May 5, 2022

How to start trading Cryptocurrency pairs on FXPro's platforms?

No barrier to fortune. It's not too late to be a crypto billionaire.

You-can-now-trade-Cryptocurrency-pairs-on-FXPro-for-24-hours-a-day-and-7-days-a-week. You-can-now-trade-Cryptocurrency-pairs-on-FXPro-for-24-hours-a-day-and-7-days-a-week.

Trade the world’s most sought-after asset class – cryptocurrency CFDs – including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Trade cryptocurrency CFDs on FXPro

Trade CFDs on Cryptocurrencies with the World’s #1 FX Broker1 and benefit from tight spreads and fast order execution.

Cryptocurrencies are digital, decentralized currencies that were created to work as a medium of exchange.

The cryptocurrency market offers traders a new way of investing; free from intermediaries such as governments or rating agencies.

Hence, price movements on cryptos are driven by a multitude of factors such as market demand and relative news.

At FxPro, clients can trade cryptocurrencies as CFDs in pairs with USD.

Choose your cryptocurrency CFD, go long or short and capitalize on price trend changes.

Invest in Cryptocurrencies on FxPro

Access to crypto wealth has never been easier

The Road To Wealth Is Unblocked. It’s Not Too Late To Be A Crypto Rich.

Now is an interesting time for cryptocurrencies. As more institutional investors buy into bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and other cryptocurrencies, some investors may be concerned if they’re missing out, especially as the market skyrockets into the sky in 2021. In early 2022, it encountered “Waterloo”.

In the early days of cryptocurrency, it was known for its ability to turn free-thinking young people without deep backgrounds into Bitcoin millionaires. And now that cryptocurrencies are arguably going mainstream, has cryptocurrencies become the exclusive domain of the financial giants that Bitcoin once tried to challenge? The evidence does not seem to support this claim. In fact, the stories of today’s biggest crypto influencers are still inspiring, from all backgrounds, ages and countries. Let’s take a look at some of the most inspiring cryptocurrency influencers in the industry right now.

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From “grocery packer” to “high society dick”

Carl Runefelt (better known by his social media name “The Moon”) is one of the most popular cryptocurrency influencers today, with over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 1 million on Twitter fan.

Runefelt is a notorious Bitcoin “bull” and has made quite a bit of money with the cryptocurrency “Big Brother.” He’s never been shy about showing off his wealth – snapping up rare NFTs (fungible tokens) for millions and showing fans his new Bugatti luxury car (trading profits in ether) when the market crashes in late 2021 Buy). But doesn’t Runefelt have the right to be proud of his wealth? He came from humble beginnings, and once said in an interview that he wanted to use his story to inspire fans to do the same.

Before getting into the cryptocurrency market, Runefelt worked in a grocery store in his native Sweden. At 22, the young grocery worker was tired and frustrated with life and career prospects. Runefelt started investing his savings in gold and other precious metals, but was disappointed by the corruption and inefficiency of the banking system. A video about cryptocurrencies on YouTube inspired him to switch to the cryptocurrency market and start his own YouTube channel in 2017.

Runefelt’s cryptocurrency investments were a huge success, and his “The Moon” became a hit. Runefelt has revolutionized his life by investing, trading and advising his subscribers. He believes that the “law of attraction” and the power of imagination are the keys to his “prosperity and wealth” today.

Runefelt is based in Dubai, the “dunk’s paradise”, and continues to be active in the cryptocurrency and NFT markets, as well as actively promoting its own payment app Kasta. Despite now expanding into other spin-off areas of the crypto industry, the self-made Swedish crypto tycoon remains bullish on the cryptocurrency “big brother,” claiming that Bitcoin will never drop below $10,000, and may even reach 20 within the next 3 years Thousands of dollars.

Invest in Cryptocurrencies on FxPro

Hold on to your dreams – there’s still hope to be a cryptocurrency star

The story of Runefelt, who managed to turn his life around in his 20s, is a huge inspiration for today’s crypto traders, and the world of cryptocurrencies is still a way for people to make money “off the beaten path” beyond the traditional path to wealth.

While many prominent investors study at elite universities, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin dropped out early to focus on cryptocurrency exploration. In 2012, 12-year-old Eric Finman spent $1,000 in a family gift to buy bitcoin for $10 to $12, a move that made him a 100-year-old at the age of 18. Millionaires, needless to say these days, are certainly richer.

For now, the volatility of altcoins remains a big opportunity for big returns, and new crypto influencers generally come from poorer backgrounds. Rachel Siegel was a struggling substitute teacher at the bottom of society. The 29-year-old, with no technical knowledge, started out with about $25 a week into the cryptocurrency market, which eventually turned into seven-figure returns, owned her own house, and created @CryptoFinally to become a cryptocurrency Influence people.

Kane Ellis learned how to mine cryptocurrency at age 18, used years of bitcoin earnings to create Carswap, an online car marketplace, and bought his own luxury car (unlike Runefelt, Ellis prefer Maserati).

These are just two more examples of cryptocurrency “fans” who made their fortunes from the cryptocurrency market and built their hit brands on top of it. There are many more traders who make a lot of money but don’t want to be in the spotlight and don’t like being a public figure. The truth is: most cryptocurrency millionaires are unheard of but focused on their lives.

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Getting Rich With Crypto Has Never Been Easier

Cryptocurrencies are still a great way to create wealth, mainly because they are now easily accessible to just about anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection, a feature that benefits a large segment of those who don’t have access to traditional wealth products.

Binance remains the best one-stop platform for cryptocurrency trading and investing, with over 60 digital assets available for trading, including cryptocurrencies, indices, DeFi, Metaverse tokens, and more, all in a smartphone app Or the web version platform to operate.

Binance offers extremely low fees, a “profit-sharing” trading model, and a wealth of instructional literature videos, making it the perfect choice for novice traders to join the cryptocurrency market.

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