List-of-financial-markets-you-can-invest-in-with-Axiory List-of-financial-markets-you-can-invest-in-with-Axiory

List of markets offered by Axiory. A wide range of products is available to trade with competitive conditions and maximum security.

Trading with Axiory

Axiory is an international multi-asset broker that has been allowing traders around the world to invest in a wide range of instruments with extremely competitive trading conditions for over a decade. The broker’s foundation is based on security and transparency, which are fundamental features for creating a solid trust relationship with its clients. Additionally, the broker is committed to offering a wide and well-structured trading environment that supports traders in their operations. The available platforms MT4, MT5, and cTrader with cutting-edge technologies allow investors to take advantage of every opportunity and maximize their profits.

Clear and secure service.
A strictly regulated broker (with IFSC license) with high-security standards:

  • Client funds held in segregated accounts managed solely by the account owner.
  • Negative balance protection allowing to lose only the amount deposited.
  • Third-party review.
  • Compensation fund that provides a maximum compensation of 20,000 euros.
  • Efficient risk management with margin call, stop out, take profit.
  • Range of efficient and secure payment methods.
Excellent trading conditions.
To enable its clients to manage every operation to their full potential, the broker offers extremely advantageous trading conditions: Variable spreads starting from 0 pips, maximum leverage of 1:77, low and in some cases non-existent commissions, minimal/positive slippage.
Trading platforms and cutting-edge technologies.
Each trader can choose the platform suitable for their trading style, choosing between MT4, MT5, cTrader (available in any version and for any mobile device). Furthermore, thanks to Equinix servers and data centers in London and Tokyo, the broker guarantees lightning-fast execution and extreme liquidity.
Axiory manages a finely structured educational path for traders. Any investor of any level of experience can use live webinars, trading sessions, a well-stocked educational library to expand their knowledge and perfect their style.

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Available Markets

Axiory allows its clients to trade a wide range of products with competitive prices and maximum transparency. Investments via CFD (Contract for Difference) on forex, metals, energies, indices, stocks, oil, stock exchange, and ETFs with tight spreads, high leverage, and clear prices.


The broker allows trading on a wide range of products in the world’s most liquid market. Currency pairs of all kinds, from the most popular to the most exotic, that traders can choose to use in their investment strategies.

In addition to the advantageous conditions offered for trading, the client can invest in forex knowing that:

Possibility to trade a falling pair
A service that allows clients to invest and earn on a falling price by simply opening a “sell” position.
Wide availability
Wherever in the world the trader is located, they can invest in forex 24/7 without taking into account the time zone they are in.
More instruments, more opportunities.
Over 60 currency pairs available for investing and taking advantage of luck, business sense, and one’s own abilities.
The most active market in the world.
An extremely liquid and volatile environment with trading volumes that exceed $4 trillion per day.

Commissions, maximum leverage, spreads, minimum trade size, and swaps may vary depending on the selected instrument, the type of account opened, and the type of platform used.

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A great way to diversify one’s portfolio and protect oneself in uncertain markets, investments in precious metals are regularly made by traders all over the world. Axiory allows its clients to invest in CFDs on metals and take advantage of price fluctuations without having to physically purchase the product. Among the available pairs are gold, silver, and platinum.

The main advantages of investing in precious metals with Axiory are as follows:

Profitable in high-risk periods
One of the main characteristics of metals, and especially gold, is that they tend to react positively in unstable markets. Traders usually use this feature to their advantage by diversifying their portfolio. A sort of insurance in difficult times.
Trading highs and lows.
It is possible to trade metals even in the case of a decreasing price. The trader will simply have to open a “sell” position and will profit if the price continues to drop.
Gold maintains its constant value in the market.
Practically since the birth of financial markets, gold has maintained its financial value compared to most other instruments.
Trading without purchasing.
CFD trading allows clients to trade on the value fluctuations of precious metals without physically owning them.

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Energy and Crude Oil

The broker offers the possibility to trade in some of the most important energy resources in the world, such as WTI and Brent. An extremely volatile market that allows traders who are capable of seizing the right opportunities to achieve their investment goals. Below are the characteristics and advantages of trading with Axiory on energy and oil.

New oil indicators.
Recently, the broker has updated the list of available instruments, allowing traders to trade US and UK oil indicators, strategically developed to compensate for the high volatility of WTI and Brent oil prices.
Trading on falling oil prices.
In the event that the oil market is highly unstable, the trader can invest by opening a selling position and trying to profit from falling prices.
Knowing the indicators in detail.
The energy market has 5 fundamental indicators: supply and demand, OPEC, political unrest, economic indicators, and market sentiment. Knowing every detail of the instrument you’re trading allows for more effective strategies.
Energy instruments are extremely active.
Being influenced by numerous key factors, they offer attractive investment opportunities.

Commissions, maximum leverage, spreads, minimum trade size, and swaps may vary depending on the selected instrument, account type, and platform used.

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CFD Indices

Through the list of available CFD indices for trading, traders can invest in the price fluctuations of the world’s most influential companies such as DAX, NASDAQ, CAC, FTSE, and many more. Like other contracts for difference, CFD indices allow for trading without physically owning the product and opting for the use of financial leverage (which in this case is 1:100).

The characteristics and advantages of CFD trading on indices are as follows:

Markets are down? Companies in loss? No problem for the client.
Any profits a trader may receive do not depend on the losses of the company they have chosen to invest in. What will allow the client to achieve their goals depends on the type of strategy applied and the decisions made for trading.
Knowing what to invest in.
Each year, public companies release earnings reports that traders can study carefully to predict potential price movements.
No need to purchase stock.
The client can trade on price fluctuations and this does not imply purchasing the shares of the company they have chosen to invest in.
Trading a pair on the decline.
It will not be necessary to only bet on rising stocks. The trader will have the opportunity to trade on declining stocks by opening a “sell” position and profit from the price continuing to fall.

