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XM Global offers access to crypto trading through exchange-traded products (ETPs) or various currency pairs such as bitcoin-dollar. US (BTCUSD), Litecoin Euro (LTCEUR) and Ethereum-Japanese Yen (ETHJPY).

In Forex crypto trading using cryptocurrency pairs, you can take short positions, thereby benefiting from falling prices.

Crypto trading made easy and safe with XM Global

XM Global introduces you a more efficient way to trade cryptocurrencies.

Do you prefer to play on short-term price dynamics or take long positions?

Whichever you choose, crypto trading with XM Global is a safe, flexible and hassle-free way to invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and more.

Self-managed investing
You are provided with everything you need to manage your own investments.
Managed Portfolios
XM Global also provides you with automated strategies for investing and trading at a low cost.
Intuitive trading tools
Sign up to get access to investment platforms for different needs and experience levels.
Expert assessments
Market analysis on the platform, learning resources and more are available too.

Get the most out of market movements with XM Global.

With XM Global, you can get access to a wide range of investment options, intuitive trading tools and dynamic market insight to help you implement your trading strategies.

Invest in Crypto Markets with XM

Merits of trading Cryptos on XM Global

What is the advantage of trading cryptocurrencies with XM Global?

Trade without problems
Manage crypto trading on an easy to use platform without worrying about crypto wallets, cold storage or seed phrases.
High or low with leverage and capitalize on fast price changes or invest in cryptocurrencies for the long term via mobile app or PC.
Safe trading
Watch out for price fluctuations. Since you are not the owner or holder of the coins, you do not need to worry about possible hacking or loss of access.
Trade with a licensed and regulated bank that protects your funds on a trusted platform that has been continuously improved for over 30 years.

Trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple with powerful tools on an easy to use platform.

Track your coins with advanced analytics and robust risk management solutions.

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Risk transparency with XM Global

Cryptocurrencies are known to be extremely susceptible to price fluctuations.

Even with the potential for significant returns, we ask you to assess the risks before investing.

Since the cryptocurrency markets are still largely unregulated, they may be subject to market price manipulation. In addition, earlier hackers also gained unauthorized access to digital wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges.
Liquid assets
Most bitcoins are owned by a small number of investors, and many platforms and exchanges trade on their own balances. In the event of a rapid sale of assets, liquidity problems can limit investors against the backdrop of rapidly falling prices.
Boom or burst bubble
The parabolic increase in the price of cryptocurrencies is due more to speculative reasons than to actual value. The first “crypto bubble” suddenly burst in 2018, which suggests that history may repeat itself again.
High volatility
In 2017, the value of bitcoin rose by more than 1000%, and at the beginning of 2018 lost 80% of its value. Since the beginning of 2019, as of January 1, 2021, it has increased by more than 800%. this was facilitated by the arrival of large corporations in the cryptocurrency space.

Since you don’t own the underlying coins when trading ETPs and Forex crypto pairs, you don’t need a crypto wallet. This also means that there is no need to create cold storage solutions or crypto wallet recovery.

This gives you the ability to scale your position with greater accuracy and doesn’t limit you to trading whole cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency pairs on Forex (Crypto FX) are presented on the MT5 and mobile platforms.

Invest in Crypto Markets with XM

Ways to trade cryptocurrencies with XM Global

Choose a product that matches your strategy and risk appetite

1. Forex

Take advantage of short-term volatility with leverage.

A wide range of cross-rates when trading cryptocurrencies
Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies against major fiat currencies. With cryptocurrency trading, you don’t have to change currencies when it’s time to cash out. We suggest trading BTC, ETH and LTC against USD, EUR or JPY.
Take advantage of rising and falling markets
Don’t limit yourself to trading bull markets. Take long or short positions and play the market in any direction.
Boost your purchasing power
Trade cryptocurrency pairs with leverage to increase your purchasing power and potential profit. However, please keep in mind that leverage can increase not only potential income, but also potential loss.

2. Cryptocurrency ETFs and ETNs

Make long-term investments in non-leveraged exchange-traded products such as ETFs and ETNs

An easy way to diversify your portfolio with cryptocurrencies
Make long-term investments with ETP for cryptocurrencies. Buy and hold cryptocurrencies just like you do with stocks. XM Global offers ETNs and ETFs for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tezos and other cryptocurrencies.
A more efficient way to buy and hold cryptocurrencies
If you want cryptocurrencies to become a long-term component of your portfolio, avoid paying interest and rollover fees with ETP.
Manage your risks
Cryptocurrency markets are known for their volatility. ETPs are not traded with leverage, so you cannot lose more than you have invested, even if the price of cryptocurrencies suddenly drops.

Check out XM Global’s competitive rates in advance to boost your earnings and avoid unwanted surprises.

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Why choose XM to invest in Cryptocurrencies?

XM Global is continues to be one of the popular choices among Forex traders.

Besides the advanced tools and trading conditions, there are many reasons to invest online with XM Global.

Make long-term investments or trade with leverage
Choose from a wide range of products for cash and margin trading in global markets. Whatever you trade, get what you need to make confident decisions with cutting-edge tools, market insights and professional analysis.
Let the experts trade for you
Invest in an expert-managed portfolio to maximize long-term returns based on your risk appetite. Analyze, optimize and manage your trades with trading tools personalized to your needs.
Fine-tune your strategy with thorough market analysis
Do you want to quickly learn about the market or explore ESG-focused investments? From current market updates to in-depth macro analysis, your XM Global account gives you access to important information right on your trading platform.
Trade with low commissions and tight spreads
With XM Global, you get a transparent pricing structure and a secure and regulated trading environment. As an active trader, you can also qualify for lower commissions and additional benefits.
XM Global is working to achieve your goals
XM Global is a licensed industry leader that works to bring you the best products on the market, while also striving to increase accessibility and transparency in the trading industry.


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