December 29, 2021

Olymp Trade Added Quickler, a New Trading Mechanic

Now, you can make 5-second trades.

Olymp Trade Added Quickler, a New Trading Mechanic

Quickler is targeted at traders who are accustomed to making super-fast decisions and have intense lives. Do you belong to this type? This new tool might be your perfect match. Keep reading to know more about how Quickler works, where to find it, and what benefits it provides.

Olymp Trade is a well-known FX broker founded in 2014. By 2021, this award-winning platform has over 60 million registered users from 194 countries. As you understand, these traders are very different in terms of lifestyle, trading experience, skill levels, and financial goals.

To meet the needs of this diverse and vibrant community, Olymp Trade keeps coming up with new tools and mechanics. One of the recent additions is Quicker.

Let’s see what makes this new tool useful for you.

What is Quickler?

As we already mentioned, Quicker is a unique asset mechanic that lets you make 5-second trades.

It may seem inhumanly fast to some people, but remember that we are living in the age of urgency and tight deadlines. The ability to make fast high-quality decisions is essential for many jobs and fun activities. Therefore, more and more people become better at quick data processing and instant problem-solving. It takes them little time to assess a situation and take action. They switch from one thing to another in a blink of an eye.

To these people, Quickler may appear challenging, thrilling, stimulating, but not stressful.

Quickler’s Advantages

Quickler’s Advantages
The underlying idea made clear, let’s explore the main advantages of this exciting trading mechanic.

They are three:

5-second trading
Quicker means almost instant outcome on your transaction. With this instrument, you can open and close trades within 5 seconds. It’s a big pro if you hate waiting or have no time for it.
Round-the-clock availability
Quickler is open 24/7, meaning you can use it whenever you want. It’s a perfect opportunity for traders who work irregular hours.
Profitability of 80%
Last but not least, Quicker offers an increased profitability level to all Olymp Traders, including Starters. It allows you to earn more if your trade is successful.

Is Quickler Good for You?

It depends on your lifestyle, psychological profile, experience, and skills.

Quickler might come in handy if you:

Work irregular hours or have an erratic schedule
Every time you have a spare moment, you may enter the platform and try to convert this time into money. Quickler is one of those assets that never sleep.
Move around a lot
Active commuting or frequent air travel may interfere with online trading. In this case, your internet connection is often spotty or non-existent, depending on the place. With Quicker, you can use every 5G moment to make some money. Besides, it’s an excellent way to fill up your time with meaningful and brain-stimulating activity. For instance, you may complete several trades while waiting for your train to arrive.
Are accustomed to instant decision making
Are you a natural problem-solver capable of fixing several issues within minutes? Or are you a specialist whose job requires high awareness, laser-sharp focus, precision, and good reflexes? In either case, Quickler is a must-try tool that may help you squeeze additional benefits from these qualities.

Quickler is also worth trying if you embrace new challenges and want to give your brain a good workout.

How to Find This Tool on Olymp Trade

Ready to try Quickler? Good news: it’s already on the platform and fully functional.

Here’s how to find it:

  1. Go to the Assets tab.
  2. Select FFT → Composites.
  3. Find Quicker in the list of available assets and start trading on it.

You can do it right now.

Go to the Olymp Trade platform and see if you can make profits on Quickler.

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  1. I’m planning to try fixed-time soon. I’m a registered client of this brokerage company. I signed up to trade Forex because I have a 4-year Forex trading experience and I was also attracted by the idea of trading fixed amounts. I didn’t see anything like that before. If I’m not mistaken there’s another company also offering trading Forex based on fixed amounts but I don’t remember its name, while Olymp is already within my reach.
    I have recently read about fixed-time in my friend’s blog. It interested me and I think that I will try it soon.

  2. For a long time I have been looking for an opportunity to make good money on the Internet. The most interesting and profitable way is forex trading. It was very interesting to me. I thought it was cool to trade stocks like they do in the movies. It turned out that there is a CFD trading and it is easier. I liked these offers on the market and decided to open an Olymp Trade demo account. Why did I choose this broker? There is a very simple trading platform and there are many opportunities for Forex trading. There is traditional forex trading as well as fixed time trading. It is interesting and can be 90% profitable. Have you seen this somewhere?
    To be honest, I myself did not believe in this until I took the risk myself. I started trading on a real account only when I understood how it all works and came up with my own trading system, understood how to do technical analysis and what assets I need.
    I trade in FTT gold. Not long ago I opened an expert account and have 90% profit on this asset. I want to warn you that there are times when the profit may be less. For example, in the evening, when the volatility is not great. Therefore, I trade gold during the day.

  3. This broker attracted me with a possibility to trade with a very small trading deposit, in particular ten bucks. It’s a very good finding for any novice trader with a tight budget. I should note that many people associate brokers with small deposits as scams. That’s an outdated and erroneous point of view. Today one can find more than enough reliable brokers with affordable deposits. They help people to change their lives for the better. Olymp Trade is one of them.
    In addition to a very affordable depo, it also offers a promising web platform. The user-friendliness is not the only advantage here. I mostly appreciate the possibility to choose a leverage size for each trade. Besides this, a fixed amount you invest acts a stop-loss order, although you can place stops too.

  4. I believe that it’s very important for a broker to be a close friend for its traders, you know. Hence I always search for brokers which can possible become my friends. When I use the word “friend” I imply that I can rely on him and be sure that everything will be okay with y money. It’s kinda difficult sometimes to find such a broker, however I guess I handled this task. There is a very qualified customer support which can help you any time you apply. Seriously, you can apply to it and get a response in a few seconds or minutes. In my opinion, it’s worth to be honored.

  5. That is a decent broker with quite competitive conditions and convenient app. Trading with olymp is comfortable thanks to their platform which was well-designed for traders and meet all the needs a trader may face during trading routine.

  6. This company changed my life. I know that it may be incomprehensible to you and you will think that I am exaggerating. It was just that after the pandemic, I did not understand what to do. I lost my job and I had to go somewhere and start something. I realized that I no longer need a job similar to my previous job, because I can be left without work and without money. Have you had a similar situation? I think yes.
    I learned about the forex market. To tell the truth, I knew about it, but not well enough. I decided to study this better because I met a person who trades on Olymptrade. I decided to give it a try and opened an Olymp Trade demo account and started trading. I studied, watched videos and traded with virtual money. It was a good practice that made me know that I was going to do this!

  7. This app it’s can’t play on my phone how do I get a new vision or app that it can assist on my phone

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