valutrades-mt4-mt5-updates-more-markets-and-deposit-options valutrades-mt4-mt5-updates-more-markets-and-deposit-options

Valutrades - What's now?

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Multiple Improvements by Valutrades

Valutrades, an online Forex and CFD broker with MT4 and MT5 trading platforms have made multiple updates on their service conditions.

More markets for trading and funding options are added on Valutrades MT4 and MT5.

The leverage has been updated for several financial instruments, including Oils.

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Here are the 3 main improvements on Valutrades MT4 and MT5.

1. New Gold and Silver symbols

Valutrades has added the below symbols to the MT4 and MT5 platforms:

  1. XAGAUD (Silver vs Australian Dollar)
  2. XAUAUD (Gold vs Australian Dollar)

The above precious metals are paired with AUD, adding the possibilities to other markets available for trading on Valutrades MT4 and MT5.

These symbols are ready to trade and all information regarding Margin Requirements and Contract Sizes are available on Valutrades Official Website, under “Product Information”.

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2. Higher Leverage for Oil markets

On Valutrades MT4 and MT5, you can no trade Energy CFDs (Oils) with up to 1:20 high leverage.

Valutrades’s Oil CFD margins are updated accordingly:

Account Standard Leverage Oil Margin Requirement
500:1 Leverage Accounts 5%
200:1 Leverage Accounts 6.6%
100:1 Leverage Accounts 10%
ESMA Leverage Accounts 10%

The above margin requirements apply already on both Valutrades MT4 and MT5 platforms.

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3. New Fund Deposit and Withdrawal options

Valutrades Seychelles clients can now make deposits via Skrill and Neteller.

By using these online wallets, you can deposit funds to your account today and start trading within minutes.

The fund deposit and withdrawal via Neteller and Skrill are available for traders registered under Valutrades Seychelles.

To Valutrades MT5 and Mt5 accounts, you can transfer your investment funds through various methods.

Log in to Valutrades Official Website and find out the list of available fund management methods today.



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