superforex-open-fx-mt4-forex-trading-account superforex-open-fx-mt4-forex-trading-account

How to open SuperForex’s FX trading account?

To open SuperForex’s FX trading account, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to SuperForex Official Website
  2. Click on “Open Account” at the top menu bar
  3. Complete the “Client Registration Form” online
  4. Receive emails from SuperForex which contains login credentials for your account
  5. Login to SuperForex’s Client Cabinet from the Official Website
  6. Make a deposit and download SuperForex MT4 platform
  7. Login to SuperForex MT4 platform and start trading

You can open live and demo accounts, access to SuperForex’s client cabinet, deposit, download MT4 trading platforms without any fees.

Go to SuperForex Official Website, and start your online registration for free today.

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Trading Account Types of SuperForex

superforex mt4 account types comparison copy trading

SuperForex provides you with 11 different account types.

The account types are separated in 2 main categories which are STP and ECN.

STP (Straight Through Processing) accounts provides you the trading environment where all orders are sent to the market without any interruptions thus offering the fair trading environment.

ECN (Electronic Communication Network) technology integrates multiple market fees from liquidity providers in order to provide deep market liquidity and tight spread..

Each account type has different condition and advantage for traders.

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See the comparison tables below for more information of SuperForex’s account types.

1. SuperForex STP Account Types Comparison

SuperForex offers a wide range of accounts.

If you have no trading experience at all, you can start learning with Demo Account.

For those who can’t trade SuperForex also offers the Forex Copy service: you can just copy the deals of experienced traders and earn with them.

To join the Forex Copy service open SuperForex’s Standard Mini Account.

If you are new on Forex trading and want to limit your risks, use the Micro Cent Account to minimize possible losses.

The table shows the comparison of SuperForex’s STP account types.

STP Account Type Standard Swap Free No Spread Micro Cent Profi STP Crypto
Required Minimum Deposit $1 $1 $100 $1 $5000 $100
Maximum Account Balance Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Up to $3000 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Leverage 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000 1:200 1:10
1 Lot Size 10 000 USD $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $10,000 cents 10 BTC
Swap Points Credited and Charged None None None Credited and Charged None
Spread Type Fixed Fixed Variable Fixed Variable Fixed
Forex Copy Available Available None None None None
Available Bonuses All bonuses All bonuses Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic

For the list of SuperForex’s all Bonus Promotions and Contests, visit the page here.

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2. SuperForex ECN Account Types Comparison

If you are confident in your abilities, use reduced floating spreads of the new ECN Accounts.

They also have the Swap Free option.

If you are a trader with extensive experience, choose Standard Mini Account and earn extra with the Forex Copy system.

The table shows the comparison of SuperForex’s ECN account types.

Account Types ECN Standard ECN Standard Mini ECN Swap-Free ECN Swap-Free Mini ECN Crypto
Required Minimum Deposit 1 USD 1 USD 1 USD 1 USD $100
Maximum Account Balance Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
1 Lot Size $100,000 $10,000 $100,000 $10,000 10 BTC
Maximum Leverage 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000 1:10
Swap Points Credited and Charged Credited and Charged None None None
Spread Type Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable
Available Bonuses Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic

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No Intermediary Fees on Deposits

SuperForex does not charge any internal fees for deposits or withdrawals.

SuperForex encourages all international clients to contact their banks regarding any fees they may charge for transferring funds, including currency conversion fees.

For unlimited period of time, SuperForex will cover in full or partially the intermediary fees charged by the payment systems when customers deposit funds with us.

Deposit fees are now covered for all payment systems.

If you haven’t benefited from this option yet, open an account with SuperForex and enjoy trading with them.

Account features:

  • No minimum balance to open
  • Fee-free deposits
  • Instant money transfer
  • Fast and easy transactions
  • 24/7 live customer support

Keeping your money and personal formation safe is SuperForex’s top priority.

Deposit, invest, and make profit in a safe trading environment.

To open a new account, start here.

SuperForex existing members, login in the Clients Cabinet from the Official Website.

For the list and conditions of SuperForex’s all fund deposit and withdrawal methods, visit the page here.

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SuperForex Deposit Insurance Program

To make our customers feel safe while trading, at SuperForex, have developed a Deposit Insurance Program.

With it everyone choosing to trade with SuperForex can enjoy the freedom of trading without any worries of losing his funds regardless of transactions outcome.

The Deposit Insurance Program allows customers to insure up to 100% of their deposit and earn it back in case of loss.

For more information about SuperForex’s Deposit Insurance Program, visit the page here.

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Is my money safe at SuperForex?

SuperForex know the value of money, and they know how important it is to the traders, too.

This is why SuperForex have devised a sophisticated fund security system to ensure that whatever you deposit to your accounts is available to you at all times.

1. SuperForex Segregated Funds

SuperForex’s policy of segregated funds provides a maximum level of security for your money.

In essence, what SuperForex means by “segregated” is that your money is kept separately from company resources.

In this way, you can rest assured that your funds are not being used for anything other than your trading transactions.

How does this affect you? Simply put, it means that if the company is hypothetically befallen by some kind of misfortune, you still get to keep your money, as they have nothing to do with SuperForex’s own finances.

In any event, you would be able to access your funds in their entirety.

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2. SuperForex SSL Certificate

The information you enter on SuperForex Official Website is protected by an SSL certificate.

This certificate keeps safe all of your transactions, ensuring full data security.

3. SuperForex Account Verification

You benefit from an additional level of security thanks to our complex method of account verification.

