct Market Access to the global forex market, advanced trading tools, systems and resources to participate in the world’s largest financial trading market.

This means that you can practice your analysis, make trading decisions, and execute advanced trading systems without ever needing more than your computer and an internet connection.

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3. FX is the World’s Largest Financial Trading Market

Because the currency exchange market is global and includes all of the world’s largest banks, you can be sure that there is always someone to deal with, unlike the share market where you might want to buy a particular share, but no one wants to sell at the time, or vice versa.

This ability to deal at any time is called liquidity.

The size of the global market is variously estimated at between $US2.5 trillion to $US3.2 trillion a day making it by far the world’s biggest, deepest and most liquid market.

What is Forex?

4. XM charges low cost

XM does not charge any fees or commissions on forex trading positions entered into by trading clients, and simply adds a small mark up to live streaming Interbank prices on the XM MT4 and MT5 forex trading system platforms.

The cost of entering a trade is applied in the spread, which is the difference of the price at which a trader can buy or sell a particular currency pair.

You may earn or be charged interrest if you hold a trade position at daily rollover, depending on the interest rate differentials between the two currencies you trade.

This interest amount is credited or debited as your trade position is rolled over to the next day, and is called a swap or rollover, used so you can keep the position open without having to settle the full Contract position amount you have entered into.

No physical delivery of currencies is involved.

The spread and the trading commissions is different depending on the account type.

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5. High leverage up to 1:1000

Leverage or gearing is the ability to pay only a small amount of the value of a currency as an initial payment to open a trade.

Leverage can be a double-edged sword, as using the maximum leverage can give you the maximum possible profit on a winning trade – or the maximum loss on a losing trade.

For example, with a leverage of 1:100, to enter and control a trade position of AUD$100,000 your initial margin requirement is 1%, or AUD$1000.

Small, fractional movement in the value of a currency can result in large gains and potential losses if no risk management strategies are in place.

Risk management involves the use of stop-loss orders to close a position when the price reaches a set level, limiting any potential losses or risk to a pre-determined level.

Many active traders take the time to educate themselves and learn about trading plans, risk-reward ratios, money management, fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

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6. Buy and Sell as you want at anytime

An exchange rate is the price of one currency against another.

For example, one Australian Dollar has ranged in value against the United States Dollar between USD$0.77c and $US1.07c recently.

Currencies are generally valued in terms of their United States Dollar equivalent.

A rate involving two currencies other than the United States Dollar is called a cross rate, calculated by comparing each currency’s value with the United States Dollar.

The same convention applies.

The base currency is the first of the pair and the prices quoted are always for one unit of the base currency traded.

When you see a quote that looks like this – AUD/USD 0.8936 – the base currency is the Australian Dollar, and its’ value is being given in United States Dollars, the counter currency.

One Australian Dollar = USD$0.8936, or 89.36 cents.

Most currencies are quoted with the United States Dollar as the base currency.

There are three exceptions to this which are the Great British Pound, the Euro and the Australian Dollar.

Remember, it is the base currency that you are buying or selling when you trade in foreign exchange.

As an example, you would buy Great British Pounds if you think the value against the United States Dollar will rise, and you sell if you think their value against the United States Dollar will fall.

Details of XM $30 No Deposit Bonus

7. Tight Spread across all currency pairs

When you go to the bank and request a foreign exchange transaction, the bank will give you two prices.

It will sell you United States Dollars at one price, but if you want to sell them back, the price offered will be lower, and you will get less from the bank than what you paid for them.

The difference is called the spread. In foreign exchange terms, the spread is the difference between the price bid, or the price at which you can sell, and the price asked, or the price at which you can buy.

This is also known as the BID/ASK forex trading spread or the BUY/SELL forex trading spread. The same applies to the online currency trading market, although the spreads are significantly less than you will be quoted at the bank counter for small amounts of foreign currency.

For example, if you see a quote written as EUR/USD 1.8200/05 this means the dealer or bank buys one Euro for USD$1.8200 and you can sell at that price.

It also means that the bank or dealer is willing to sell one Euro for USD$1.8205.

Using this example EUR/USD 1.8200/05, the spread is 0.0005. This is the cost of making a trade.

It means the market must move by at least this amount to cover the trade cost before you begin to make a profit.

See XM’s Spread Cost

8. Invest in the world’s major currencies

There are only six major world currencies.

Trading in these six makes up the vast majority of the world’s total foreign exchange trading volume.

The six currencies, in approximate order of daily trading activity, are US dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), British pounds (GBP), Swiss francs (CHF) and Australian dollars (AUD).

How to open XM account in simple 4 steps?

9. Flexible Trade sizes

In the primary forex, trading market the typical size of a trade is the equivalent of USD$100,000, where the base currency is United States Dollars. This typical trade unit size is known as a Standard Lot size.

XM MT4 and MT5 offer standard lot sizes of 100000 base currency units for trade.

You can enter up to 100 standard lot sizes on any trade allowing you to enter and control trade positions of up to 10,000,000 base currency units.

The minimum lot size to trade is 10000 base currency units. Applying leverage of 1:100, the initial margin required to trade 10000 base currency units is 100 units of the base currency being traded.

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Take advantages of XM MT4 and MT5 price charts

The application of charting to advanced forex trading systems and strategies on XM MT4 and MT5 is the basis of technical analysis.

All charts tell a story of price history and price movement.

The study of forex trading charts and technical forex trading indicators is used to determine the past and future price movement of a currency pair.

