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BlackBull Markets - What's now?

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How to open BlackBull Markets Forex trading account?

To open BlackBull Markets’ MT4 and MT5 Forex trading account, follow the steps below.

  1. Complete online registration with BlackBull Markets
    Go to the registration page of BlackBull Markets and follow the procedures (Contact Details, Account Details, Trading Information and ID Verification).
  2. Confirm your email addresse
    You will receive a confirmation email from BlackBull Markets, to click on the link to confirm your email address.
  3. Wait for account approval
    Your application will be reviewed and approved by BlackBull Markets’ team. Once the application is approved, you can start making deposits and trading.
  4. Fund your account
    Login to BlackBull Markets Official Website and proceed to make a deposit to your account. There are various funding methods available with BlackBull Markets. BlackBull Markets offers 18 deposit currencies. Trade at home or anywhere in the world with your local currency and with peace of mind.
  5. Start trading
    Download BlackBull Markets MT4 or MT5, login and start trading Forex and CFDs.

BlackBull Markets is always implementing and perfecting the trading technologies.

In addition, BlackBull Markets innovates new ways for all clients to trade conveniently and securely.

Take advantage of BlackBull Markets’ MT4 and MT5 platforms today.

For more information about the fund safety with BlackBull Markets, visit the page here.

Visit BlackBull Markets Official Website

Account Types of BlackBull Markets MT4 and MT5

BlackBull Markets offers various types of trading accounts for MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Here is the comparison table of trading conditions of 3 main account types offered by BlackBull Markets.

Main Account Types ECN Standard ECN Prime ECN Institutional
Required Minimum Deposit 200 USD 2,000 USD 20,000 USD
Minimum Forex Spread 0.8 pips 0.1 pips 0.0 pips
Trading Commission None $6 per round turn lot Contact Support
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500 1:500
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Trading Server NY4 NY4 Custom Option

Do you want to trade on your mobiles phones anytime and anywhere?

BlackBull Markets’ MT4 and MT5 platforms for the iPhone and iPad mobile platform is suitable for traders of all skill levels with its broad capabilities.

BlackBull Markets’ MT4 and MT5 can now be downloaded on devices powered by the popular Android OS too.

To open an account with BlackBull Markets, go to the registration page below.

Open BlackBull Markets Real or Demo Account

Why invest with BlackBull Markets?

BlackBull Markets now offers CFD’s and Index trading with New York NY4 Equinix Execution, No Requotes ECN (STP) on both of our Standard and Prime Account types on the award winning MT4 and MT5 platforms alongside FX and Metals.

  1. Trade 6 Asset Classes and over 80 instruments
    Just by opening one trading account with BlackBull Markets, the opportunity to invest in world’s financial market is expanded.
  2. Prime institutional order flow technology
    BlackBull Markets focuses on the execution quality with ECN (Electronics Communication Network) technology.
  3. Best Bid/Offer multi tier liquidity for CFD pricing
    BlackBull Markets aggregates market liquidity from multiple banks to offer investors deep liquidity.
  4. ECN and STP flow for Equities, Derivatives and Commodities
    BlackBull Markets’s ECN technology uses STP (Straight Through Processing) execution which ensures the fair and direct execution for all investors.
  5. Trade key markets such as Dow Jones, Japan 225 and Aus200
    On BlackBull Markets MT4 and MT5, you can also invest in the popular stock indices.
  6. Able to place positions from 0.01 lots
    On BlackBull Markets MT4 and MT5, you can trade from 0.01 lots of minimum trading volume. The maximum trading volume is 100 lots.

Visit BlackBull Markets Official Website

Technology and Infrastructure of BlackBull Markets

BlackBull Markets works hard to get the best technology before it’s released as well as having a focus on development of BlackBull Markets’ own unique proprietary technology.

BlackBull Markets’ execution speeds are a top priority, so they have placed the trading servers in the heart of Wall Street, New York’s financial district, connected by Fiber Optic cable.

BlackBull Markets’ servers also run on institutional grade high load servers removing the possibility of a bottleneck on their end.

  1. New York NY4 Equinix Data Centre
    BlackBull Markets has chosen to setup the trading hub in New York by using Equinix’s server.
  2. Direct fiber optic connection to CFD Liquidity Provider
    On BlackBull Markets MT4 and MT5, the execution speed is lowered to 2 millisecond.
  3. ECN Technology
    BlackBull Markets’ ECN technology is the key of their deep liquidity, fast execution and stable order flows.

Go to BlackBull Markets Official Website

Start from your Demo MT4 or MT5 account

It’s often said that one of the easiest ways to prove you can become a successful trader is to practice on a demo account first.

While that may be true, it simply won’t work if you use it like most other traders do.

  1. While other demo users add unlimited virtual funds to simulate wealth, you should only add as much virtual funds as you can afford in real life.
  2. While other demo users leave their trades open for weeks, just to see what happens, you should stick to stop losses and take profits for opening and closing trades.
  3. While other demo users get excited after a few good trades and jump to live trading, you should continue on a demo account for at least one full profitable month before trading on a live account.

