2020 is almost over, and everyone is full of hope for the best.

To end this challenging year on a positive note, Olymp Trade launches a new exciting tournament on December 23 with multiple opportunities to win.

It’s the second trading tournament Olymp Trade holds to encourage its clients to sharpen their trading skills in a highly competitive and highly rewarding environment.

The first event of this kind, The Inspire Tournament, lasted from October 20 through November 2, 2020 and was huge in terms of involvement and enthusiasm.

Inspired by this recent success, the company decided to give its clients another chance to compete with their peers for valuable prizes.

These include cash, Experience Points (XP), Risk-Free Trades, and some cutting-edge gadgets by top tech brands.

The Lucky Star tournament will start on December 23 and end on December 30, right on New Year’s Eve.

During these 8 days, the participants will be completing different types of tasks inside their leagues.

Depending on their Olymp Trade status, an entrant can opt for League 1 (Starter), League 2 (Advanced), or League 3 (Expert).

This rule is not set in stone: anyone who has outgrown their class may join a higher league by upgrading their status right before the Tournament.

As we mentioned, the overall Lucky Star Prizе Fund is worth $280,000.

When the Tournament is over, Top 20 Winners in each League will be announced.

All these star traders will receive cash prizes, the amount depending on their league and place in the winners’ list.

For instance, The First Prize holder from League 3 will get as much as $32,000 — something worth fighting for! Also, there are a handful of smaller awards you can win every 24h, based on your daily in-league performance.

It’s not all about efforts and achievements: the Tournament traders have a chance to try their fortune for free with the Lucky Spin.

Once every 24 hours, any participant may spin The Wheel, and every wedge comes with a prize.

This award may be big or small, but no one goes away empty-handed.

Prizes include:

  • 1 Ultra Prize “Dreams Come True” in cash;
  • 20 Mega Prizes worth $1,500 each (MacBook Pro 13″ 512 Gb);
  • 40 Super Prizes worth $500 each (PlayStation 5).

The Lucky Star Tournament is an excellent opportunity to pave the way for a joyful, happy, and prosperous New Year.

With this energizing pre-holiday competition, Olymp Trade reminds all its customers that challenges may bring out our best qualities and make us grow.

Any trader with an Olymp Trade account can enter the Lucky Star Tournament.

If you don’t have an account yet, go to the platform’s website to get registered now.



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