How-to-open-an-account-with-TOPFX How-to-open-an-account-with-TOPFX

Register a TOPFX account

TOPFX, a leading broker in the industry guarantees its clients a wide range of high quality trading services.

A supply of liquidity synonymous with clear and secure pricing, institutional level conditions, ultra-low spreads and flawless execution are just some of the characteristics of an opportunity-rich trading environment.

Any trader who wants to start investing with TOPFX will have the possibility to choose between two types of accounts, Raw and Zero (both available for swap-free Islamic clients).

Based on the characteristics of the accounts offered, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Open a real account with TOPFX

Raw Account

This type of account is compatible with traders who need a raw price feed and payment of commissions separately and offers spreads starting from 0.0 pips and commissions of $ 2.75 per lot per side.

Certain characteristics are crucial for trading with greater transparency in order execution.

In addition to this, the account allows you to trade with competitive prices, unrivaled market depth, efficient order execution and a wide range of constantly updated tools for trading with professional conditions.

Usually, this type of account is chosen by intraday traders and scalpers.

Account Type Raw Account
Base Currency USD, EUR
Spread starting at 0,0 pip
Max leverage Up to 1: 500
Fees $ 2.75 per side per lot
Minimum / maximum trading size 0.01 / 100 lots
Stop Out Level 35%
Required Minimum deposit Based on the selected payment method
EAs / Robot Trading Available
Available platforms cTrader or MT4
Execution model No negotiation bench
Islamic account Available
Liquidity Provider TOPFX

Open a RAW account with TOPFX

Zero Account

The Zero account is suitable for inexperienced traders and investors who prefer commissions to be included in the spread calculation.

Through this type of account the trader will be able to operate in a very high-level environment, with all-inclusive spreads among the lowest on the market and take advantage of an ultra-fast execution and deep liquidity.

TOPFX is a liquidity provider, which allows the broker to provide unique prices that are unlikely to be found elsewhere.

Raw spread accounts are usually extremely expensive with very high trading fees.

TOPFX, contrary to the standards, offers the same prices for both types of accounts offered.

Account Type Zero Account
Base Currency USD, EUR
Spread starting at 0.5 pips
Max leverage Up to 1: 500
Fees None
Minimum / maximum trading size 0.01 / 100 lots
Stop Out Level 35%
Required Minimum deposit Based on the selected payment method
EAs / Robot Trading Available
Available platforms cTrader or MT4
Execution model No Dealing Desk
Islamic account Available
Liquidity Provider TOPFX

Open a Zero account with TOPFX

Islamic account

Both types of accounts offered give the possibility to traders of Islamic faith to be able to register and start trading with conditions compatible with religious beliefs.

Swap-free (or more commonly Islamic) accounts are accounts that do not have any swap or rollover interest on overnight positions, which are not permitted by the Muslim faith.

To open a swap-free account with TOPFX, simply contact the support team by sending an email to

Open an Islamic Account with TOPFX

Available platforms, cTrader and MT4

For both accounts, the trader can decide to start trading using the platform that best suits their needs, being able to choose between cTrader and MT4.

An extremely stable trading platform with impressive processing times (less than 3ms). It has complete graphing tools, DoM visualization, advanced risk management and an accurate analysis of account performance. The reliable prices offered by the broker and the NDD cTrader execution model represent a perfect match for a trading synonymous with transparency and minimal latency in execution of trades. The platform offers countless services including cpoy trading, robot tradings, follow signals and much more.
Absolutely one of the most popular platforms in the world, used by many traders for its ease of use through an extremely intuitive customizable interface and many top-level services essential for trading. The platform offers a wide range of tools for automated trading, which is very useful for traders who do not have the ability to closely follow any operation.

Open a real account with TOPFX

How to open a new account with TOPFX

To be able to open an account with TOPFX just follow the next very simple steps.

In order to register, you will need to access the customer area on the official website , Select the platform that best suits your needs by being able to choose between cTrader and MT4. Once this is done, enter your personal data including language, name, surname, email, country of origin and telephone number.
Select account type
If you intend to open a real account , click on the “Open Live Account “. Traders wishing to test the trading environment offered without having to risk capital, will be able to open a demo account by first clicking on “Trading accounts”, and then on “my Demo account”.
Provide financial information
On this page you will have to provide information regarding your financial status such as source of income, how much you intend to invest, maximum leverage, experience in the sector, account currency, etc.
Profile verification process
In order to carry out the verification process, the trader must send an identity card by email (front and back), a document that certifies his / her residence such as electricity bill – gas, bank statement, telephone invoice all in the name of the applicant.

As a rule, the outcome of the verification process will be available within 1-2 business days.

After your account is approved, you can deposit funds and start investing.



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