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Get FortFS’s 35 USD Welcome Bonus

FortFS is an online Forex and CFD broker, which is now welcoming new traders with 35 USD No Deposit Bonus.

FortFS’s 35 USD Welcome Bonus is given to you for free.

To receive FortFS’s 35 USD Welcome Bonus, you do not need to make a deposit, but you can start trading in your live trading account immediately.

FortFS’s 35 USD Welcome Bonus gives you a great opportunity to experience real Forex trading without risking your own money.

Are you just getting started in the Forex market, or want to see how Forex trading works?

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Not only you can get 35 USD for free, but you can also withdraw the bonus and profit you made in the account, by completing 20 round turn lots.

Note that in order to receive FortFS’s 35 USD No Deposit Bonus, you need to complete the account verification with documents.

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Learn how Forex trading works

FortFS’s 35 USD Welcome Bonus allows you to experience the real Forex trading, and practice online trading, but if you don’t know how the market works first of all, you wouldn’t know where to get started.

Forex is a transaction that aims to make a profit by predicting whether the exchange rate will rise or fall.

This page covers the minimum knowledge you need to know to start FX and solves simple questions and anxieties that everyone has.

What is Forex?

The exchange of the currency of one country for the currency of another is called “foreign exchange.”

It is called Foreign Exchange, which is shortened to “Forex” and further abbreviated to “FX”.

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Officially, it is called “Forex Margin Trading”.

What is traded on FX is not money or services, but money-to-money exchange rates.

This exchange rate is called the exchange rate.

There are many “people who want to buy” and “people who want to sell” a certain currency all over the world, and their exchange rates constantly fluctuate according to their trends.

If there are many people who want it to be popular, the exchange rate goes up, and if it is not popular, the exchange rate goes down.

Forex is a financial product that aims to make a profit using the fluctuation of this exchange rate.

Forex currency pairs are also the most popular product traded by online investors on FortFS’s platforms.

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Example of Exchange of Foreign Currencies

Buy foreign currency (eg US dollars) when it’s cheap and sell it when it gets high.

Then, the difference becomes profit.

This is the most basic way to make money with FX.

Let’s take overseas travel as an example.

For example, if you are traveling to the United States, you will need to exchange Euro for US dollars.

The exchange rate is how much you can exchange 1 Euro.

This exchange rate is constantly changing. For example, suppose the exchange rate at the time of exchange was 1 Euro and 1.00 US Dollars.

In that case, 1,000 Euro will be converted into dollars, which will become 1,000 US Dollars.

Now, with this 1,000 US Dollars in your hand, you went on a trip.

Let’s say you take all those 1,000 US Dollars back to your country and exchange them back to Euro.

If your exchange rate was 1 Euro and 1.10 US Dollars when you returned, you would get 100 Euro.

You are still not sure how Forex market works?

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How much money do you need to trade Forex?

IF you receive FortFS’s 35 USD No Deposit Bonus, you do not need to make a deposit at all to start trading, so the required initial fund is zero.

But how much money is needed to start FX in general?

When exchanging when traveling abroad, you can exchange in US dollars in units of $1, but in the case of FX, 100,000 currency is the basic transaction unit.

This unit is called “1 lot”.

The 100,000 currency is 100,000 USD for the US dollar, 100,000 EUR for the euro and 100,000 GBP for the pound.

But for Forex trading, you don’t have to prepare 100,000 US Dollars.

Leverage trading is what makes it so powerful.

In this case, 100,000 US Dollars to be traded is the total transaction amount, so the minimum amount of investment is the amount equivalent to a few percent.

This investment amount is called “margin”.

In the case of currency exchange, you can buy foreign currency only for the money you have, but in FX trading, when you deposit money, you can trade up to several thousand times that margin.

With FortFS, you can utilize up to 1:1000 high leverage for trading Forex currency pairs.

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2 ways to make profits in Forex

Next, let’s see how you can make profit in the Forex market.

1. Buy and sell currencies to make profit

You place a buy order of 100,000 units (1 lot) when the rate is “1 USD = 90 JPY”.

Eventually the rate changes and the current rate is now “1 USD = 100 JPY”. (this is just an example)

You have an open position of 100,000 units and if you sell it (close the position) at the rate of “1 USD = 100 JPY”, you will earn profit which is calculated as below.

100,000 units * (100 JPY – 90 JPY) = 1,000,000 USD

It is an extreme example, but you can see the concept of the Forex trading and how you can make profit.

