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Did you know that FXPrimus offers all its traders with the full educational series?

There are educational videos for both Beginners and Advanced traders, so they can deeper their investment knowledge for a better future!

The following series are available now on FXPrimus Client Portal!

1. How to Trade Forex with Elliot Wave – Advanced Course

What does this webinar cover: Impulse waves, corrective waves, 3 cardinal rules, and how Elliot Wave traders trade the forex market.

2. How advanced traders use Harmonic Price Patterns

This webinar studies the ABCD and Three Drive, Gartley Pattern and how traders trade Harmonic Price Patterns.

3. How to spot a trend or a range bound market

Learn to identify a trend early on and a range bound market before you risk capital.

4. The rules for trading Divergence successfully

We will look at how traders trade divergence and hidden divergence and how to filter out a false signal with some simple rules.

5. How to hedge funds trade break outs

Positions are often taken off the table when volatility dries up. Learn how traders re-enter the market after a breakout and where they take profit.

6. Fundamental Analysis – The driving force behind market moves

The reason markets move is not because of a moving average cross over or a stochastic indicator… The markets are driven by Fundamentals. Understand why interest rates matter, central banking policy, and learn how to follow the worlds leading central bankers.

7. Multi time frame analysis and how to create a trade plan and stick to it

Learn how to analyse the market from top down, understand which timeframes to pay close attention to and how to find better entries and exit as a results of multi time frame analysis.

8. Mexican Peso trade and other cross currency insights used by professional traders

In this webinar we look at the fundamental trade plan of the mexican Peso vs US$ and other little known but simple facts that give professional traders the edge.

9. Commitment of Traders Report and understanding Market Sentiment

Here we analyse the Sentiment in the market by monitoring the Commitment of Traders report and using it to form and execute trade plans.

10. How to trade the NFP

News trades are the most risky trading conditions during the business day. I will show you how to trade these events safely and conservatively.

11. How to trade like a Hedge Fund

We will discuss the carry trade strategy and then move onto how to take positions and add to them creating a portfolio of trades which are allowed to run making thousands of pips per month.



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