December 13, 2018

FBS Loyalty Program

Get gorgeous rewards with FBS Loyalty Program!

fbs-loyalty-point-program-bonus-promotion-trading-mt4-mt5 fbs-loyalty-point-program-bonus-promotion-trading-mt4-mt5

Join FBS today and trade. Now you can get guaranteed rewards through the Loyalty Program.

Promotion Details

Available to All traders of FBS
Offer Cashback Rebate & Special Services

* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

FBS Loyalty Program Information

Promotion Period Unlimited
Requirements Deposit & Trade
Bonus Special privileges and rewards

FBS launches ‘Loyalty Program!

The conditions is simple, you deposit and trade with FBS then you get ‘FBS Prize Points’ which you can exchange for gorgeous rewards!

This promotion is available for all traders of FBS.

Open FBS Real or Demo Account

What you can get with FBS Loyalty Program?

There are more than 15 different prizes that you can get.

Starting from the special services such as Free VPS and Private 1-on-1 coaching session, you can even get VIP trip to FBS’s headquarter and Mercedes S-Class!

All you need is to continue trading with FBS so you can earn higher points, then exchange the points for the prizes!

How to join FBS Loyalty program?

Follow the simple 4 steps below to get yourself special privileges and rewards!

  1. Sign Up for FBS with FBS.
  2. Trade on FBS MT4 and MT5.
  3. Earn FBS Prize Points for your trading activity.
  4. Exchange points for amazing prizes.

The more points, the higher your rewards at FBS.

What rewards you can get through this promotion? Find the below table for the list and conditions.

FBS Official Websitefbs loyalty program mt4 mt5 forex bonus promotion

How much you can earn for each trade?

FBS Prize Points you can earn is different for each grade.

Green Silver Gold Platinum
0.5 0.5 0.6 0.8

You will earn the points according to the following formula:

Number of traded lots * Loyalty status coefficient as specified above

You will be upgraded to the next grade by earning more points.

Here is how the upgrade process is made:

Green Silver Gold Platinum
0 300 1000 3000

Now, you must want to know what kind of prizes you can get and how much FBS prize points are required for them.

Find out the full details in the below table.

FBS Online Registration

FBS Loyalty Program – Prizes and VIP services

Prizes and VIP services Required FBS prize points Required active trading days Green Silver Gold Platinum
[Invite a Friend] promo 1 point charged to both Client and Friend + + + +
VPS server for EAs 33 10 + + + +
Cash for points 100 5 + + + +
Private coaching session 50 10 + + + +
FBS lucky souvenir collection 50 20 + + + +
Samsung Tab S3 32GB 250 30 + + +
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 256GB 300 30 + + +
iPhoneX 256GB 500 30 + + +
MacBook Air 13” 256GB 600 50 + +
iMac Pro 27” 32GB 1500 70 + +
Rolex Submariner 10000 70 + +
Trip to FBS Headquarters 15000 100 +
Mercedes S-Class 50000 150 +
Rolex Yacht-Master Gold 30000 70 +
High priority deposit & withdrawal processing + + +
High priority customer requests via online chat + + +
Exclusive Birthday & New Year gifts + +
Personal manager + +
By joining the Loyalty program, you must agree that your current progress in the “A lot of Apples” and “Lucky T-shirt” promotions (deposits and lots) will be cancelled.

FBS Official Website

Start earning points from today and Get your favorite prizes from the above!

Note that your FBS Loyalty Point is valid for one year from the date of credit.

So stay updated to your status and points in FBS’s personal area.

Full Terms and Conditions

Here is the full conditions of FBS’s Loyalty Program.

Any FBS client is eligible for participating in FBS Loyalty Program.

