June 16, 2016

How to start investing with IronFX's TradeCopier - Forex Copy Trading Tool

IronFX's TradeCopier, a dynamic platform that allows you to mirror successful strategies, diversify your portfolio, and save time while unlocking a multitude of investment opportunities.

How to start investing with IronFX's TradeCopier - Forex Copy Trading Tool How to start investing with IronFX's TradeCopier - Forex Copy Trading Tool

IronFX’s TradeCopier is a tool that enables users to mimic successful trading strategies, offering portfolio diversification, time-efficiency, and a variety of strategies.

Beginning with TradeCopier

TradeCopier is a platform that allows investors to adopt the trading strategies of experienced, successful traders, a method referred to as copy trading.

Copy trading differs from mirror trading in that, while copy trading implies a direct imitation of another trader’s actions, mirror trading involves following a set of signals generated from the successful trading patterns of various traders.

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Understanding Mirror Trading

Mirror trading is the act of copying the trading strategies of other traders, often provided by companies who offer such services. These businesses employ successful strategies from their top traders to generate reliable and accurate signals for their clients. Though not new, mirror trading has evolved significantly through the use of big data and artificial intelligence, resulting in highly accurate and predictable signals, making it a good choice for those seeking a hands-off approach to forex trading.

However, the main drawback of mirror trading is that it demands complete replication, without the ability to choose which signals to follow. The process is entirely automated and necessitates the installation of specific software or a MetaTrader plugin.

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A Fresh Approach to Copy Trading

IronFX presents TradeCopier, a distinctive platform for copy trading that allows following and learning from skilled traders, thereby enhancing your portfolio. If you find yourself short on time or lack the experience or knowledge for trading, TradeCopier allows you to benefit from the expertise of professional traders.

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Defining TradeCopier

TradeCopier is a platform that allows users to automatically mirror the actions of other traders in real time. This feature is particularly helpful for beginners in forex trading or those who lack the time for thorough research and trend analysis. By copying the strategies of high-performing traders, users can leverage their expertise to expand their own trading portfolios. Despite its benefits, users should understand the risks involved in online trading and perform their own market analysis before committing capital, as capital remains at risk even when copying from the most experienced traders.

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Benefits of TradeCopier

Harness the expertise of top traders
Leverage the experience of skilled traders to enhance and diversify your portfolio.
Save time
Copy trading is a convenient solution for confidently entering the markets without having to monitor them constantly.
Broad choice of strategies
Choose from a range of strategies from the leaderboard and subscribe to one or more Strategy Providers.
Diversify your portfolio
By copying traders dealing in various financial instruments, you can diversify your investment portfolio.
Earn rewards
Strategy Providers can earn performance fees of up to 40%, receive payouts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and join a network of global investors.
Ease of onboarding
Begin trading instantly after opening a Strategy Provider account.
Automatic fee calculations
As a Strategy Provider, your total earnings and percentage return can be found on the leaderboard, eliminating manual calculation of performance fees.

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How TradeCopier functions

TradeCopier is a fully automated platform that removes the need for constant monitoring of trades. Whether you are at your computer or not during trade execution, instant email notifications keep you updated on the status of your trading account.

TradeCopier is also highly valued as a beginner-friendly online trading platform. Beginners can efficiently replicate the strategies of experienced traders without needing to conduct their own research or engage in trading activities.

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Utilizing TradeCopier

As a Strategy Provider

If you’re an expert trader with substantial experience, consider becoming a Strategy Provider. Let other traders replicate your strategies and earn a performance fee, thus increasing your revenue! Your earnings will be performance-based, depending on your trades, profits, and the number of traders following your strategies. A higher follower count translates to higher potential earnings. IronFX provides all the necessary tools to get started, and you can connect with traders globally. All you need to do is demonstrate your trading skills and allow Strategy Followers to replicate your methods.

As a Strategy Follower

If you’re a beginner in forex trading or lack the time or knowledge to trade independently, copying the strategies of experienced traders can be an excellent option. By automatically following the top-performing strategies of our Strategy Provider(s), you can leverage their expertise to create or enhance your portfolio. It’s worth noting that initially, you can only select one Strategy Provider, but you can follow more later using the TradeCopier platform.

Trade confidently with this platform! Register as a Strategy Provider or a Strategy Follower, fund your account, and begin trading while replicating the strategies of top-performing traders. A few simple steps can get you started with copy trading effortlessly.

Becoming a Strategy Provider

To become a strategy provider, you need to register with IronFX as a Strategy Provider, deposit funds into your account, create your profile and set your performance fee. By allowing other traders to follow your strategies, you can earn fees. To attract more clients to replicate your methods, you can enhance your visibility on the Leaderboard.

Becoming a Strategy Follower

To become a Strategy Follower, you need to register, fund your account, and find experienced traders whose style or trading goals align with yours. You can then set the terms and risk level for each Strategy Provider you wish to follow and automatically replicate the successful trades of these high-performing traders.

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Why choose IronFX’s TradeCopier?

IronFX is an established name in the online trading world, boasting more than 1.5 million traders worldwide and numerous financial awards. With round-the-clock dedicated customer support, personal account managers, and an abundance of online resources, IronFX stands ready to provide the necessary assistance.

TradeCopier is an excellent tool to navigate the markets with a reliable broker. Being a reputable broker, IronFX attracts top talent, ensuring a wide selection of Strategy Providers for beginners. Remember, you are always in control of your funds and account and can allocate your resources as you see fit. To learn more about TradeCopier, visit IronFX’s website and find a dedicated page under the Trading Platform section.

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