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FXOpen has re-launched the ECN TickTrader

FXOpen has re-launched the ECN TickTrader trading platform in June 2020.

The advanced trading platform with ECN (Electronic Communication Network) has more than 1200 trading tools.

On FXOpen’s ECN TickTrader, you can invest in hundreds of financial instruments from 6 different asset classes which are Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Stock Indices and Cryptocurrency markets.

fxopen ticktrader web based trading platform ecn
FXOpen TickTrader ECN Platform

FXOpen’s TickTrader, the ECN multi asset trading platform offers you margin and deliverable trading.

You can access to FXOpen’s TickTrader from the trading platform or via FIX, REST, or WebSocket API.

FXOpen now offers MT4 (MetaTrader4), MT5 (MetaTrader5) and the ECN TickTrader.

You can now use all of these trading platforms to efficiently manage your online investment.

Go to FXOpen Official Website

How to open FXOpen’s TickTrader account?

Every trader of FXOpen can open ECN TickTrader account.

To open your ECN TickTrader account, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Go to FXOpen Official Website
  2. Signup for FXOpen for free
  3. Receive login details for your account to your email
  4. Login to FXOpen Official Website
  5. Go to “Add Account” and “TickTrader”
  6. Select your account base currency and leverage
  7. Get your login credential for FXOpen’s ECN TickTrader
Click on “Add Account” and “TickTrader”

You can now access to FXOpen’s ECN TickTrader through the Web based platform or mobile apps.

Go to FXOpen Official Website

Features of FXOpen’s TickTrader

with fxopen Expand your trading horizons with a new state-of-the-art platform — TickTrader!

For FXOpen’s ECN TickTrader account, you can choose from the following base currencies: AUD, EUR, GBP, JPY, RUB and USD.

The maximum leverage for the TickTrader account is 1:500.

FXOpen’s ECN TickTrader features many advanced trading tools and options.

See the list of main trading features of FXOpen’s ECN TickTrader below.

Level 2 data
The ECN TickTrader features the depth of market to level 2 on live quotes. On the TickTrader, you can literally see how many liquidity is in the market in real time.
Real-time tracking of your account, assets, orders, and positions
On ECN TickTrader, every data is updated in real time. No more delays, but you can see the live market data and account information through the platform.
Tools for technical analysis (30+ indicators)
The TickTrader has more than 30 technical indicators to analyze the markets. You can also use historic prices and perform back test.
FXOpen News Built-in
You can stay updated of any news of FXOpen directly on the TickTrader platform directly.
Online Chat with other users
On FXOpen’s TickTrader, you can also communicate with other traders of the platform.
One/double click trading mode
You won’t be asked twice to confirm your orders, they will be placed immediately.

Other than the above advanced features, FXOpen’s ECN TickTrader also has all the basic tools and options, such as Market orders, Limit Orders, and Stop Orders, volume units (lot or quantity), stop levels, and slippage settings.

Go to FXOpen Official Website today and find out more about their trading platforms and financial markets.



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