This includes:

  1. an e-mail verification;
  2. an ID scan to verify your data;
  3. an address verification;
  4. a phone number verification.

The combination of these methods insures that your account is well-protected.

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4. SuperForex Log History

You would be able to access a full log-in history in the Client’s Cabinet.

It will show all IP addresses which have logged into your account, allowing you to spot any activity that might not be you.

SuperForex’s system tracks the IP, location, time, operating system, and browser you use for your log in, making it easy to discern malicious attacks on your account.

Additionally, you will receive email alerts if and when suspicious attempts for logging in occur.

Visit SuperForex Official Website

5. SuperForex Device ID

Keep your account safe from strangers by setting it to recognize only your own devices.

You can find this functionality in the Client’s Cabinet, under Security.

From there you can choose which devices are permitted to enter your account – you can add your personal computer, as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

When adding new devices, please make sure all current devices are “Off” in the State column.

If they are left “On” this would prevent you from entering from a different device.

After you add you are done adding new devices, make sure you turn the option back on.

If any technical difficulties arise when you attempt to add a new device, you will be asked to go through a brief phone verification process.

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6. SuperForex IP Restriction

Add a new level of security to your account by creating a list of allowed IP addresses.

In this way, you can restrict access to your account only to the addresses approved by you, preventing hostile parties from stealing your account.

Thanks to SuperForex’s comprehensive set of security measures, you can rest assured that you are always in good hands with SuperForex.

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Earn with Interest Rate On Equity

What can possibly make SuperForex’s clients happier? The answer is simple – more profit.

That’s why Superforex offers you interest rates on your account equity (the actual amount of money on your account after the consideration of deposits, profit and losses).

SuperForex offers you a fixed annual interest rate of 5%, regardless of your trading volume.

The relevant percentage will be credited to your account at the end of each month.

The amount earned in one day is calculated by the formula:

(Free Mаrgin – Credit) × (5 / 100 / 360)

Where the credit is any funds transferred by Superforex to the client’s account because of an offer, deposit or profit, and Free Margin represents the free funds (money not used in open positions) on the account at 23:59:59 (EET) on the current day.

The service is automatic, so there is absolutely no need for you to sign up anywhere, SuperForex have taken care of everything.

Remember, the interest rate is calculated as a percentage, so the more you earn from trades and deposits, the higher your profit.

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Get Pattern Graphix for free

SuperForex pattern graphix trading adviser mt4

Do you sometimes feel that the Forex market is too complicated?

Many traders struggle at the beginning because it can certainly seem like there is too much happening on a graph, for example. Not anymore.

SuperForex customers can now rely on expert advice to guide them in all of their trading – Pattern Graphix.

Pattern Graphix is a plug-in for the SuperForex MetaTrader 4 platform.

It is an immensely useful guide in Forex trading, as it recognizes the patterns of trends for you.

This can help you plan your trades accordingly without straining to make sense of complex charts you’ve yet to learn the meaning of.

Pattern Graphix will highlight and name everything important on graphs, making recommendations as to what positions to open.

It is the perfect tool to help you plan your trading strategy – and the best part is you don’t need to learn anything in advance.

Pattern Graphix does all the thinking for you.

Pattern Graphix is absolutely free of charge for SuperForex customers.

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Invest in Bitcoin on SuperForex MT4

superforex bitcoin trading mt4

SuperForex has introduced a new trading instrument for its customers – Bitcoin, the digital currency that continues to become more and popular globally.

Now you can trade Bitcoin against US Dollar 24/7 via the MetaTrader4 – the trading platform at SuperForex, prefer.

  1. Enjoy the freedom of trading with a fully licensed and regulated broker
  2. No minimum deposit required
  3. Trade, invest, and make profit in a safe environment
  4. Bitcoin market open 24 hours a day
  5. Benefit from our various depositing options and get a special bonus credited to your account
  6. Get live customer support – our dedicated team is available around the clock

Start trading Bitcoin with us and take advantage of SuperForex’s bonus program and special offers designed for SuperForex’s newest members.

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Interesting Facts and Figures about Bitcoin:

Bitcoin was introduced as a new currency in 2008 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

What makes Bitcoin different is that transactions are made with no middle men, i.e. there are no banks involved when making transfers.

Bitcoins can be used to buy merchandise anonymously.

Additionally, international payments are cheap as Bitcoin is not tied to any country or subject to regulation.

This makes Bitсoin immune to any adverse factors as well as inflation.

There are marketplaces called” Bitcoin exchanges” where people can buy or sell bitcoins using different currencies.

Since 2008, the use of Bitcoin has been influenced by a diverse range of factors that have made it one of the most volatile currencies globally.

Nevertheless, more than 100,000 bitcoin transactions are executed daily day and their number continues to grow.

With SuperForex Bitcoin trades are executed in a CFD mode and there is no physical delivery involved.

This means that profit is derived from the fluctuations in the rate.

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Distance Education Course (SuperForex Education Portal)

To help you become better acquainted with Forex trading, SuperForex has prepared a special Distance Education Course for you.

Over the span of these lectures you would be able to learn key concepts about Forex trading such as pricing and reading quotations, the elements of technical analysis, pattern recognition and interpretation, reading different types of charts, and many more trading essentials.

You would be provided with visual and quantitative examples to enhance your learning process.

Each lecture also contains a set of sample questions to test your knowledge after completing the reading.

The Distance Education Course is entirely free of charge for SuperForex customers.

You can access the lectures on SuperForex’s Education Portal from the Official Website.



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