Unlike fundamental analysis, technical analysis relies on the use of advanced trading charts, strategies, trading systems and mathematical trading techniques to examine various aspects of a currency pair’s price movement.

Advanced technical forex trading system indicators that were once available only to brokers and professional traders are now available to any forex trader.

Open XM MT4 and MT5 Account

1. What Do Price Charts of XM MT4 and MT5 Tell Me?

On XM MT4 and MT5, charts can provide a wealth of information about the price movement characteristics of a currency pair.

Many advanced forex traders believe a chart tells a story about the currency pair.

From this historical information, the trader can apply trade entry and exit positions based on the advanced analysis of the future movement of a currency pair.

How to download XM MT4 and MT5?

2. Find the Support and Resistance

Many forex traders apply advanced support and resistance price levels to determine where and how a currency price is likely to move.

A support line lies below a currency pair price.

A resistance line lies above a currency pair price.

Depending on the strength of these levels, prices tend to trade between the support and resistance levels, bouncing off one and heading towards the other.

Support and resistance lines are basic types of trend lines that can be determined by the moving average lines or by more complex technical trading systems, strategies and methods.

What XM MT4 and MT5 can do?

3. Discover the market trends

Many traders will also be looking for a trend line.

A trend line shows how a currency pair price is moving, or trending – up, down, or sideways. Many advanced forex trading systems and strategies are based on finding a price trend which can be very helpful in determining future price movement.

The saying that “the trend is your friend” is quite true and many traders rely on the existence of a trend to predict price movements.

Read XM’s Market Analysis

4. Use Technical Indicators of XM MT4 and MT5

A technical indicator studies a particular aspect of a currency pair.

Technical forex trading indicators are very similar to economic reports in that they study the health and movement of a currency pair while economic reports study the health and growth of an economy.

Some technical forex trading indicators are basic such as the moving average line.

Other indicators are complex calculations like Bollinger Bands or the MACD.

Forex traders can use many different kinds of indicators or they can focus on a few.

Most experienced traders will focus their efforts on using only a few types of technical indicators to provide them with the information needed to trade.

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5. Find the trading opportunities

Forex trading charts on XM MT4 and MT5 provide information on the best entry and exit points for a forex trade.

On a chart, the trader can see where momentum is rising, a trend is forming, a price is dipping or other events are developing that show the best entry point and time for the most profitable trade.

With the constant movement of various currencies against each other in the Forex market, most traders will focus on using technical indicators to find and place their trades.

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Plan your trading well to achieve high profit

Planning is closely linked to the discipline of a trader.

Experienced traders know that discipline and a trading strategy are the key to long term success in trading financial markets.

It is common for new traders to make money on demo or practice accounts, but many times these same traders lose money when entering the live market because they fail to exercise discipline when real money is involved.

A very important aspect to the psychology of trading is the ability to create and maintain a trading plan.

As a famous saying in the market goes, “if you fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Many new traders that jump into trading with their only goal being quick and high returns generally lose money because they do not focus any energy on planning or steady capital growth.

A new trader must determine which tools and resources to apply to their trading plan or methodology.

There are many resources that traders have access to, including on this website, that give some guidance on using technical and fundamental analysis to create a trading plan.

Once a new trader has determined their guidelines on how they will enter and exit trades, which indicators, tools and resources they will apply to their decision making and clear risk management strategies pre-determining stop loss and profit parameters, they are ready to trade.

Open a Demo Practice Account of XM

Higher the reward, Higher the risk

An important psychological part of trading currencies is to understand that unless a trader has a big enough account to weather adverse market moves, their equity should be considered risk capital.

When beginning a trading plan, an important step for a trader is to determine the psychological level of risk per trade they are willing to accept.

For new traders, it is very important to understand that unless a trader has a big enough account to weather adverse market moves, the capital in their account should be considered risk capital.

An aggressive trader may be willing to take on bigger risk to potentially get a larger reward.

For example, a trader may be ready to face a drawdown level of 50% of their trading account in order to try and achieve certain results.

A conservative trader on the other hand may only be willing to get a smaller reward but will limit risk, for example, to only 5-10% of their trading account.

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Know the Per Trade Exposure

Per trade exposure is a risk management technique in which there is a certain amount of capital that a trader is willing to allocate per trade entered.

This means that there is a certain amount of risk per trade that the trader is willing to assume.

Many new traders think that if they see a potential trade, they can risk a substantial part of their capital to get a large return.

One of the recipes to disaster or failure in trading is when a beginner trader tries to get rich quick; to make a fortune with one or two trades.

EXAMPLE – A new trader opens a trading account with a deposit of $10,000 and as part of their trading strategy, will allocate a maximum of 5% ($500) of his account equity per trade.

This means the trader is willing to risk losing $500 on any one trade. When a trader has a specific per trade exposure amount, discipline must be practiced, limiting the effect of emotions on trading decisions.

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How much margin would you use for each order?

A trader should have some general flexibility in his or her approach in building equity in their trading account.

There are several different approaches to sizing a position depending on total equity.

The simplest way is to use a percentage of trading account equity.

If a trader has achieved consistent profitability and grown their account equity, they can increase the size of their positions.

It is better to build up equity and to trade within the means of your trading account instead of over-leveraging (taking too big a position) and losing huge amounts on a losing trade.

With each loss the size of the next position decreases and each subsequent trade decreases the overall exposure to risk.

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