Again, we would like to remind you that commissions, maximum leverage, spreads, minimum trade size, and swaps may vary depending on the selected instrument, account type, and platform used.

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CFD on Stocks

When trading a stock, the trader buys it and consequently becomes its owner (with all the pros and cons that come with it). Unlike stocks, CFDs on stocks allow you to bet on price fluctuations of the stock. Therefore, you do not become an owner but instead trade on the underlying asset. With Axiory, the client can access a wide range of instruments, including the wealthiest publicly traded companies in the world, such as Apple, Adobe,, Google, and many more.

Below are the details of CFD trading on stocks with Axiory:

Important news always available.
Being extremely popular companies, it will be easy to find important information and news that will allow you to predict their behavior.
Companies in loss, no problem.
The profits of traders do not depend on the profit margins of the company but on the investment choices made.
Knowledge is power.
By accessing annual reports on the earnings of companies, the customer can use them to predict potential price movements.
No physical purchase necessary.
By trading on the price swings of a particular security, the trader does not necessarily have to purchase it.

Conditions and costs for trading such as commissions, maximum leverage, spread, minimum trading size, and swap may vary depending on the selected instrument, type of account opened, and the type of platform used.

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Exchange trading

This new tool offered by the broker allows traders who have an “Alpha” account with the MT5 platform to become active shareholders of the largest companies in the world. Among the wide list of available instruments (over 100), we can find AAPL.XNAS, AMZN.XNAS, CME.XNAS, and much more.

Total and well-structured control over purchased securities thanks to earnings reports, media coverage, and news on market indices.
When the company earns profits, the shareholder will receive an additional gain known as a dividend.
An integral part of the company.
Being the owner of a security, the trader is an integral part of the company on which he has decided to invest. Therefore, if the company earns, the customer earns.
Long-term rewards.
Which do not vary based on daily market fluctuations.

On the stock page, the customer can learn in detail about all the characteristics of the selected security in order to choose with greater accuracy what to invest in.

For most securities, the trading conditions are as follows:

Currency US Dollar
Contract size 1
Tick size 0.01
Tick value 0.01
Minimum trade size 1
Fee None

It should be noted that such instruments are available only for traders with “Alpha” accounts, for more information visit the official website and contact the support team.

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Trading ETFs

With a recent update on available products, the broker allows customers to invest in a wide range of ETF assets.

In short, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are investment funds listed on markets that faithfully replicate the performance (and consequently the return) of stock, bond or commodity indices (such as S&P500 and FTSE MIB) and are regularly traded on the stock exchange.

When a trader decides to buy an ETF, as with all funds, it is as if they were buying a basket of securities.

Among investors, this type of investment is very popular. The instrument offers the possibility to trade a considerable number of assets at once with a single ETF.

Among the main characteristics of ETF investments offered by Axiory we can note:

Passive management.
The typical passive management structure of these instruments and their listing on the stock exchange allow ETFs to drastically reduce active management costs and those related to distribution, guaranteeing traders access to markets and investment strategies that they would otherwise hardly be able to reach.
Low cost
No matter how many shares the ETF on which you have decided to invest contains, Axiory will charge a single commission on each ETF.
Easy execution.
Every trader can invest in hundreds of assets with a transaction by purchasing ETFs.
Diversify the portfolio
An excellent method for diversifying investment portfolios.
Some ETFs allow traders to receive an additional gain generated by dividends.

Traders who choose to opt for this type of investment can choose to invest in over 60 different ETFs offered, including QQQ.XNAS, EMB.XNAS, IBB.XNAS, and many others.

The trading conditions for most of the products offered are as follows:

Currency US Dollar
Contract size 1
Tick size 0.01
Tick value 0.01
Minimum size 1
Tax None

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Trading conditions

As mentioned, trading conditions may vary depending on factors such as account type, instrument traded, platform used, and country of origin. For more information, it is possible to contact the support team.

To learn about the characteristics and trading conditions of the available accounts, simply consult the following table:

Features Nano Account Standard Account Max Account Tera Account Alpha Account
Minimum deposit 10 USD 10 USD 10 USD 10 USD Not applicable
Platforms MT4, cTrader MT4, cTrader MT4, cTrader MT5 MT5
Average EURUSD spread 0.00003 0.00013 0.0002 0.00003 Not applicable
Maximum leverage 1:400 1:400 1:777 1:400 1:1
Commissions 6 USD/lot None None 6 USD/lot Starting from 1.5 USD/lot
CFD stock commissions 0.04 USD per CFD (minimum 6 USD) 0.04 USD per CFD (minimum 6 USD) 0.06 USD per CFD (minimum 8 USD) 0.04 USD per CFD (minimum 6 USD) Not applicable
Available currencies for the account EUR, USD EUR, USD EUR, USD EUR, USD EUR, USD
Negative balance protection Available Available Available Available Not applicable
Hedging Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed Not allowed
Minimum FX trading volume (in lots) 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 Not available
FX lot size 100,000 100,000 100,000 100,000 Not available
Max number of open/pending positions No limit No limit No limit No limit No limit
Islamic account Available Available Available Available Not available
Axiory CopyTrade Not available Not available Available Not available Not available
Stop out 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Margin call 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%

It is important to note that the CFD commissions listed in the table are in USD. Commissions in Euro will not have a fixed cost but will be calculated as a percentage. For further information, visit the official website and contact the support team.



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