It sounds easy, yet so many traders fail at practicing on their demo because they don’t follow these simple rules.

By following these 3 simple rules, you’ll ensure that:

  1. You’re being realistic about your current skill level as a trader.
  2. You’re being realistic about how much you’ll earn or risk losing.
  3. You’ll give yourself enough time to learn before live trading.

Learning how to become a successful trader doesn’t happen overnight, but it can start today if you treat your demo environment seriously.

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ZuluTrade Social and Copy trading service

AutoTrade is the next generation account mirroring service (trade copy).

BlackBull Markets offers ZuluTrade AutoTrade (copy trading) to the clients.

This is where you are able to monitor and automatically copy top trader’s accounts, and pick out which ones to copy while adjusting how much risk and reward you are willing to take on the fly.

This means that if they (the trader of your choosing) place a trade, autotrade will automatically place the same trade on your account as long as you have selected them to follow their trades.

It’s as easy as clicking “autotrade” which you can see below.

You do not need to download any additional software, just follow the instructions from BlackBull Markets’ support staff to enable your account to autotrade.

BlackBull Markets will happily walk you through the process.

You can manually close other trader’s trades at any time on your regular MT4 platform, as well as placing your own trades.

The best part is that BlackBull Markets does not charge any extra for auto trade.

Go to ZuluTrade Official Website

Get free Forex trading tools from BlackBull Markets

By opening an account with BlackBull Markets, you will also get access to various trading tools for free.

All the tools can be accessed on the official website, client portal or the platforms.

Here are some useful tools for trading Forex online.

  • Traders Education
    Learn the markets with over 200 videos in multiple languages, full access for live members only.
  • Market Analysis
    Take a look at the markets with live charts, market news and trading ideas.
  • Trader Chat
    Chat with other traders in the market to share ideas, charts and trades.
  • Traders Positions
    Take a look at what thousands of other traders are doing in the market.
  • Economic Calander
    View upcoming economic news and see the expected effect it will have on the Markets.

Signup for BlackBull Markets

Free Daily Market Strategy

At BlackBull Markets, their live analyst team offers all clients both Daily Market Strategies direct to your Email and Hourly Market updates direct to your MT4 platform and on your client portal.

Emailed to you once per day, offered FREE for BlackBull Markets’ Prime Account Clients.

Both give BlackBull Markets’ clear preference on the market direction to an institutional level as requested by our money managers and hedge fund clients.

Anybody can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial for the Daily Market Strategy and experience the BlackBull Markets institutional feel.

Visit BlackBull Markets Official Website

Do you have complaints to make against BlackBull Markets?

BlackBull Markets listens to its investors at any times.

Do you have anything to say to BlackBull Markets? Follow the steps below to submit your complaint to BlackBull Markets the right way.

Step 1 – Submit your complaint to BlackBull Markets

Please put your comments or complaint in writing and provide as much information as possible, including your details (account number, name, dates, times, names of persons involved, and what happened or anything else you feel is necessary to mention).

Step 2 – Confirmation from BlackBull Markets Support Team

Once you have submitted your compliant, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

The confirmation email will acknowledge the receipt of your complaint, and will provide you with an approximate date by when you should receive a response from BlackBull Markets Team.

Step 3 – Response from BlackBull Markets

BlackBull Markets may request further information or have questions that need clarification.

You will be notified and given an opportunity to respond.

Once all the information has been gathered, BlackBull Markets will issue a response with the company’s position on the matter, and in most cases offer solutions for resolving the issue.

Please note that whilst BlackBull Markets aims to respond to a complaint within seven days, certain circumstances require due-diligence and have more than one party involved, which can delay the process.
Step 4 – Resolution

If both parties are satisfied with the outcome, a letter will be sent or emailed to the customer with the final resolution.

If in the case where a client is unhappy or dissatisfied with the result, and no resolution can be agreed to; the customer will have the ability to take the dispute up with FSCL Disputes Resolution scheme where BlackBull Group is a registered party.

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How to become an IB (partner) of BlackBull Markets?

BlackBull Markets Introducing Broker (IB) program is available to financially reward introducers.

No limits on the number of referred accounts or trading volumes.

The setup is easy to start and has a highly competitive volume based rebate structure.

This makes BlackBull Markets ideal for introducers big and small.

The IB program is perfect if you have a Forex content website, forum, or a group of traders that you would like to help get setup with BlackBull markets.

Most IBs are able to get a steady income stream by introducing or referring just a handful of clients a month to BlackBull Markets.

A Professional Introducing Broker has the added benefit of applying spread and commission mark-ups to earn additional revenue from their clients trading activity.

This edition is specifically designed for Introducers with greater than ten clients, and who provide additional value/services to their clients.

BlackBull Markets is partnered with ZuluTrade, social and copy trading platform provider.

Find out how to use ZuluTrade’s copy trading service on BlackBull Markets MT4 and MT5 in the page here.



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