  1. In order to enroll in the Program, you need to verify your Personal Area on the FBS Official Website (particularly, verify your email and identity) and click the “Join FBS Loyalty Program” button. The participant receives the “Green” Loyalty Status automatically upon joining the Program; Loyalty Program participation and Green Status cannot be cancelled.
  2. General Terms
    1. FBS status points
      • FBS Status points are the points that count toward a level upgrade. FBS status points are credited to the Loyalty program participant account upon closing an order. The difference between the Open and Close price must exceed 59 points. Traders get points for their own closed orders, partners get points for the closed orders of their first level clients
      • The outline for calculating FBS Status points is similar to the outline for calculating FBS Prize points; however, Status points will not be deducted upon a gift request. Status points calculation is made according to the following formula: Number of traded lots * Loyalty status coefficient (see table in pp 2.4.)
      • The progress bar in your Personal area shows how many Status points you need to get to upgrade to the next Loyalty Status. When a Client upgrades to the next Loyalty Status, FBS Status points are deducted, and Status points calculation starts over on the new status. You can track your Status points history in your Personal area
    2. FBS prize points
      • FBS Prize points are the points used for getting prizes. Prize points calculation is made according to the formula applied to the Status Points calculation (see above).
      • As you progress to a new Loyalty Status, your specific Loyalty Status coefficient is increased so that you could get more rewards.
      • FBS Prize points are credited once a day for the previous day. Points crediting history is available in the “My Prize points history” section.
      • Prize points will not be credited for trading with bonus funds;
      • FBS Prize points are valid throughout one year from the day of attainment. Points that were not used within the validity period (1 year after crediting) are deducted in the order they were received.
    3. Loyalty Status
      • Loyalty Status – client’s level in the Loyalty Program that depends on the amount of FBS Status points. There are four Loyalty Status levels from the lowest to the highest: Green, Silver, Gold and Platinum
      • The higher your Loyalty Status is, the more prizes you can request for your FBS Prize points. Your points coefficient is increased accordingly (starting from the Gold status).
    4. The coefficient depends on the Participant’s Loyalty Status:
      Loyalty status Green Silver Gold Platinum
      Trader 0.5 0.5 0.6 0.8
      Partner 0.1 0.1 0.2 0.3
  3. Loyalty Status upgrade conditions:
    1. Get FBS Status points:
      Green Silver Gold Platinum
      0 300 1000 3000
    2. Total deposit amount (or the turnover of your direct clients):
      Silver Gold Platinum
      Trader 15000 250000 500000
      Partner 40000 300000 1000000

      FBS Status points calculation, as well as your total deposit amount or your direct clients’ turnover calculation starts over from the date of the new status assignment.

  4. A Loyalty Status is valid throughout one calendar year since the day of status attainment. In case the participant has met the requirements for promoting to a higher status, it will be attained automatically. Otherwise, after a 365-day period the status will be updated according to the fulfilled conditions – either remains unchanged or goes down to a lower level.
    • E.g: The client is a Gold member starting from December 31, 2018. If he didn’t get to Platinum by December 31, 2019 and failed to get enough points and deposit volume / clients turnover to confirm his current Gold status, his status will change to Silver (in case he has a sufficient amount of points and deposit volume/clients turnover).
    • Only the progress made within the previous calendar year is considered for conditions fulfillment.
  5. Upon attaining the “Silver”, “Gold” or “Platinum” status, the Client receives a membership card. In the event that the card is lost, the first replacement is free of charge. Loyalty card holders can participate in closed VIP events.
  6. Participant can exchange FBS Prize points for prizes, depending on the current Loyalty Status. In order to request a desired prize, Participant has to get the required amount of points and fulfill the conditions considering the amount of active trading days (for Traders) or active clients (for Partners).
    1. Active trading day is a day when Participant closes at least one order. The difference between the Open and Close price must exceed 59 points.
    2. Active client is a client that owns a fully verified account (verified identity and e-mail) and makes orders the Partner gets commission for. In case of client’s verification cancellation, this client is no longer considered an active client, and his trading doesn’t bring you points. Only verified clients’ orders are counted for gaining Status points. The count of active trading days and active clients starts upon enrolling in the Loyalty Program.
  7. You can see the full list of the claimed prizes, their status and tracking numbers in the “Order history” section of your Personal area. Full information about the amount of available Prize points, active trading days, and active traders are available in the “My Prizes” section.
  8. “Invite a Friend” promo isn’t a part of FBS Partnership Program. Clients may invite their friends to FBS, and both will be rewarded if the following requirements are met:
    • You cannot invite existing FBS account holders;
    • Persons invited will need to follow a special referral link (“ppf=”) shared by the Participant in order to open a new FBS account;
    • Points are credited to both Participant and Friend whenever the Friend has fulfilled the following conditions:
      • Verified Personal area;
      • Traded 2 lots (the difference between the Open and Close price must not be less than 59 points);
    • You are allowed to invite as many Friends as you want. You are not getting Partner commission for your Friends’ trading. If the Friend registered via the referral link and traded 2 lots but didn’t join the Loyalty program, he/she will receive the Prize point automatically upon joining.
  9. If you enroll in the Loyalty program, your current progress at the “A Lot of Apples” and “FBS Lucky T-shirt” promos will be cancelled, but you will still be able to receive these gifts via Loyalty program (in case you have the sufficient amount of Prize points and active trading days or active clients).
    • In case you are not a Loyalty program participant, you can fulfill the conditions and request your iPhone / T-shirt up to January 15, 2019. After that, this feature will be available exclusively for the Loyalty program participants.
  10. Upon activating the “Cash for points” option, Prize points are converted into real money at the exchange rate of 1 Prize point = 1 USD. The option is applicable for all MT4 and MT5 account types (except for ECN) and can be charged into the account in USD, EUR, or THB (depending on the currency you chose for your account). For EUR and THB accounts, the bonus will be charged in the amount equivalent to the USD rate on the date of conversion.
    • Withdrawal and transferring
      • Withdrawals are available to all payment systems
      • Internal transfers are available
  11. You can request the “VPS-server” prize for a maximum of 3 months in advance (in this case, it will cost you 99 Prize points).
  12. If you want to request a private coaching session on a trading strategy, you need to send a request and specify a desired time, topic, and means of communication. After that, FBS regional analyst will contact you.
  13. Starting from the “Green” Loyalty Status, Clients unlock the “Order history” option where they can view the details of the “FBS lucky souvenir collection” prize.
  14. You can request one gadget of each type on each Loyalty Status through fulfilling a standard set of guidelines. Example: if you got an iPhone on the Silver status, you can get one more iPhone on the Gold status, and then once again on the Platinum one. If you have switched to Gold without requesting your iPhone on the Silver status, you can request two iPhones in case you have the sufficient amount of Prize points and active trading days or active clients.
  15. FBS Prize points will be deducted, and active trading days or the amount of active traders are reset automatically once the prize is requested.
  16. The Loyalty Program participants will get access to the following VIP services
    • Priority in processing deposit and withdrawal requests starting from the Silver status
    • Priority in resolving all issues in Customer Support starting from the Silver status
    • Personal manager starting from the Gold status
    • Exclusive birthday and New Year gifts starting from the Gold status
    • Closed VIP events invitation at the Platinum status
    • Gold status unlocks the following features: Personal manager, a list of extra luxury gifts you can claim for prize points, and the right for repeated requests for gadgets and watches (one repeated request on each Loyalty Status).
  17. Platinum status holders are subject to the special terms of points exchange. They can:
    • exchange FBS prize points for any gadget from the list (you can get 1 gadget of each type on each Loyalty Status provided that you have the sufficient amount of FBS prize points and active trading days/active clients.)
    • exchange FBS Prize points for a trip to FBS Headquarters. The offer includes a return business-class ticket, 5-star hotel accommodation, visa fees, official invitation and other documents necessary for getting your visa, airport transfers, a visit to FBS Headquarters and a meeting with the company leaders.
    • exchange points for Mercedes S-Class. This offer is only available once. The company covers the full cost of the car excluding ownership taxes and fees. In case it is impossible to purchase this car model due to the absence of official dealerships in your region of residence, the company reserves the right to replace it with a worthy alternative of the same price category.Client is not eligible to request car replacement with an alternative model in case the official dealership is present in the region of residence. Exchanging the car for money equivalence is not allowed.
  18. FBS reserves the right to change or update the Loyalty Program terms and conditions and the reward schedule at any time, with or without prior notice. The company reserves the right to cancel the rewards announced earlier. In case the souvenir item you requested is out of stock, the company can replace it with a worthy alternative of the same price category without prior notice. Souvenir design may slightly differ from one showcased on the website and in the Personal area. In case shipping to your country comes with custom service fees, all the additional charges are to be handled by the receiving party.
  19. FBS reserves the right to stop rewarding a client with points in case of suspected fraudulent activities aimed at earning points. In case the argument is resolved in favor of the client, the points for all the closed orders will be automatically credited to the account post factum.
  20. The company reserves the right to use the participant’s name, photo and video materials for marketing purposes

