How to open AMarkets account?

  1. Go to AMarkets Official Website;
  2. Go to the registration page;
  3. Fill in the aregistration form and submit;
  4. Receive account ID and password to log in.

AMarkets’ customers are all over the world, the total number has exceeded 500,000:

  • You don’t have to be a trading expert. All you need to do is choose experienced traders and copy their trades. The copy trading platform is a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform.
  • You can specify the amount that will remain in your account regardless of the outcome of the transaction.
  • You can choose the most suitable strategy for you based on different parameters (such as profitability, commission percentage, number of investors, period of the strategy, etc.).

Open AMarkets Account

What is AMarkets?

AMarkets is an international broker founded in 2007.

At that time it was known by another name – Forex Adrenaline, but in 2010 it was renamed to AForex.

The changes were not finished, and already in March 2015 the re-branding took place, and following the transformation of the company changed AMarkets.

Not only changed the name, but also the company’s policy.

If before the AForex business was to provide Forex services exclusively on the Russian market, now AMarkets – is a leading international broker specializing in trading on Forex, metals and CFD contracts.

Expanded the range of trading tools and a package of additional services for VIP clients.

The quality of the services offered has grown considerably. Thanks to the use of advanced STP / NDD / ECN technologies increased the speed of order execution.

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AMarkets MT4 trading platform

An MT4 trading platform is a software widely welcomed by professional financial professionals and amateur investors

  • There are more than 30 indicators
  • Support 9 time periods
  • Suitable for novices
  • Single-threaded trading strategy test
  • Locking function, optional

The perfect combination of convenience and functionality, MT4 is the preferred software for online transactions in the industry

Multi-account is a powerful function of MT4, which allows users to log in with multiple accounts at the same time, without frequent account logout and login.

This function is very suitable for users with multiple accounts, such as investment managers and professional investors.

Download MetaTrader 4 and don’t miss every opportunity to make money.

Open AMarkets MT4 account

AMarkets MT5 trading platform

MT5 is a carefully crafted top multi-asset trading platform.

  • Order part execution function
  • 38 indicators
  • Support 21 time periods
  • Integrated economic calendar function
  • More advanced trading strategy testing mode
  • Enhanced MQL5 community chat function
  • 6 types of pending orders
  • Market depth
  • Optional hedging tool

More advanced in function, it is a powerful tool for price analysis, algorithmic trading and transaction copying.

Download MetaTrader 5 and don’t miss every opportunity to make money.

Open AMarkets MT5 account

Copy trading RAMM for investors of AMarkets

You don’t have to be a trading expert. All you need to do is choose experienced traders and copy their trades. Copy trading platform is easy to use and easy to use.

How does it work?

  1. You select from policy rating;
  2. You copy their transaction;
  3. Earn the same percentage of profits as experienced traders without professional knowledge and trading skills.

There are many benefits to use AMarkets’ RAMM copy trading system.

Full control of your funds
You do not need to transfer management funds, nor do you have to worry about its safety. The money remains in your account.
Protect your funds
You can specify that no matter what the transaction result is, it will remain in your account.
Choose your strategy
You can choose according to different parameters (such as profitability, commission percentage, number of investors, period of strategy, etc.).
Profit multiplier
Multipliers allow you to increase profits by up to 10 times or reduce losses.
Flexible platform
You don’t need to download or install anything on your computer. Trades can be copied on a web-based platform RAMM trades or copied in mobile apps on Android devices.
Fair and honest expenses
You only need to pay the trader for the profit gained from trading using their strategy.
Weekly payment
The system calculates the trading results every week and transfers the trader fees you earn to your copy trading RAMM account.
You can set your own profit amount
When formulating a strategy, you can decide the percentage of investment profit you want to get.
Easy to attract investors
The minimum account opening deposit for copy trading RAMM accounts is only $100, which is an attractive condition for many investors.
Automated system
There is no need to change the transaction for new investments. The creation of new investments and the closing of existing investments are fully automated.
Statement of each investor
You can receive the statement of each investor separately, and view all the operations of their investors: investment amount, transaction parameters, remuneration (dealer’s fee), etc.

Fidn out more about the Copy Trading

Free access to Autochartist with AMarkets

By becoming a client of AMarkets, you can get access to various advanced trading tools for free.

Accurate market data
Provide accurate market information by automatically identifying price support and pressure levels.
Optimize stop loss settings
Use volatility analysis tools to optimize stop loss settings and take profit settings.
Market forecast
Accurately predict market conditions and trends through micro-events and market information.
React quickly to the handicap
Use high-frequency price monitoring tools to quickly react to small changes in prices and handicap.
Full clock graphic analysis
Develop the most efficient technical analysis program.
16 technical graphics
Efficient technical graphics extracted from market trends in the past 6 years.
Technical graphic tips
Technical graphic signal prompts are automatically sent to the customer’s mailbox
Reliable prediction accuracy
The accuracy rate is as high as 7 out of 10 trading predictions.

Register as a customer of AMarkets and use Autochartist intelligent system for free.

  1. Open an Autochartist account.
  2. Top-up transaction account.
  3. Select “Service-Autochartist” on the personal page”.
  4. Use AutoChartist now.

Get access to Autochartist

Is AMarkets a safe and trusted broker?

AMarkets attaches great importance to the safety of customer funds.

Really set up customer fund accounts and AMarkets operating accounts separately.

Cooperate with a number of reliable international banks to diversify the allocation of company assets.

As financial markets, Member of farm dispute arbitration institution Financial Committee, AMarkets each customer can get together to initiate a claim for compensation of up to 20,000 euros from the compensation fund.

The quality of AMarkets’ transaction execution has passed the verification of Verify My Trade (VMT) and meets the best execution standards. VMT will review transaction records every month. Customers can click “Verify my transaction execution certificate” to access audit data.

The resolutions of the International Finance Commission are binding on its members. If a member institution refuses to implement the resolutions or rulings of the Financial Commission and does not compensate customers as required, the untrustworthy member institution will be removed from the IFC and the IFC fund will pay the customers.

Every client of AMarkets has capital insurance of up to 20,000 Euros in a single case.

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