Andrea Unger has established himself as one of Europe’s best traders and fulfilled his dream by winning the 2008 World Cup Trading Championships® in Futures Trading, where he captured the win with a 672% net return.

Proving it was no fluke, he recorded a 115% return in 2009 to become the first back-to-back winner of the competition in nearly 20 years, and then again in 2010 with a 240% return in Futures & Forex Trading, to pull off an unprecedented World Cup three-peat.

In 2006, Andrea published “Money Management: Methods and Applications,” the first Italian-language book on money management for traders.

All his models are built considering the power of leverage, but also the danger of excessive exposure. He states:

“Psychology is also of utmost importance, mainly in following the plan without exceptions. Sometimes emotions can drive strange decisions, they may even be right on some occasions, but in the end, the sum of discretionary maneuvers used in system trading is a losing game.”

Even though he trades all the markets, he has lately been focused on Futures and even more on Forex.

“The liquidity of the FX markets with their enormous scalability is a winning tool in any trader’s box. When considering position sizing, it becomes incredibly important to have the chance as often as possible to modify the size of trades. In FX, this possibility when using mini or micro lots is at its top.”

Although Andrea’s strategies are automated, he still monitors, adjusts and improves them often.

“I watch the market every day, and I’m always trying to discover new opportunities. I never just sit and look at my systems. I enjoy testing new ideas, and have a feeling that I can go on indefinitely because I see there are still many opportunities which I have yet to discover.”

It was Andrea who suggested creating two strategies especially. Two portfolios, where

“one is for quiet investors who believe that this program is an investment opportunity with a long-term stable return and small drawdowns”, and another for “people who want a higher return and obviously accept higher drawdowns with higher risk on every single operation.”


Average annual gain: 67.5% / 21.7%
Strategy trading length: 9 years backtested
Minimum investment: 10.000 USD

Andrea further adds:

“These portfolios comprise of 4 different automatic systems. They are continually monitored, tested and updated by me when necessary. Currently this strategy in only trading EURUSD and each position opened is sized depending on the current volatility of the markets to keep equity movements within predetermined limits. The daily average is from 1 to 2 new open trades. If the maximum drawdown is ever reached, the system will stop until the strategy is reconfigured for optimal conditions.”



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