March 22, 2022

Music NFT and Metaverse - Snoop Dogg and Death Row opening new worlds

Music in the metaverse? How Snoop Dogg and Death Row could open up a new market.

Music-NFT-and-Metaverse----Snoop-Dogg-and-Death-Row-opening-new-worlds Music-NFT-and-Metaverse----Snoop-Dogg-and-Death-Row-opening-new-worlds

Music in the metaverse?

Music in the metaverse? Find out how Snoop Dogg and Death Row could create a new market.

Music NFTs could turn both the recording industry and the crypto sphere upside down. This new movement is led by hip-hop legend Calvin Broadus Jr., better known as Snoop Dogg, who may well turn iconic label Death Row Records into a non-fungible token (NFT) brand, according to comments he himself made. has done on the Clubhouse social network on February 15.

“Death Row will become an NFT brand. We are about to introduce our artists to the metaverse and a completely innovative concept of music”, were the words that Snoop Dogg used on the Clubhouse platform in February. “I want to position myself as the first label in the metaverse.”

Snoop Dogg is on the right track and his ambitions are well founded. The famous rapper recently took ownership of this brand, just before the Super Bowl halftime show, in which he performed alongside rappers and collaborators Dr. Dre and Eminem.

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Snoop Dog enters the world of high technology

Snoop Dog’s image of a gang member may not fit very well with the stereotypes that are usually held in the technology sector, but the truth is that he has been participating in the new technology sector for some time, proof of this is that he has released several video games and he has even appeared in many of them. But far from playing games, the hip-hop star was also one of the first investors to bet on RobinHood or Reddit in 2014, and was the first artist to offer the possibility of buying his albums using Bitcoin (BTC) as a method . of payment. Naturally, in 2013 he also openly endorsed the Dogecoin (DOGE) project .

So it’s no surprise that this verse master is now entering the NFT arena. His NFT journey began by collecting them, and he claims that his personal NFT wallet includes various NFTs from Meebits, CryptoPunks, and Fidenza, with one notorious CryptoPunk (#3831) currently worth $2.57 million.

Likewise, Snoop Dogg has released several NFT collections using his own musical image. On January 9, he teamed up with Gala Games to present Stash Box, a series of NFTs tied to the themes contained in his latest album, Bacc on Death Row. Sales of these NFTs now exceed $50 million. Earlier this week he released a collection of thousands of Doggie voxel avatars, inspired by his own look and quirky style, on the metaverse platform The Sandbox. The avatars are divided into various formats and curiosities, in order to attract collectors looking to stand out in the metaverse. Snoop Dogg himself has bought real estate in the Sandbox, where land can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

However, it is Snoop Dog’s latest NFT venture (a set of songs on the NFT OpenSea marketplace) that could be the most significant game changer for the music industry.

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Another way of understanding remixes

This NFT collection consists of a series of compilations containing names like Dogg: Death Row Mixtape Vol. 1′ and Death Row EDM Vol. 1. Conveniently, Blockchain is the theme of the songs, directly referencing Bored Apes, Dogecoin , OpeSea and the cryptocurrency subculture. In addition, the audio files are linked to images of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club, but the most striking thing is the way the tracks are divided.

The versions of the new songs are divided into files that contain only the instrumental track, only the vocal track (a cappella), or a combination of these two, either with part of the vocals or with the entire song. Each version of the theme comes with a limited number of tokens. The vocal track for “High”, for example, comes with no less than 420 tokens.

The description of these NFTs reads: “Get it. Mix it. Master it.” In essence, Snoog Dogg is inviting buyers to create and distribute their own mixes of the artist’s songs, and has indeed confirmed this on Twitter, stating “you buy it and you own the rights to it.” everything. Buy Snoop Dogg’s beat? Create your own theme.

Since their birth, samples and remixes have been a fundamental part of hip-hop music, but they have also given rise to a great deal of copyright and plagiarism controversy that has ultimately resulted in a large number of lawsuits from great media impact within the music industry, and not only in the hip-hop genre. Even artists of the stature of Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar or Nicky Minaj have been involved in litigation because of musical samples.

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A new path to digital property?

Beyond the problems with unauthorized but artistically significant remixes and samples, the recording industry has had great difficulty dealing with online piracy since the dawn of the digital world back in 1990. NFTs now offer an opportunity to preserve artists’ rights in a digital environment, but could they also represent a new compromise between the creators of a piece, the fans and the people who make remixes of it?

Will people who purchase these NFTs be able to legally monetize their remixes? If Snoop Dogg is the absolute owner of his master, he would be in a position to assign 100% of his rights to those songs online. However, the ownership of an NFT does not legally transfer these rights per se, so some type of external contract signed by Death Row Records would be necessary in which it was established that such would be the operation of these NFTs, in order to protect anyone who wants to make money from their remixes of Snoop Dogg songs.

At the moment, Snoop Dogg’s clients on OpenSea receive more of a promise than a legal guarantee when purchasing tokens, though the rapper has stated his desire for Death Row to become a “metaverse brand,” and has launched NFTs alongside its music. If his intention in this respect is genuine, it would be necessary to clearly define the general conditions for artists and people who create remixes.

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