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* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

FBS is an online Forex & CFD broker based in Belize and founded in 2009.

1:3000 Highest Leverage in the world & gorgeous Bonus Promotions only with FBS.

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  1. Well, it turns out that this article has a detailed description of all of the broker’s services.

  2. Let me begin by expressing my admiration for FBS’s services and features! Since the day I became their client, I have been treated like a VIP. Their array of account options is tailored to meet all traders’ requirements, and their minimal deposit requirement is affordable, making it accessible to everyone.

    The platform is an exceptional piece of work! It’s very easy to use, quick and equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and signals. The timely execution enables me to trade at the right time for a competitive advantage in the market.

    Additionally, their generous bonus offerings offer a risk-free opportunity to further explore the markets. Take advantage of this fantastic offer: Simply access bonuses in the FBS personal area, confirm your email and connect your Facebook account.

  3. I am not a very impressionable trader, it is hard to surprise me. But the FBS surprised me with their market making in exotic forex pairs. Very neat to be able to find opportunities in those!

  4. Opening a trading account with this broker is a simple procedure.
    When I opened a trading account it took me a few minutes.
    So, anyone who wants to start trading can open a trading account on their own. Or you can use the recommendations in this article.
    Also, I want to draw your attention to the fact that you do not have to immediately start trading on a real account. It is possible to practice on a demo account in order to get used to the platform.

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  6. Been using fbs’s free vps for months and everything is going well. Even withdrawed over 4k last week with no problem. Great work fbs for these well-organized systems.

  7. Says that fbs offer 3000 leverage but I can’t even select it for my mt5 account. What’s the reason?

  8. I’ve had excellent experience with fbs right from the start, 6 years ago, till now. Everything works easily and quite well. The customer support is really awesome. I would give 10 stars if there was option for that!

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