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What is an unlimited leverage account of AximTrade?

Unlimited leverage allows you to borrow an unlimited amount of trading funds from AximTrade, thereby taking you to a new level.

This is your opportunity to open larger trading positions and develop strategies to maximize profit opportunities.

With more than 30 foreign exchange and metal trading tools, AximTrade’s goal is to use your full trading potential.

What are the benefits of an unlimited margin account?

  • Maximise Deposits
  • Increase Trading Profitability
  • Engage in more Trading Opportunities for Less

You are eligible for an unlimited margin account only if you meet the following two conditions:

  • The member area has been fully verified
  • You have traded at least 5 standard lots (all real accounts) of foreign exchange or metal

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Comparison of Account Types of AximTrade

In AximTrade, the MT4 platform supports currency trading, stock index CFDs, and gold and oil CFD trading, but does not provide stock CFD trading.

As shown in the table below, standard accounts, cent accounts, ECN accounts, and Infinite accounts can access the MT4 platform.

Account Type Standard Cent ECN Infinite
Maximum Leverage 1:3000 1:2000 1:1000 Unlimited
Contract size 100,000 = lot 1,000 = lot 100,000 = lot 100,000 = lot
Negative Balance Protection (NBP) Supported Supported Supported Supported
Minimum Spread 1.0 pip 1.0 pip 0.0 pips 3.0 pips
Trading Commission None None $3 per lot None
Maximum open/pending orders per client 200 Positions 200 Positions 200 Positions 50 Positions
Minimum Trading Lot 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum Trading Lot 50 lots 150 lots 50 lots 25 lots
Trading Bonus Available Available Available Unavailable
Deposit Bonus Available Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
Hedging Positions Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed
Required Minimum Deposit $1 $1 $50 $1
Margin Call % 60% 60% 60% 60%
Stop Out % 30% 30% 30% 0%
Account Opening Pages Open AximTrade Standard Account Open AximTrade Cent Account Open AximTrade ECN Account Open AximTrade Infinite Account

Any AximTrade user can hold up to 15 active trading accounts.

Each active member area is allowed to open up to 7 standard accounts, 2 cent accounts, 5 ECN accounts and 1 Infinite account.

Deposits, withdrawals and other functions related to trading accounts can all be operated in the AximTrade member area.

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How do to be qualified for an unlimited margin account?

  1. Make sure your member area is fully verified.
  2. Trade at least 5 standard lots in all real accounts (forex and metals).
  3. Open an unlimited margin account.

Unlimited leverage accounts cannot participate in any bonus promotions, nor can they be used as a money manager account in copy transactions.

Trade with the Unlimited Forex Leverage

What is margin?

Margin refers to the amount of collateral that you use to pay for credit risk during the operation of the transaction.

The margin is expressed as a percentage of its position (such as 5% or 1%).

The only real reason for depositing the account is to ensure that the margin is sufficient.

For example, when the margin percentage is 1%, if you want to obtain a position of $1,000,000, you must/deposit a margin of $10,000.

The margin percentage in the trading account must be equal to or greater than 100% to facilitate your new transactions, unless the new transactions will cause your trading account to hedge.

Trade with the Unlimited Forex Leverage

What is leverage?

With leverage, you can trade with positions larger than the amount of your trading account.

Leverage is expressed in the form of specific gravity, such as 50:1, 100:1 or 500:1.

Assuming that you have 1,000 USD in your trading account and your transaction amount reaches 500,000 USD/JPY, then the leverage is 500:1.

How can you trade 3000 times with the amount you hold? No matter when you use the margin to trade, AximTrade will provide you with a free short-term credit line for free, allowing you to buy currency that exceeds the value of your account.

Without this limit, you can only buy 1,000 USD currency at a time.

AximTrade monitors the leverage ratio of client accounts throughout the entire process, and reserves the right to modify or modify the leverage ratio (for example, reduce the leverage ratio); when the leverage ratio is revised or modified, AximTrade will exercise its discretion and will not notify them one by one.

It is necessary to modify or revise the leverage ratio of client accounts to take corresponding measures.

The leverage of your account depends on the type of account you open and the amount of net assets in the account.

Margin requirements will not change within a week, nor will they increase every other day or weekend.

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AximTrade’s Unlimited Leverage accounts

The unlimited type of account is a type of trading account with special conditions.

When the account equity is below a certain level, the margin requirement for trading tools is almost zero.

In the leverage below 500 USD, the leverage of unlimited types of accounts is unlimited.

The actual leverage used in the MT4 platform is 1: 2147483647. Automatically apply equity leverage above 500 USD according to the following table:

Equity from Equity till Leverage News
1 500 Infinite 1000
501 2000 2000 1000
2001 6000 1000 500
6001 20000 500 500
20001 100000 200 200
100001 Above 100 100

Customers can adjust the existing leverage of the account in the member area by applying custom leverage.

Custom leverage cannot exceed the maximum leverage allowed by the equity rules described below.

The client can change the leverage back to the default value, so it will follow the equity rules.

For example, if a client has a standard account with a net worth of $2,700, the leverage ratio can only be reduced to 1:1000.

Trade with the Unlimited Forex Leverage

Leveraged equity and risk

By default, it will automatically change according to the trading account type and equity value.

When the equity increases and switches to a new range-after a few minutes, the leverage will automatically change to a lower value.

When the net value drops to 10% below this range, the leverage ratio will automatically increase to a higher level within a few minutes.

On the one hand, through leverage, you can use a small initial investment to obtain considerable profits.

On the other hand, if you do not manage your risks well, your losses will be huge.

Because of this, AximTrade will provide a certain range of leverage to help you choose your preferred risk level.

In addition, due to excessive risks, we do not recommend a leverage ratio close to 3000:1.

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Margin monitoring

In AximTrade, you can monitor the used and idle margin in your account, so that you can control the risk exposure you face in real time.

The used and idle margin constitutes your net asset value.

The used margin refers to the amount you need to deposit in your account for trading.

For example, if you set an account leverage ratio of 100:1, then you need to set aside a margin equivalent to 1% of the transaction size.

The remaining margin in the account is idle margin, and its amount will fluctuate with the net asset value in your account; you can use the idle margin to open additional positions or absorb losses.

Trade with the Unlimited Forex Leverage

Margin call reminder on AximTrade MT4

Although every customer is fully responsible for their own account activities, AximTrade still adopts a margin call reminder policy to ensure that the maximum risk you may face does not exceed the net asset value in your account.

When the net asset value in your account drops below 60% of the margin used to maintain the open position, AximTrade will notify you that your net asset value to maintain the open position is insufficient.

If you are accustomed to telephone trading, and AximTrade thinks that you cannot maintain the open position, AximTrade’s staff will call the margin call, AximTrade recommends that you deposit sufficient funds to maintain your open position.

The forced liquidation level refers to the level of net asset value at which your open position will be automatically liquidated.

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