You do not need to open several trading accounts to trade different kind of financial instruments with Deriv.

Per one client or person or email address, you are able to open one Deriv trading account, and you can access all financial instruments available with Deriv in one trading account.

One Trading Account & One Platform

Deriv offers only one account type and one trading platform called “FXNet trading platform”.

The FXNet online trading platform itself maybe even easier in terms of usability and it is accessible from all over the world as long as you have an access to internet.

Deriv is a online Forex & CFD broker with one of the longest history among financial brokers.

One account per IP address

In case you have opened several accounts in the same IP address, for example with your family, Deriv may deem that these trading accounts are one real/live account.

In this case, your account and other accounts which are opened in the same IP address are able to receive bonus one time in total.

Please note that Deriv does not allow arbitrage trading including hedging between different accounts.

Deriv Official Website

Deriv is a CFD Broker

Deriv offers more than 400 CFDs. The number of CFDs is one of the largest in the world.

With Deriv, you can trade Shares, Index, Commodities, Energies, Precious Metals and Forex Currency Pairs in one trading account.

Unlike other stock agencies, you can even reduce extra costs incurred when you use their services.

In case of Deriv, all commissions are included in the spread.

Also the dividend/bonus payment for Stocks/Index are also paid for CFDs. So only thing you will not have is the right to vote as you wouldn’t have the ownership of the shares you buy in a form of CFDs.

Start Trading in a few minutes

One of the merit of trading CFDs with Deriv is, you can access to your funds and held positions faster and easier from all over the world.

A real/live account opening doesn’t take a few minutes and everything will be done on the web.

Then you can deposit via Credit/Debit card, Neteller/Skrill or other payment methods as you want, so the deposited amount will be reflected into your account instantly.

When the first payment is done, all you need to do is just open the FXNet Online Trading Platform and start placing orders.

The trading is leveraged, low cost, and accessible from anywhere.

Forex Trading could be best with others…

Well, besides Deriv is a fully regulated broker and offers largest number of CFD product, the spread of Forex Currency Pairs may not be the best.

The spread is fixed at most of the times and it starts from about 3 pips for Forex Currency Pairs, on the other hand many brokers normally offer spread less than 1 pip.

So if you are a Forex Trader, you may find a better option with other brokers, but in terms of CFDs, no brokers beat Deriv for that.

Find out more about Deriv today from the Official Website!



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