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2. Earn swap points (interest) to make profit

When you trade FX, you will exchange currencies of two different countries and at the same time you will exchange interest rates.

Since the interest rates of each country are different, it is necessary to adjust the difference, and the interest rate adjustment amount is the swap point.

You can receive swap points by selling low interest currency and buying high interest currency.

If the USD/GBP interest rate difference is 2.15%, you can receive about 4.4 GBP a day in 100,000 currency swap points.

If you hold it for a longer term, it will be a large amount of money, and it is said to be one of the attractions of FX.

Note that depending on the currency, if you sell a high interest rate currency and buy a low interest rate currency, you will be charged for the swap points.

Traders with Islamic swap free accounts, do not receive or get charged by the swap points.

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What currency should you trade?

FX is a currency exchange transaction.

Therefore, you will always be trading in two different currencies. This is called a “currency pair.”

When choosing a currency pair, the amount of information is important.

Exchange rates change greatly depending on the economy and political situation of the country.

If information is not available, it is difficult to make an investment decision.

If you are in the US or Euro area, news regarding to USD and EUR will be covered in newspapers and TV a lot, so it will be easy to make investment decisions.

Interest rates are also an important factor in choosing a currency pair.

You can receive swap points in FX. If you buy a currency with a lower interest rate and a higher interest rate, you will receive swap points.

With FortFS, you can invest in all the major, minor and exotic currency pairs so you wouldn’t miss any investment opportunities.

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1. US dollar (USD)

Although the strength of the US dollar is gradually weakening, trading is still active as it is the world’s key currency.

In addition, it is easy to make investment decisions because US information is easily available.

2. Euro (EUR)

Euro is expected as the second key currency.

Euro is building a solid position as the second key currency.

Governments and central banks around the world are also increasing their euro holdings, and we expect demand for the euro to continue to grow.

3. British Pound (GBP)

British Pound has a great price movement for day trading.

Since the exchange rate fluctuates drastically, many people use it for day trading.

The risk is high for that reason, so you may want to try it if you become accustomed to trading.

Swap points are also high.

On FortFS’s trading platform, USD, EUR and GBP are provided with tight spread and low trading cost.

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Reasons why you should trade Forex with FortFS

1. FortFS offers 1:1000 high leverage

The big feature of FX is that you can invest a large amount of money with a small amount of money.

This is a leveraged transaction.

With 10,000 US Dollars of total fund, for example, you can invest 10,000,000 US Dollars with 1000 times leverage on FortFS’s trading platforms..

Maximum 1000 times does not necessarily mean 100 times. You can trade 10 times or 1 time.

In other words, leverage depends on how much money you buy and sell for your own money (margin).

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2. FortFS has optimal Swap Points

For instance in Japan, the Bank of Japan has a zero interest rate policy, so there is almost no interest.

However, many other currencies have high interest rates.

Among them, “Turkish lira”, “South African Rand” and “Mexican peso” are famous for their high interest rates.

It is also a feature of FX that you can make good profit by using these swap points well.

You get swap points every day and you don’t have to wait for maturity as you would with a fixed deposit.

Since a large amount of investment can be made with a small amount of money, it is also attractive that the yield of interest income on own funds is extremely high.

However, if you sell high interest currencies and buy low interest currencies, you will have to pay negative swap points every day.

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3. You can trade for 24 hours with FortFS

FX (Forex Market) is an investment method that can be traded 24 hours a day (excluding weekends) anytime, anywhere.

This is one of the popular features of FX.

Forex markets exist in major cities around the world.

This is because the interbank market is a one-to-one face-to-face transaction, and if there is a financial institution you want to sell, the transaction will be completed instantly.

You can trade according to your lifestyle.

Even those who are very busy with work can make transactions even during a short time such as when traveling or returning home.

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Know the risk of Forex trading

FX is not a financial product with guaranteed principal or profit.

If leverage is high, you can expect a large return if the market goes as expected, but if the market price goes in the opposite direction, you risk a large loss.

Before you start trading, it is necessary to fully understand the mechanism and risks and conduct the transaction.

Swap points may be changed without notice according to the interest rate policy of each country.

In addition, if the interest rate difference in each country reverses, the payment of swap points may change to cost.

By receiving FortFS’s 35 USD No Deposit Bonus, you can start trading Forex without risking your own funds.

There is a number of bonus promotions that FortFS is running.

Go to FortFS Official Website today and check out the latest offers.



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